Stockwell Day interview

It’s been a summer of swine and seals in the office of the International Trade Minister, Stockwell Day. Colloquially, H1N1 is called swine flu and it’s been causing some trade sniffles for Canada as we’ve been affected by cases in almost every region, while other countries are taking it as an excuse for trade protectionism. Another file on Day’s desk is the EU decision to ban the marketing of seal goods. I had a chance to chat with the Trade Minister on these topics and briefly on the topic of free trade.

Second interview with Tim Hudak

Tim Hudak is running to become leader of the Ontario PC Party. I had the opportunity to sit down (in Ottawa) and chat with Tim (at Queen’s Park) and talk about policy and politics.

In this interview I ask about the Harris endorsement, the membership snafu, Tim’s position on the HRCs and the LCBO and how he’ll continue building the party should he become the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.