Denis Coderre

Denis Coderre announces bid for mayor of Montreal

Denis Coderre announced today that he’s running for mayor of Montreal. We wish him the best of luck.

However, Coderre told reporters that he’ll be stepping down as a federal Member of Parliament on June 2nd. That’s a bit of a peculiar date as it is neither today, nor election day, nor when the mayor-elect — whoever it will be — will be sworn in as mayor of Montreal.

So, why June 2nd?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Mr. Coderre was first elected on June 2nd 1997, marking 16 years in office.

And qualifying for another MP pension eligibility threshold on that very same date.



  • danw_yyc

    Just like the reformers who said they would not take a pension and of course 100% of them took there pension including the Prime Minister but then again that doesn’t matter does it? Doesn’t matter which party it is they will all max out the pensions they love so much.

  • Pingston

    Well, in fact, they have changed the pension system. All those running in 2015 will convert to new system. Anyone who leaves before then gets old one (more lucrative). It is why pundits predict a massive House of Commons turnover in 2015…

  • kenn2

    While the rest of Canada watches in dull shock as a few Conservative-appointed senators prove that they can slop up their legal share of that sweet, sweet patronage appointment as handily as any Liberal, and STILL get caught fiddling for more (with help from a fiddle-player from the PMO, even)… the NCC wants us to be concerned about a Liberal MP who has played by the rules, and is stepping down after 16 years of service, to pursue the unenviable job of mayor of Montreal…

    In magic, that’s called misdirection.

    When it comes to federal patronage and abuse of office, it seems that the CPC stink isn’t so very much different from the Liberal stink they pledged to eliminate. Harper’s still got a free hand for at least two years; maybe he should try to sweep the dirt out, instead of under the carpet. Maybe the NCC could help with that, instead of blowing smoke.

  • DougM

    In your own words – misdirection. And let’s not forget that Harb is NOT a Conservative-appointed senator. But truely Coderre is entitled to his pension. Given all the publicity about the corruption in Montreal of late, its probably thatl Coderre sees it as a place he would feel comfortable. He was also a Cabinet member in Cretin’s Government and his Quebec Lieutenant so corruption is something he would know a good deal about.

    But Its rather funny all this hysteria about Duffy. It seems that Conservative’s get pilloried when they pay the taxpayer back. Lieberal’s of course never do that – so perhaps screwing the taxpayer is the media’s “normal.” As opposed to all the Liberals who still owe Elections Canada money, I mean. And I love all this “holier than thou” crud. If I had a surpise debt presented to me that was associated with my job, and the president of the company (or anyone else) decided that it was bogus and covered it for me, I’d not only take it but be thankful. I love how many on this board pretend they wouldn’t – liars every one of them of course, but its nice they get to dwell in their dreams.

  • kenn2

    Glad to see that your grasp of the facts are as tenuous as ever, and that the only crime you can recognize is that of not being CPC.

    (“surprise debt”. priceless)

  • rfaris

    Now if he were a Reform (conservative) MP – elected on the promise NOT to take a pension – he would have taken it anyway!

  • KenBurch

    No…that’s the position you right-wingers take towards ordinary working folks…NONE of whom have any right to complain, as you see it, when the owners of the company they created the wealth for yanks THEIR barely-adequate pensions away from them simply for the sake of greed.