Why Justin Trudeau’s new ad falls flat

The Liberal Party of Canada released a new ad last night featuring Justin Trudeau “turning the channel” and emphasizing positive politics.

The Conservative Party of Canada have been the masters of political advertising since the days of Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff with their “Not a Leader” and “Just Visiting” ads, respectively. Now, we see the “Just In Over His Head” series which is more light than it is dark and more mocking than it is vicious. The ad leaves the viewer with a pitied view of Trudeau; the ad doesn’t make Trudeau unlikable, it renders him dismissible.

Trudeau’s ad recognizes the attacks against him tapping into a Liberal belief that Canadians are generally aware of these attacks (they aren’t). The Liberals and the NDP have had a problem of living within the Parliamentary bubble thinking that insider-baseball conversations in Ottawa echo with profound impact in the rest of Canada (they don’t). The NDP reads National Newswatch and bases its Question Period strategy off of the headlines there and now the Liberals are accepting the narrative on Trudeau that the Tories have lain before them.

The second failure of the ad is that it perpetuates the faulty suggestion that Justin Trudeau’s profession was that of a school teacher. Instead, the son of Pierre Trudeau landed to teach at an elite private school in British Columbia where the Kindergarten tuition is $14,500. During two years at this posh school where his official job was to be a drama teacher on occasion, his unofficial job was to raise money for the school and to lend the Trudeau name to build its prestige. Again, the Liberals accept the Tory characterization of Trudeau as a teacher and run with it: “Alright then, he’s a teacher and we push back from that frame.”

The next problem with the proof points in this ad is that Trudeau has fought hard. His Papineau riding has been strongly Liberal since the 50s with a brief interlude by the Bloc between 2006-2008 (2 years out of 54). The Bloc Quebecois has since been decimated province-wide and that had more to do with Jack Layton, than Justin Trudeau. Another suggestion is that Trudeau fought hard to represent Liberals when he easily skated through a weak field winning 80% of Liberal votes during that leadership race. Trudeau doesn’t do himself any favours on the hard-work point when he references that fact that he is his father’s son.

Finally, the overall message is that we’ll build a better country together. That sounds all good and good, but there is no real why or how beyond that superficial statement; we all like Canada and we all want a better country but the ad is weak on any Liberal idea or plan beyond this guy named Trudeau. People vote for a plan, or against failure and corruption. The Liberals are sticking to the playing positive tactic but offer no plan. For now, they are resisting going negative thinking that accessible voters for the Liberals mirror the focus and attitudes of the chattering class in Ottawa that reads an inside-the-bubble news aggregator every morning.



  • Observant

    On the other hand he may just be delusional and reached his level of incompetence, or exceeded it as Liberal leader.

  • Observant

    His first full time job was when he was elected MP for Papineau in 2008.. at age 36…. a job that required no particular qualifications other than breathing and blinking your eyes. Then he played hookey and didn’t bother to show up for work much… and now wants to be the PM of all of Canada…. some hutzpah..!!!

  • Observant

    … unlike the rash of strong and desperate articles being produced by the Liberal media mavens, trying to shore up their last and only hope for the survival of the Liberal party as we know it.

  • GabbyInQC

    I know exactly what you mean … I’ve been collecting all the garbage … er … 10%ers sent to me by my NDP (through no fault of my own) MP, who defeated the previous MP, a Liberal, (again, through no fault of my own). I may just decide to send them all back to my NDP MP.

    All the parties use the 10%ers. I would not be sorry to see them stopped. But until the House decides to do so, they are a legitimate part of the political tug of war.

    The Conservatives’ 10%ers are probably a way to counter the 90% +++ of glowing coverage the MSM has been showering on their mancrush, Justin Trudeau.

  • Ron Cearns

    More Conservative fact twisting. They are really scared of this guy and it shows.

  • Ron Cearns

    The same could be said for his father, yet he turned out to be one of the greatest PM’s of all time.

  • Ron Cearns

    Reakky, you brlirve that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Young/858555575 David Young

    You are probably referring to several spots that say “you shall no gods before me”

  • moulanderbr

    Justin if you don’t like the heat go home

  • Paulie

    They do make stuff up. They claimed Trudeau said that Quebecors are better people then the rest of Canadians. He never said that. The Harper-thugs lies about that, clear & simple.

  • DougM

    Greatest? By the time he left, our Military was in ruins, we weren’t trusted at all by our allies (though Castro was an “Uncle” to his son) – our economy was destroyed and for the first time we had a national debt – and we were a laughing stock pretty much world wide except for in Africa where we were pouring millions of dollars to absolutely no effect other than the line the pockets of the depots who then told us how great Canada was. If he was the “greatest,” please give us more of the run of the mill ones…


  • Ron Cearns

    Too bad you can’t read history, or are you just posing for your employer. You gotta stop believing Bush and his cronies.

  • DougM

    Too bad you can’t read – or think for that matter. The data contained in the link I posted was not imaginary. Nor was the fact that Trudeau left us destitute, our military in tatters and his final “peace initiative” a joke amoungst our allies. Nor was his infatuation with Castro a secret. I don’t dispute that he was kept in power by a legion of people who believed in the Nanny state and were quite willing to bankrupt their kids for their own benefit – but they were not really Canadians, they were simply parasites. In fact, as incomparably lousy as Bush jr, was to the US, he still didn’t come close to doing the damage Trudeau did to us while all the mindless Liberal sycophants were dancing in the streets are the mere mention of his name. In fact, given that you seem to have an infactuation with the US – it is a different country than Canada, you know – I point out a quote from JFK’s Inaugural speech – “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.” Isn’t it funny how the kool aid drinking Liberals still champion a person who caused such incredible damage by advocating the precise opposite?

  • andycanuck

    Ask Justin to solve any of the problems on the blackboard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gerry.hurtubise Gerry Hurtubise

    it’s quite common for the mentally deficient cons. Justin scares the crap out of them and that is why they have been throwing personal attacks out there from before he was elected leader of the Liberals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gerry.hurtubise Gerry Hurtubise

    exactly Brent. I have no idea why anyone with half a brain, would expect Justin to reveal his election plans 2 years in advance. It would be asinine.