• http://twitter.com/syncrodox1 Lloyd Snauwaert


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=650582510 Don Morris

    He shoulda stood in bed.

  • http://twitter.com/BCummings945 B Cummings

    This is what you do in your spare time Stephen? This is how you mock the man’s intelligence…and without irony.
    This was pretty funny…but not in the way I think you intended.

  • LynnS

    This explains why the Toronto Star thinks he’s a genius.

  • Ted Betts

    So the guy is not even elected as leader yet, and when he does he’ll only be leader of the third place party under a majority Conservative government, with an election more than two years away… and the National Citizens Coalition thinks him such a threat to Harper that it has to shill even more for Harper by spending your time cutting up quotations instead of addressing the real issues the largest deficit in our history – which increased over last year, not decreased – billions in wasteful spending by Harper on everything from polling, gazebos, PMO, MP salary increases, corporate welfare while cutting billions from the military… you know, things conservatives are supposed to be concerned about?

    And this paltry weird attempt at framing him because… what? I don’t even get your point. You cut off his answer after 2 seconds and we’re suppose to think he’s not answered something???
    Weird and misguided effort.

  • harebell

    How dare you, didn’t you know that Stephen has repeatedly told you he is presently non-partisan and despite all of his actions to contrary you should believe that.
    And as for selective editing that just fits in with his selective non-partisanship.

  • sharon wilson

    so little Trudeau can ‘hear’ pi, the guy is a genius! lol

  • GabbyInQC

    Man crush! It’s so cute to see the lefties surface to defend their matinĂ©e idol. Relax! It’s poking fun at a public figure. Or is that OK only if the public figure is a conservative?

  • Ted Betts

    No man crush. Just lamenting what has become of the NCC. It use to be for conservative values and now it is just for the Conservative Party. It was an important contrarian voice speaking up for the taxpayer and waste in government. No it is an important yes-man voice speaking up for Stephen Harper staying in government.

  • GabbyInQC

    What’s the expression used in some court room dramas? “On a fishing expedition”, i believe. What the NCC does or what purpose it serves has no relevance on this topic, which is a silly gaffe on Trudeau’s part.

  • rubberstamp

    How insecure are Conservatives?
    Judge not lest ye be judged.
    People misspeak all the time…like “I will not tax income trusts”.
    That was surely a mistake…a slip of the tongue….I think Harper meant to say: I will tax income trusts

  • Brenda2600

    Yes, well we all know the non-partisan goes both ways, don’t we??? That is, the PSAC union’s web site that was recently taken down. Public servants are supposed to be non-partisan, aren’t they??

  • Brenda2600

    I wouldn’t call it a silly gaffe. He has no education beyond drama teacher and is trying to convince you otherwise.

  • kenn2

    Well, I think Mr Taylor has been clear that the NCC wants to beat the very last shred of progressiveness or social justice out of Canadian government. So, not exactly CPC yes-men.

    The middle C in NCC now stands for ‘corporate’ and ‘national corporate’ is an oxym0ron, so you can expect a name-change at some point.

  • Mrinsight

    Yes, yes you are so right. I have another one: No tax increases….Dalton McGuinty. What the lying sack of shit meant was ” Brand new health surtax”…an easy mistake to make.