CBC is hiring!

Casting call!

If you’re here to find instructions regarding a self tape audition submission for the male Kids’ CBC Host, you’re in the right place! Below, you will find a PDF with the audition material and all of the instructions.
Please only submit if you match the following criteria:
· Male between the ages of 23-35yrs
· Any race except Caucasian

· Non-union
· Must be able to carry a tune (ability to dance or move well is a bonus but not necessary)
· Comfortable being in front of a camera and not afraid to show a silly side
· Great with kids; the type of guy that pre-schoolers would love to be around
· Loves physical comedy, would enjoy hanging out with puppets all day and can be funny on the fly

So does this also mean “no Irish” need apply?

Here is the Government of Canada’s position on discriminatory hiring in the public service. According to one of Stephen Harper’s former Presidents of the Treasury Board, Stockwell Day,

“While we support diversity in the public service, we want to ensure that no Canadian is barred from opportunities in the public service based on race or ethnicity,” Day said in a statement.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who was also involved in the decision to review the government’s hiring practices, which give priority to qualified applicants from minority groups, said everyone should be considered for federal jobs.
“We are in favour of appropriate diversity in the public service and reasonable efforts to achieve it, but we don’t think any Canadians should be excluded from applying within their government,” he told CBC News. “It’s OK to encourage people from different backgrounds to apply but in our judgment it goes too far to tell people that if they are not of a particular race or ethnicity they cannot apply [for a job] that is actually funded by their tax dollars.”

UPDATE: The casting agency has removed the “Any race except Caucasian” line. This obviously will affect the application process. But will it affect the final selection?

Here is a screenshot of the CBC Kids casting call as it originally appeared:

UPDATE: @alexguibord and @jldmorris spotted the agency’s posting this morning and contacted the company. At the time, the agency defended the posting. Now, the agency tells HuffPo and Canada.com that the posting was a mistake.

Here is the email the agency representative sent @jldmorris (click to enlarge),



  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517455730 Vardit Feldman

    De-fund the CBC NOW!!!

  • Bill

    Canadian Broadcorping Castration at its best!

  • CdnBill

    Besides selling off the CBC or winding it up, the CBC should be arraigned in front of a human rights tribunal — one made up of Ezra, you and me.

  • Mark

    This is commonplace when it comes to television acting. While it may be a bit harsh to say “anyone but caucasian” rather than specifying a particular ethnicity, this is how the world of entertainment works. Sometimes hosts are supposed to be certain ethnicities, because they want to showcase diversity to their impressionable audience.

    We can pretty safely assume that they’re requesting a non-white person because there is already a large number of caucasian actors, hosts, or characters on CBC kids. Imagine growing up as a visible minority and seeing only white people. What do you think that says to those kids?

  • J_CAS

    The casting call is for a host, *not* a character of a particular ethnicity. They simply CANNOT say “any race but caucasian” for this type of job.

  • J_CAS

    That sentence is now not there on the casting agent’s site.

  • http://www.facebook.com/perry.reibling.3 Perry Reibling

    Can them!

  • Mark

    That’s valid, but its still commonplace even for entertainers not playing particular characters who might be of a certain ethnicity. You’ll find that even TV commercial casting calls will often ask for a ‘black male,’ ‘asian female,’ etc. to be the spokesperson in the ad.

    Also, if we’re going to say that demanding the host not be a particular ethnicity is discrimination, then why are we not equally outraged at the fact that it says the host must be a male?

    Again, if caucasians are overrepresented in media (as they are, by a longshot) then children who happen to be visible minorities could feel alienated, from a very young age. I think its absolutely important to assure that there is diversity in programming, specifically in children’s programming.

  • Peterborough-Lakefield SUP

    Wow, amazing that you can just do a chop job, throw it up on your garbage website and claim then that its from the CBC just goes to show how desperate you are for anything to throw at anyone who is not a right-wing nutbar. The pathetic thing is all these sheep eat it up and don’t even ask you to prove that it is or was there. I also find it amusing you don’t say anything about the “non union” criteria, since we all know how much you people hate worker’s rights. Get a real job Taylor, and quit hiding behind some character.

  • Peterborough-Lakefield SUP

    Of course, you will have to get a new job after Sun TV finally goes out of business. I guess you guys overestimated the neanderthal population in Canada.

  • anon

    Mark your argument is non-sense. In majority Japanese countries the media is majority Japanese. In majority Hispanic countries the media is majority Hispanic. In majority white countries guess what the media should be? Majority white. What about visible minorities in Japan where the media is majority catered towards Japanese people, doesn’t that make them feel alienated? To say Caucasians are overrepresented in media in a majority white country is non-sense it is the Jews that are HEAVILY overrepresented in all forms of media and they only make up 2% of the population. Also not everyone agrees with “diversity” it is a Jewish created concept and when you try to force something onto someone all it does is cause people to reject it.

  • RLC

    No caucasions – REALLY????? CBC – what a joke!!! It is a tough swallow listening to such one-sided, non-objective, liberal sell-out radio “journalism”, and seeing this – SADLY – isn’t a big surprise coming from CBC . Ugh, I WISH there was another local talk radio option!!!

  • starfighter441

    I was with you up until the 7th sentence where you went off the rails. And no I am not a member of that group.

  • kenn2

    Many years ago, I used to react negatively whenever I’d see a program or commercial where it looked like there was a heavy-handed attempt to portray racial or ethnic diversity. I had a similar unease about many affirmative-action programs.

    Fast-forward to now. Guess what – it worked! Canada is a genuinely successful multi-cultural/multi-racial society, especially our urban centers. We are much farther along towards creating a peaceful diverse population than many countries, who still struggle with entrenched prejudices that hold them back and are constant sources of social animosity.

    As happy as I am about Canada’s success in this area, I do not think the war is won. Prejudice and ignorance still exists; active, demonstrable support of our Canadian values is still required.

    So, to Mr Taylor, what message are you sending by your attack on what might be a ham-handed but hardly ulterior attempt to ensure diversity in the hosts of programs watched by our children? Have you tried to find out the current make-up of the program the CBC is hiring for? It’s possible they already have one or more Caucasian males in the cast, but are striving for diversity in the remaining hires.

    Is attacking affirmative action and sowing discord really more important than promoting diversity? You do know what a dog-whistle is, right?

  • Rachelle

    Non Caucasian? You racist pieces of s#*t! I will never watch your shows and I will pass on your message to everyone you jackasses!

  • SeaChange9898

    At least they didn’t exclude English.
    PS – how many kids are even watching CBC’s kids shows?

  • J

    Boycott CBC!

  • Biteme Iamtoxic

    Well, exclusion is not diversity, eh?

  • Sigurd the Canuck

    I am thoroughly disgusted with the CBC.

  • http://twitter.com/myhandlerules T.S. Morrissey

    Yeah, CBC is so racist, they just won’t give any opportunities to white people. You know, except for Peter Mansbridge, Rick Mercer, Ron James, Kevin O’Leary, Don Cherry, Wendy Mesley, Heather Hiscox, Ron MacLean, Amanda Lang, Kristine Stewart… poor white people, just can’t keep a job at CBC.

  • Anthony

    ”Any race except Caucasian”

    These people claim to be anti-racist, in reality they are just anti-white.

  • Vlad


  • Really Now?

    Guys, this is for a TV casting call. Every casting call out there has discriminatory practices and they have it for a reason. This is probably for a hosting position and they want to raise the number of visible minorities on Kids’ CBC. You people are making a mountain out of an anthill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.cucchiara Nick Cucchiara

    The new diversity, coming soon, stay tuned.

    · Any race except Caucasian

  • Greg

    Not that it bothers me… But is it legal to advertise for specifically non-union workers? What if they try to unionize while on the job? Does CBC get to pick and choose when they use union labour, while private companies are at the mercy of the unions?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So if they had a casting call that specifically excluded blacks and Asians, you would be good with that too?


    Fuck you CBC you racist cunts.


    fuck you racist.

  • LookCaucasianButImNot

    Wow, who’d have thought. I’m of spanish and Italian descent, but I “look” white, this strikes a cord with me. I lose out as well. Shame of CBC for publicly being racist.


    So you made a list of Caucasians, good job. How long have most of them been on TV?

    And when these people were hired did they have an casting call saying “No Asians, No Africans” etc? I highly doubt it.

    From now on I hope the CBC is less public with their racism and at least has the decency to make to make their racist decisions in private, as the final choice of who is hired.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=735325081 Dennis Greer

    Bunch of racist scum bags. Someone really needs to file a human rights complaint against these government money sucking low lifes !!!!

  • Blame Crash

    Well! Now isn’t this a gift that’ll keep on giving. The leftist bigots, hypocrites and insufferable snobs have inadvertently exposed their real selves! What’s not to like about that! And what a line!
    “Any Race But Caucasian”!
    Shout it out loud and let them know from where it was spawned!
    “Any Race But Caucasian”!
    Put it on a T-shirt and don’t forget the CBC logo.
    “Any Race But Caucasian”!
    Quebec has “Je Me Souviens”.
    Texas has “Remember The Alamo”
    The French aristocracy had “Let Them Eat Cake”
    And now the CBC aristocrats have “Any Race But Caucasian”!

  • Blame Crash

    Fast forward to now and guess what, it didn’t work. The left
    wing bigots and hypocrites are carrying on like they always have. Your “dog
    whistle” comment is a prime example of it.

  • Millie_Woods

    “..how many kids are even watching CBC’s kids shows?”

    Good point. The CBC is the original sheltered workshop.

  • http://twitter.com/Thrash_mtl THRASHM.TL

    It worked? Lol no, no it didn’t. It’s an abject failure here as it is everywhere else.

  • kenn2

    I retract the ‘dog whistle’ comment. This post was more like an air-raid siren. Hoo boy! person!

    Nobody here’s ever seen a casting ad, apparently, but don’t let that get in the way of a good foamy lil rant. I know where to advertise if I ever need to cast cretins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ali-Babba/670457795 Ali Babba

    for a host, not an actor, you racist

  • jewhader

    This is because of the “jews”

  • Blame Crash

    And yet another example of full frontal bigotry!
    Well pencil me in as not surprised.
    The progs always point their crooked finger at others and accuse them of what they themselves are especially guilty of. You see this again and again and again.

  • Open2Debate

    Oh CPC you bunch of racist phucks. I hear Spun News isn’t going to make basic cable, guess we’ll have to pay for it like AlJazeera huh cons.

    Squirm CPC squirm JT in 2015

  • Open2Debate

    If you bang the table with your head folks might pay attention McLovin.

  • Open2Debate

    Too bad Vic Toews (Yosemite Sam) is quite the character.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yolandakgoodwin Yolanda Goodwin

    My husband would be perfect for it, even though he can barely dance. But at 46, he’s too old. :P

  • http://twitter.com/richyuzon Rich Yuzon

    The current female host is caucasian. Celebrating diversity is an important part of children’s programming in Canada. The producers of this program chose NOT to have two caucasian hosts. Is that okay with you?

  • http://profiles.google.com/td182b Tom Reay

    In the early 90’s, I wanted to renew my FAC (Firearms Acquisition Certificate) in Calgary. I had to go down to the RCMP depot. While waiting in the entryway for someone to come, I read the notices on the big bulletin board. On an 8X11 sheet of paper in the middle of the board, a notice advising: We are no longer accepting applications from Caucasian Males.

    In slightly smaller letters: We are still accepting applications from ….. and they then listed everyone else, with an emphasis on disabled, native or nonwhite, and female.
    At the bottom was listed the reason; they had a 5 year backlog of applications from Caucasian Males, and due to diversity laws, had to lessen the percentage of Caucasian Males in the RCMP.

    It was shortly after that time that the RCMP started having a lot of trouble with their reputation.

  • Mr Ed

    LMAO…CBC = Can’t Be Caucasian

  • http://www.StaminaMusic.com/ Aaron KRONiS

    FUcK CBC. are you for real? this is disgraceful to our country. Stephen harper needs to fucking step down. Jon Stewart needs to defect and come help us. god help us.

    “Can’t Be Caucasian” priceless…. so I’m white, i just got fucked out of my job that allowed me to live on the H1-B status, so i had to friggin leave and come back to be in the USA. my American friends, can’t come to Canada for their spouses… WTF harper fix this shit… if you are gonna suck the USA’s whatever, make it easy for me to work already you bloody bastard.

  • Sharon

    Dang. This isn’t for females! Boo!

  • AlexCdn

    You think CBC is the only company to do this? WELCOME TO CANADA, where we hire people based on ethnicity and cultural backgrounds and not on quality/talent/qualifications/competition/schooling/competence/logical/on and on and on and on.

  • Blame Crash

    The driver of the bus chose the back of the bus for some but not others. Is that also okay with you?