CBC is hiring!

Casting call!

If you’re here to find instructions regarding a self tape audition submission for the male Kids’ CBC Host, you’re in the right place! Below, you will find a PDF with the audition material and all of the instructions.
Please only submit if you match the following criteria:
· Male between the ages of 23-35yrs
· Any race except Caucasian

· Non-union
· Must be able to carry a tune (ability to dance or move well is a bonus but not necessary)
· Comfortable being in front of a camera and not afraid to show a silly side
· Great with kids; the type of guy that pre-schoolers would love to be around
· Loves physical comedy, would enjoy hanging out with puppets all day and can be funny on the fly

So does this also mean “no Irish” need apply?

Here is the Government of Canada’s position on discriminatory hiring in the public service. According to one of Stephen Harper’s former Presidents of the Treasury Board, Stockwell Day,

“While we support diversity in the public service, we want to ensure that no Canadian is barred from opportunities in the public service based on race or ethnicity,” Day said in a statement.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who was also involved in the decision to review the government’s hiring practices, which give priority to qualified applicants from minority groups, said everyone should be considered for federal jobs.
“We are in favour of appropriate diversity in the public service and reasonable efforts to achieve it, but we don’t think any Canadians should be excluded from applying within their government,” he told CBC News. “It’s OK to encourage people from different backgrounds to apply but in our judgment it goes too far to tell people that if they are not of a particular race or ethnicity they cannot apply [for a job] that is actually funded by their tax dollars.”

UPDATE: The casting agency has removed the “Any race except Caucasian” line. This obviously will affect the application process. But will it affect the final selection?

Here is a screenshot of the CBC Kids casting call as it originally appeared:

UPDATE: @alexguibord and @jldmorris spotted the agency’s posting this morning and contacted the company. At the time, the agency defended the posting. Now, the agency tells HuffPo and Canada.com that the posting was a mistake.

Here is the email the agency representative sent @jldmorris (click to enlarge),



130 thoughts on “CBC is hiring!”

  1. Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighbourhoods

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Schools

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Classes

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Sports

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White people

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti White.

  2. All & only White countries are bringing in millions of non-Whites.

    All & only White people are demanded to “mix” with them to prove they aren’t “naziswhowanttokill6millionjews.”

    All & only White children are expected to become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE.

    So called “anti-racists” are always the ones demanding these sorts of policies. That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  3. Have you complained to the company? Did you buy their alarm system?

    CBC’s actually doing stuff to promote diversity, you’re just complaining in a forum.

  4. Message from the casting agency:

    April 29, 2013

    In the casting profession we are often asked to find specific types for
    different roles. In this particular case we were asked to seek a cast
    of diversity. We mistakenly took that to mean that the production was
    not seeking Caucasian actors. This was a mistake that was made entirely
    by the casting company and not the CBC, who are seeking actors of all
    ethnicities for this role (including Caucasian). We deeply apologize for
    our presumptuous error and anyone we may have offended.

    So, to everyone who’s taken this lame, paper-thin misunderstanding as an opportunity to have a sh!t on the CBC … where’s your apologies?

    yay Internet… the world can see what a forum of idi0ts looks like in full… idi0cy.

  5. If you are non white but adopted by white people, are you eligible if your culture is white?
    Or if you are white but watch football, basketball and listen to hip hop and cant swim?

    Culture has nothing to do with colour, lets talk about cultural ascendance and seek diversity!

  6. Kids just don’t want to watch white people anymore. Especially white males. Why are they looking for males anyway? PATRIARCHY?!?!?!?

    Kids like watching black and South Asian women and some transgender dudes. That’s who they want to see carrying a tune and being hip. Get with the times people.

  7. I mean… You don’t want the CBC to stop being relevant, do you?

  8. Even if it was a mistake by the casting company the CBC still chose to go along with it until they found out. Anti-white racism either way as far as I’m concerned.

  9. ‘Fine web commentary’, eh? Care to publish an apology for only posting the part of the story which suited your needs? How’s about the part where the independant firm hired by the CBC apologized for its mistake and retracted the error.

  10. Can you hear yourself?

    If you don’t like living in a tolerant, open country with world-class health care… leave. GTFO. Your kind won’t be missed.

  11. What’s this “even if” cr4p?

    And this – the CBC still chose to go along with it until they found out – How can you go along with something you don’t know about? Priceless.

    This was a lame, lame attack, with extra-plus stoopid comments, even before it turned out not to be the CBC’s error. Is anyone here got enough self-respect to even blush about participating in this mess?

  12. The fact that it was the casting company’s language error and not CBCs is just a small but tasty irony. The biggest fail is the ignorance here (deliberate or otherwise) of what casting is. The CPC is as proactive as the CBC or any ad agency when it comes to stacking their ads with visible minorities.

  13. The CBC is perpetually under a microscope, as has been repeatedly demonstrated on this very forum. The slightest misstatement or even the language error of subcontractors is a green light for all the CBC-haterz to scream for de-funding.

    Of course, if the CBC cast a kids show with just white yuppies, another group would take their turn to go ballistic… and this forum would probably still find some reason to point that out and scream for de-funding.

    This level of scrutiny by itself would justify the pains to which CBC producers go to maintain on-air diversity, as experienced by Matt Gurney.

    Do you seriously think SUN TV hasn’t made any hires with on-air diversity in mind?

  14. CBC is always under a microscope because it takes $1 Billion of taxpayer money per year.

    Also, it exists in a space that the free market adequately satiates without the need for such a public expenditure.

    The casting didn’t say what they were looking for, they only said what they weren’t looking for. The edict from CBC asked for diversity; the casting agency interpreted this to mean “non-white”.

    I don’t feel personally hard done by this event but it piqued my particular interest for a few reasons.

    1) Hypocrisy is always newsy and fun to point out. In order to presumably create a more progressive and equitable society, CBC has gone ahead and requested ‘diversity’ for this hire, meaning someone gets a better chance, while another loses out. Here we have a zero-sum game. What’s described here is itself a racist method.

    2) I abhor racism and I do believe that the more we obsess about race in a more-and-more post-racial society, the more we highlight divisions. When we select candidates based upon race or gender, we diminish the self-actualized worth of the quota hires while doing the same for those for whom merit was ignored and weren’t hired based on the race criteria. This actually may perpetuate negative views of oneself and of others based upon this event. Pointing out this absurd incident regarding the CBC Kids show, it would be ideal if this moved the CBC to make their next hiring decision based solely upon merit. If there is a lack of ‘diversity’, efforts should be made to encourage lesser-visible groups to apply, but the final decision should always be based upon merit absent of the consideration of inborn characteristics. Using race as a factor to judge the value of a candidate for anything is an intellectually idiotic way to make any sort of decision. It is like judging how fast a car can drive based on how many stripes are painted on the side.

    tl;dr CBC’s very nature invites scrutiny. Racism is bad, CBC caused ironic racism to occur by its diversity request.

  15. [CBC] exists in a space that the free market adequately satiates without the need for such a public expenditure.

    Bull. Just about every advanced country except for the US has a publicly funded national broadcaster. Guess which country is perceived as having the worst broadcast news media? In Canada, CBC sets the bar that keeps the private broadcasters on their toes.

    But I digress.

    Hypocrisy is a national institution. Do you seriously think CTV, Global or SUN TV don’t consider optics when making on-air hires? Next you’ll say that the CPC never considers gender, race or ethnicity when recruiting and selecting candidates to run. Or events to gladhand at.

    Hypocrisy is attacking the CBC (only) for such trumped-up excuses, when the real reason is the political goal of muzzling or stifling a source of information that’s inconvenient to the conservative cause.

    For someone who abhors racism, you were not so reticent to whip up this little sh!tstorm, when you of all people know what sort of commentator’s gonna show up to thump you on the back.

    The inconvenient fact is that the diversity-haterz and closet white supremacists mostly vote conservative. Never hurts to throw them a bone once in a while, does it?

    Hypocrisy isn’t always fun to point at. Sometimes it’s damn depressing.

  16. And who do Caucasians complain to for justice? Only non-whites need reply.

    Remember that next time you accuse us of “white privilege”???

  17. About ten years ago, the RCMP had the same requirements in their hiring. Frankly, I don’t have a problem with it. Because of past experience, I’ve believed since the ’70’s that Quebecers should be rejected from taking Political or Public office. Now, that’s not as racist as CBC perhaps. Clearly Quebecer’s come in various colours and creeds, and any rational look at the destruction done to our country with them in power should make it a legal vice a moral position, but it probably still demonstrates a preference. Besides, CBC may remove it from their requirements, but the fact it they will still push that prejudice. The fact is that Liberals hate the concept of a white Canada based on the principles that developed the country – and they hate the fact that some people are proud of the country the way it is. The problem is not the CBC but rather the mindset it is brainwashed into.

  18. Trust me, the last thing I need is to get praise from someone who gets homesick everytime he hears Duelling banjos. I like Jon Stewart, but if you noticed, Harper brought us through the recesson pretty well – far better than the US who caused most of it. I’ll keep the economics genius and leave the comedy genius to the US – they need it more than we do.

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