Joyce Murray copies Marc Garneau’s #eap13 talking points

Liberal leadership candidate Joyce Murray might be lacking original thinking on the 2013 budget. She copied former leadership candidate Marc Garneau’s tweet.



  • GabbyInQC

    Ms. Murray was on a local radio station today. In that interview she talked about her recycling plan: she’s hoping to be named leader by running on an idea previously rejected by the very same partners she’s now hoping to hook up with. The NDP’s Nathan Cullen also wanted “co-operation” between the Liberals and the NDP in order to unseat Stephen Harper. Isn’t Cullen’s failure to become leader indicative of the NDP membership’s opposition to that plan?

    Maybe Ms. Murray should apply the same kind of logic to the current Liberal race: why doesn’t she ask the other candidates to agree to “co-operate” in order to defeat the current front-runner? I wonder how Ms. Murray would respond to a request from Martha Hall Findlay to step aside so that Findlay could defeat Trudeau.

    Funny, Ms. Murray talked a lot about “democracy”. I guess in her books, “democracy” means limiting choices rather than giving electors more choices.

    Also, she once again recycled that now tired argument: 60% of Canadians who voted did not vote for Stephen Harper. YAWN! When she was first elected, Ms. Murray got 36.05% of the vote, which means 63.95% did not vote for her in the 2008 by-election. Then, in the 2008 general election she got 45.59%, which means 54.41% did not vote for her. And in 2011. she got 42.17%, which means 57.83% did not vote for her. Maybe in the next election, her opponents may wish to “co-operate” to unseat her. How would she like them apples then?

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Copying seems to be in the Liberal DNA now. Marc Garneau’s policy platform would not have sounded out of place coming from Tomas Mulcair, while Martha Hall Findlay could be speaking for Prime Minister Harper with her policy platform.

    The Young Dauphin is silent on policy so he can be free to copy whatever seem “popular” in 2015. I would encourage people to keep asking for detailed answers to specific policy questions between now and then and press the Young Dauphin for an answer when he attempts to evade. Watching the resulting implosion will be very entertaining indeed…