Ontario PCs release new attack ad against Kathleen Wynne

Tim Hudak’s PC Party has released their first ad attacking the newly minted Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne.

Predictably, her “Dalton, Dalton” cheering during her victory was used by the PCs to link the old with the new as more of the same. McGuinty has been a polarizing figure in Ontario and with an imminent election, the Tories will be looking to make the ballot question one of McGuinty’s legacy in Ontario.

The Tories have chosen to highlight debt as the first criticism of Wynne. They go back to Wynne’s days as a school board trustee and her record as a fiscal manager there and state that Wynne would not aim to balance Ontario’s books for five years.

This won’t be the last we’ll see on the Tory full-court press, however. The gas-plant and ORNGE helicopter scandals are still fresh in the minds of Ontarians.



  • Stand

    Informative attack ad, but still luke warm compared with the vicious decapitation ads against Tim Hudak gratis of the Working Families coalition of communists, derelicts , union members and more.

  • Lorne Russell

    NOT a great ad. Government debt by itself means nothing to the average voter.
    Why is government debt bad? Because our children will have to pay it off.
    Make government debt personal – then you can win the battle for lower spending.

  • kenn2

    Hudak makes McGuinty look like Burt Lancaster. And Hudak’s desperate channeling of US Tea Party governors is clearly the last gasp of a failed leader.

    There’s still room in the 2013 hotel calendar for another leadership convention. Book it now.