Theresa Spence ends — whatever it was she was doing

Notice the difference between how CTV and CBC are reporting the story. Today, CBC was still calling this farce a “hunger strike”.

CTV labels Theresa Spence’s protest a “liquid-only diet”
CBC calls Theresa Spence’s protest a “hunger strike”



23 thoughts on “Theresa Spence ends — whatever it was she was doing”

  1. Bobby Sands – 66 day hunger strike – Dies.
    Chief Spence – 44 day hunger strike – Dieting fail.

  2. Sad part about Bobby Sands..he stood for something…. in the eyes of most Canadians and probably some FN peoples she has only made them look like a bunch of what did she prove..She can leave her tent and ride off in the 81,000 hummer, while the rest of her people still are no better off.

  3. How to write a CBC News story:

    Open the PDF file that came with the leftist organization’s press release.
    Select all.
    Press CTRL C.
    Press CTRL V.

    Any questions?

  4. She succeeded in helping to stab Sean Atleo, a reasonable person, in the back,while detracting from the REAL issue, the Deloitte audit of her Band. She also succeeded in showing Canadians just how bad the corruption really is on some Reserves,most notably hers.

    Jonathan Kay at NP did an excellent article a few days back, where he visited all the James Bay Bands,Attawapiskat and Spence come out looking pretty bad compared to what the Chiefs of the other four Bands have accomplished with even less money and no Debeers mine to help out.

  5. It appears she’s the latest liberal media plant, she grows every winter from seed and the media water her daily until she’s ready for transplant. She twas liberal media’s darling last year via the housing crisis and this year her non-fasting diet that wasn’t much of a diet.

  6. WHAAAAT??? How do you know this?? Never heard of a three hundred thousand dollar hummer!! Or are you being fasicious..

  7. This is just bloody sickening..she had better be investigated by the RCMP or there is something wrong somewhere.

  8. Until the accountability is real, the rich Indians will not share and reserves will look just like a 3rd world hole
    , bloody sad when little kids are hungry & dirty and neglected. Harper and the boys need to grow some balls and call the Indians on the bull shit

  9. The liberal media has been supporting this fraudulent women since she came an the scene last year complaining about the housing crisis on her reserve. The housing issue was the making of her own administrators. Native “rulers” on their reservation are responsible for their own housing. They do not allow the folks that supply the money any input whats so ever.
    Again, she is an out and out fraudster using the media and the opposition parties to attempt to convince the rest of Canada that the Harper government is responsible for the plight of the indians in this great country.

  10. No Hummer is worth $300k, Not even the one she was ridiing in with the little video screens in the headrests of the front seats – the valid points of your argument are invalidated when you make ridiculous claims like that.

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