Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion PPCLA (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) out of Edmonton, Canada patrol an area in the Zharey district

War memorial vandalized, CBC reaction?

On Remembrance Day, a war memorial in Toronto’s Coronation Park was vandalized scrawled with the words “CANADA WILL BURN PRAISE ALLAH”.

The news hit the pages of the Toronto Sun, CTV, Global and the Toronto Star with the Toronto Police investigating the incident as a “hate crime”., however, has not reported on the incident at the time of this writing.

Perhaps it doesn’t fit their narrative?

Days ago, a video of soldiers mocking Osama bin Laden dressed up in a turban in “brown face” surfaced and the CBC cleared space for the “exclusive”. A warning even preceded the story suggesting that viewers/listeners may be offended by the video.

Sources in Ottawa report that CBC was in possession of the video for at least a couple of months and sat on the “story” until Veteran’s Week.

CBC even covered the story on the National.

CBC ran a follow-up story on the reaction that its story generated with, er, Shaun Majumdar, their own on-air talent. The top three comments from their audience on the story?

“9 out of 10 real Canadians would not find that offensive…Its time for some people to get a life…” (2566 up votes / 569 downvotes)

“Breaking News…. “Canadians have a Sense of Humor” (2096 / 293)

“Big deal nothing wrong with it” (1923 / 356)

It’s clear that the folks over at the state-funded broadcaster seem more interested in reporting perceived insults by Canadian soldiers than an actual crime of vandalism that offends the memory of fallen Canadian soldiers.

Why is that?

UPDATE: Hope is not completely lost. CBC later covered this story on their 9pm National newscast.

UPDATE: posts story at 10:18pm.

UPDATE: CBC Toronto did a TV news hit on the story at around 2pm.



  • Alan OMelia

    typical CBC i think if it was something against a minority they would be all over that story

  • Gregory Allard

    CBC hates the troops and loves Muslim scum obviously

  • chaos111_99

    If Harper doesn’t get rid of the Communist broadcaster I will join the 40% who do not vote

  • Ronald Pompetti

    I’d say it’s time to pull the plug on the CBC. Their purpose in the early days was to get news etc. across the country. There are enough private broadcasters out there now, that the CBC is no longer needed, and by most accounts, not even wanted. It’s time to stop wasting our hard earned tax dollars on this useless money pit.

  • David Johnston
  • liz J

    The CBC had no problem covering the Liberals and NDP when they were accusing our troops of war crimes. No apology from any of them either when it turned out to be totally false.

    The CBC hierarchy cannot ignore this crime and pretend to respect the men and women who served, fought and died, past and present. This is a crime that hits at the hearts of all true Canadians and it should be top of the news.

  • Jackie Gilchrist

    In regards to the person who vandalized….If you can’t respect Canada and our history then get out of our Country especially if you think our Country “should burn”. I hope they burn in hell. I respect all religions and would never go to another Country and disrespect their soldier on their soil. Why are you here then?

  • arrow2010

    The narrative is “Muslims good, Westerners bad”.

  • FactsWillOut
  • Denis George Miller

    between the repatriation of khadr and the continuing funding of the CBC I too will not vote conservative or give them any more of my time or money. get back to your conservative roots PMSH if you want conservatives to keep supporting you!!!

  • liz J

    Then you have no one to support, the Liberals and the Dippers were braying loudly to have Khadr brought “home”. If Chretien hadn’t visited the Khadr sire in a Pakistan hospital and pleaded for his return to Canada chances are we would not be supporting the Khadr tribe here in Canada to this day.

    This would be the same lot, Liberals and NDP who wanted to prevent Conrad Black from even being allowed back into the country. Black contributed to Canada, the Khadrs used Canada, it was nothing but a safe haven for birthing their little terrorists who they then took back to their real “home” for terrorist training.

    When the lawyers for Omar Khadr defend him against Canada he’ll be walking away with a few million from real Canadians. It will be a big slap in the face, a real mockery to the memory of those who fought and died for our freedoms.

  • Pitchforks Torches

    The survey found only 16 per cent of Canadians place “a lot of trust” in their Prime Minister, putting Stephen Harper near the bottom among all leaders in the Americas.
    “In an international context, Harper has a lower level of trust than almost every other national leader in the hemisphere,” Mr. Neuman said.

    This is a great place for a look into the diseased minds of the 16 %

  • liz J

    Yeah, and a poll finds Canadians trust NDP to govern.

  • flag

    Of course they’d have to run a disclaimer, the muslims who would be insulted are the only ones watching the CBC…

  • Charles Gare

    The CBC is an embarrassment to Canada and should lose all funding from the Government of Canada. Our taxes pay for there loss of respect for us as Canadians!!!

  • JohnWest

    what is a CBC?

  • liz J

    When the CBC no longer represents the majority of Canadians and pulls off a stunt like releasing tapes they had in their possession for months at a time when it would do the most harm, ignores this vandalizing of the war memorial it’s time to pull the plug. This is the sort of stuff we’d expect from our enemies for god’s sake.

  • liz J

    Could anyone here tell us why the CBC would consider it offensive for members of the military to do a spoof about a fictional character called Eugene Bin Laden? Who could possibly find it offensive other than the Bin Laden family or it’s supporters?

  • Philip Qua
  • George C. Thomson

    I call BULLSHIT! I heard about the attack on the CBC. They reported it through out the day, on every major news cycle. Saying they did not is patently false. I don’t listen to Sun news (Fox North) and I didn’t get the paper until the morning. I served my country and I find such a cowardly attack on a monument reprehensible, as I am sure most here do, but, let’s get our facts correct, shall we?

    Call them ‘left wing loonies etc,’ but, keep the facts in the fight.

  • liz J

    At least Sun News is not supported by tax dollars whether you choose to watch it or not.

  • Philip Qua

    How are those free markets working for ya? Oh ya, their cutting 500 jobs. Yet I am sure that it will not effect the quality, it could get anymore “Tiny Talent Time” than it is now

  • harebell

    Last I heard they were supported by the Government, just the public support wasn’t public knowledge. !/2 a billion and still more whining because the government would put more advertising dollars into their coffers.

  • harebell

    2 people marked you down, because you pointed out the error of Taylor’s ways. The Harper way is never admit you are wrong.. especially if you are wrong.

  • kenn2

    Hating on the CBC is like a secret handshake among the ‘true’ Canadian conservatives.

  • kenn2

    The CBC had no problem covering the Liberals and NDP when they were
    accusing our troops of war crimes. No apology from any of them either
    when it turned out to be totally false.

    You keep trotting out this utterly irredeemable bullsh1t. Harper & McKay took cover behind the troops when seeking to avoid scrutiny for what orders they gave the troops re prisoner transfer, by claiming that any scrutiny on their actions was an attack on the troops. Do I have to embarrass you again with the Hansard links?

  • Stephen Taylor

    Error? At the time this was originally written, CBC had nothing posted while all other news orgs did.

  • NepeanBaron

    Yes, I saw the CBC item on the evening news Monday somewhat later than other media hence Stephen Taylor’s query. Given the continuing efforts of the People’s broadcaster to ignore the government’s achievements and parade its problems, Taylor’s reaction is understandable.

  • kenn2

    Why should a twerp with a spray can garner so much attention?

    Oh wait… Nov 11 + defaced war memorial + ‘Islam’ ish slogan = another chance to rag on the CBC. Got it.

    Open your hymnals to page 1 please…

    * * *

    A shout-out to the real heroes:
    – our military veterans
    – our troops (some of whom are family)

    – the city workers who spent the evening removing every trace of the vandalism

  • David Lynch

    They did cover it on Nov. 12. Better research on your part please.

  • David Lynch

    With the updates, this column is rather lame. You’re now saying the CBC DID cover the story on their main news broadcast. As much as I hate the CBC, I have to think they are stomping on your head with spiked boots. Please pay attention in future. Thanks.