Prime Minister’s Office condemns rap video that glorifies Taliban terrorists

Your tax dollars are going to fund anti-Canadian propaganda that sympathizes with the Taliban and glorifies violence against Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister’s Office sent out an email late this evening condemning rapper Manu Militari for producing a music video that disrespects our men and women in uniform,

Despite strong words from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Canadian taxpayer helped foot the bill for the production of the Manu Militari rap video and they also help fund the rapper’s music career and national marketing.

MusicAction is a non-profit organization funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and private broadcasters to produce and market the music of francophone artists. Since 1985, more than $90 million has been granted to this organization.

For 2012-2013, Manu Militari is slated to receive:
$7,705 (Album Production)
$25,000 (National Marketing)

In 2011-2012, Manu Militari received:
$20,000 (Album Production)

In 2009-2010, Manu Militari received:
$7,100 (Songwriting and contribution grants)

According to an annual report from MusicAction from 2008-2009, Manu Militari received the following funding from the organization:
$5,000 (Artist Management)
$20,000 (Album Production)
$25,000 (National Marketing)

Here is the video that is referenced by the Prime Minister’s Office (it was taken off of YouTube and now has been rehosted by Sun News),

And here are the roughly translated lyrics,

1431, Pashtunistan.


Before the first prayer of the day.


I leave my lair, a scarf tied around my neck.


My eyes scan the sky in search of a drone – as if I’d have time to run before the missile hits.


As I walk, I question myself about a thousand things at once but if I continue my journey it’s because [?] strengthens my faith.


I cross the rivers and the ravines of my tribal country. After many hours I finally make it to the side of the main road.


I get out my shovel, I hurry up to dig a hole in the ground to put an explosive charge of agricultural fertilizers.


Inside there isn’t any metal, the trap is undetectable. I just have to erase my tracks before going to the mountain.


I position myself strategically, I just hope that nobody spotted me by satellite.


I just try to calm my fear, ready for the ambush, finger on the detonator, I’m in no hurry, so I wait.


I’m waiting for the one, who should have stayed home.
I’m waiting, and as goes the old Afghan proverb: they may have the watches, but we have time.
I’m waiting for the one, who should have stayed home.
I’m waiting, and as goes the old Afghan proverb: they may kill the swallows, but they won’t stop the spring from coming.


[6 months earlier]


It’s been hours, the light has chased away the darkness, I realize just how close the road is.


Squinting, I may look stressed, but I’m reflecting – just like the sun on my RPG.


I’m aware that if I’m ever caught they’ll torture me or photograph me naked on all fours.


As if I was just a [?] I get wrongly accused [?]


As if [?] was like a cancerous virus, as if I had no children or no tenderness, as if I swept my cave with my wife’s hair, and I warmed myself at night with napalm.


As if I was a mentally ill, an extremist, but there are signs for thinking people.


I’ve been disfigured, I had acid thrown in my face, scratched out my image to better raze my village to the ground.


I’m not the kind that panics under fire, I have already kicked the butt of the British Empire.


I’m ready to do the same thing, I’m fighting for the same cause, I always refused the peace imposed by the occupier.


I’m far from being a beginner, I’m not afraid of wasting time, I’m ready, I have weapons and powerful arguments.


I want to free my land, is not about religion, turn off your TVs: I’ve never hijacked a plane.


I’ve fought against poppy cultivation, now if I’m growing it, it is to live, it’s you who’ve pushed me to do it.


I am not perfect. My way of life has created victims, but the attacks on my country have made me legit.


I’m waiting for the one, who should have stayed home.
I’m waiting, and as goes the old Afghan proverb: they may have the watches, but we have time.
I’m waiting for the one, who should have stayed home.
I’m waiting, and as goes the old Afghan proverb: they may kill the swallows, but they won’t stop the spring from coming.


I was about to fall asleep, when I detect the sound of an engine, which paralyzes my legs makes my heart race.


I lean hard against a rock, I am afraid of being poorly hidden. I look one last time to see if my weapon is ready to fire.


Death is so close, I’m already reciting the [?] The enemy approaches, I recognize Canada’s colors.


Like a hundred countries, adrenaline flows through me, in a few seconds they will understand how much I hate them.


The wait is almost endless, but I ready to make sure no one slip by me. Eventually the invader reaches my position, I feel so much stress I am feeling sick to my heart.


I let a first humvee pass, even a second disappears, but the third: say hello to the devil for me.



  • liz J

    Is this funded under “Arts”? If so it’s time to end all such funding, let them sink or swim on their own merit.
    If this rapper dude is a Canadian citizen he’s getting awfully close to treason.

  • Anonymous

    we should cut off all arts funding. if it is art it will make it on it’s own if not it will be relegated to the garbage bin.

  • Platty

    I suggest we send some of our finest in uniform over to this terrorist wannabe’s house to get our money back, and then show him to the nearest transport out of the country.

  • http://twitter.com/JordanAGlass Jordan A. Glass

    Typical of the big government Conservatives.

  • JSR

    Wanna bet that this “artist” wears a small red square of cloth on his tee shirt? So wrong on so many levels

  • Steve

    Welcome to the Country that we have allowed Canada to become. Some Liberal Arts and self-decorated “Progressive Intelectuals” will tell you that removing funding from this guy is a violation of free speech. Most Canadians, according to the latest polls – will believe this justification, and elect MP’s to allow this type of thing to continue.
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  • Devon G

    Instant deportation. Seize his assets, put him on a plane to Kabul and set him loose. He’ll be dead inside of a week.

  • Alxi

    Manu Millitary was only trying to humanise people from afganistan and explore how it might have been to be in there shoes. He’s not anti-canadian. He’s not pro-terrorism. This is not treason. Rednecks and conservatives alike need to come down.

  • http://www.facebook.com/legaucherTMTV Charles Le Gaucher

    the best videoclip of the year. Conservative government knows they should leave middle east. The truth makes them angry!

  • http://www.facebook.com/AlexisoundboxRoy Alexis SoundBox Roy

    Manu Millitary was simply trying to show the other side of the coin. People from both side of the conflict are loosing life, familly members etc.. It’s not treason. He is not pro-war nor is he pro-terrorism.I agree the music video can be offensive if taken out of context but i feel the conservative party is using it to built animosity where there shouldn’t have. Please people don’t buy into this none sens. This is conservative propaganda.

  • Pride

    Did you mean the Government of Canada instead of the Harper government?

  • JC

    Your post is nonsense

  • Alex

    Lucky for him we don’t support honor killing… Like his idols do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lux.filled Lukas Lafond-Rivard

    Manu Militari is an anti-war, ironic, multiculturalist at its extreme artist. Don’t you get that this is only a way to see the conflict from the other side of the coin? Don’t you understand that the

    Persian Letters have been written using the same process, that The Kindly Ones (Littell novel) was harsh and disgusting with its inhumane narrative (a Nazi on duty that’s sexually immoral?)…Ignorance, that’s what I see here. Ignorance is what’s strikes me the most. I hate it, especially when it comes to French bashing. 158 soldiers to have die it’s almost nobody compared to the numbers of civilians that were shot just to make fun of.

  • 7h

    Lol, your comments are so ridiculous. Your article talks about the 158 canadians soldiers who died its says nothing about the number of Afghan civilians who died because of our beloved troops. With our government, we never get more than one side of the medal. Manu militari is not “supporting” terrorism, he’s just showing how it is behind the curtain. He just shows us what our medias are not showing us : That our troups are NOT welcomed there. Yeah, they get some smiles and some “thanks”, but it’s a small minorities. It’s not only the talibans who attack canadian troops, tired civilians too (like in this video, civilians tired of seeing their wife raped, of being harrassed everywhere in their own country). When you have soldiers from another country ruling you villages, your homes, your country, for 10 years, and they still dont understand that they are not welcome… We should had stayed home. Our army should be here to defend our country, not to harass other’s. By the way, Manu Militari lived in a lot of thoses places where you guys says É”he would not survive a week”. Where do you think the video was shot ? There is always two sides in a story, its not because manu choose to show one of them that he actually supports it. You saw the Afghans point of view on “L’attente” and our Military point of view in “Ryan”.

  • skillzflux

    Did any of you ever try the mental exercice (I know sounds hard but trust me it’s not that bad) of thinking what it would be like if our country was invaded by people we had never done anything to. If these people stopped you at checkpoints on the way to the grocery store… if they sometimes accidentally or wilfully killed your kids. If you constantly lived in fear of Drone strikes… and what if these people would stay here over ten years? (personally I think we’d have uprisings in the first weeks) You guys are probably proud of my friend who came back with a missing leg but I personally think that he would’ve been better off staying at home working in his dad’s business… What’s funny is that we only do this because we’re the US’s lapdog and now they are turning against us… read the news in the next few weeks, if you don’t believe me. You call it defending our freedom? What is the threat to our freedom, exactly? Is our freedom in Afghanistan so that we NEED to go over there and defend it? Has anyone ever applied logic to this problem? This is how we usually solve problems, no? Anyway I shouldn’t argue with you guys…. “don’t argue with stupid people, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience”

  • skillzflux

    comment awaiting moderation… I see… selective publishing is it not?

  • http://www.facebook.com/straydisciple Martin Lajoie

    You guys are blind assholes. You don’t know Manu Militari and his work yet just because some stupid reporter misinterpreted the video, you get angry at him? What the fuck is wrong with you dumb baby boomers. Manu is a storytelling rapper, as in, he talks about life in all it’s different aspects, people and what they go trough. Another thing, he’s not talking about talibans in this song but regular people over there who have to fight back against an invading force (guess you didn’t notice the part in the video where soldiers came to the village and attacked villagers whove done nothing)

  • aDAM

    You guys are extremely dumb, WE ARE THE TERRORRISTS (AMERICA) NOT THEM. We invade their country and expect them to take it?
    Shocking Music Video Glorifies Taliban Terrorists now that is propaganda.

  • http://twitter.com/rodlestod Rod Le Stod

    Manu Militari: Meilleur rapper du Québec

  • http://www.facebook.com/bianca.durocher.58 Bianca Durocher


  • Flash

    Nop… he dont.

  • M

    He advocates a totalitarian regime that promoted sexist violence, censorship, torture, brutalism, irrational superstition, oppression, nationalist hate, state-supported rape of women and children, social cleansing against a long-standing Jewish community in that country, and a stoneage opinion of the value of life.
    If he wants these things, give them to him.
    If he has no interest in human rights and freedom, do not waste them on him.
    Take his western clothing, his citizenship, his healthcare, his social benefits, the grants that supported his useless rap career, his education, safety, security, home, food and his literacy. Take these things from him and give him a Koran he can’t read and all the things he wants.

  • http://www.facebook.com/productionsdoublen Dany Dway Tétreault

    shut up is not wearing a red square is one of our best rapper in here so go fuck your self bad ass

  • moralist

    Disgusting. What is wrong with our bureaucratic leadership. All “buffoons” using taxpayer money in a whimsical manner ? But then it is really our fault for allowing the political elite to be elected by us and then “screw” us. This guy can sing all he wants but not using taxpayers monies. Complain, complain and if that doesn’t work, as in the past the masses will eventually revolt against this madness.

    Down with multiculturism. It’s day is over.

  • Marc-André Desjardins

    No he is right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Johnston/100001005423094 Barbara Johnston

    Yeah, I remember a killing rioting spree over some cartoons, bleeding hearts will get us all killed with their blind stupidity. Your propaganda is dangerous.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Johnston/100001005423094 Barbara Johnston

    potty mouth

  • Solo


  • K-Flow

    le petit gouvernement est choqué ! En plus c’es du rap tssé…. Le mépris était prévisible… C’est pathétique. Vive Manu ! Il ose nous montrer les 2 cotés de la médaille..mais encore trop de monde garde les yeux fermés.

  • Jeffrey Aubin

    Seriously , I look to all the comments and I almost feel ashamed to be a canadian. That rapper does NOT support terrorism. He’s against the fact that canadian army goes to afghanistan just to impose there values. And guess what ? He’s right. Canada have nothing to do in Afghanistan. And I bet all of the people in the comments who thinks that Manu Militari’s song is offensive don’t even know what they are talking about. You think that because the government said so , it must be right. Sorry , but that’s a stupid mentality. ( Sorry if theres mistakes , I’m a francophone. )

  • Jeffrey Aubin

    What a dumb comment .. First , there is something called freedom of expression. He just said his opinion on the conflict in Afghanistan , why should he have any consequences ? And second , contrary to what you seem to think , that guy went to countries in that area plenty of times and he knows how to act with these people. If you would send him there , he could live there without any problems.

  • Jeffrey Aubin

    I’m glad to see at least one person here is open-minded and intelligent.

  • Jeffrey Aubin

    Meilleur rapper du Canada* . Ou du moins le plus intelligent.

  • Jeffrey Aubin

    And you could you please tell me how his post is nonsense ? I bet you can’t.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Johnston/100001005423094 Barbara Johnston

    There were many attacks on the US before 911, educate yourself before having an opinion. Muslims teach their children to hate through lies and propaganda so they will want to kill americans and Jews. They strap bombs to their children and send them to Isreali check points. Terrorist hide in schools and hospitals behind the civilian population because they know the civilized will not attack them there. If a muslim child violaters the family honor the, Muslims family members believe they have the right to muder them. women are slaves bought and sold, they are the criminal if they are raped. I do believe that if the US had stayed out of Afganistan and Iraq and Lybia Muslims would have continued to do what they do best killing each other. Their ultimate goal is to subject and enslave the world to their perverse religion any one with common sense should stand up against this, not promote it.To say that Americans are terrorist is incredibly naive, dangerous, and ignorant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Johnston/100001005423094 Barbara Johnston

    You cannot humanize acts of barberizm like the decaption of anyyone who does not want to be Muslim.

  • Platty

    You are saying that because it is in the video we should take it as truth,. you do understand that this is a video right? (Guess you didn’t notice that this wasn’t a documentary) Tell me something else, if this guy is so fantastic, why does he need alll this money from the Canadian taxpayer? And why the stage name Manu Militari? Phrase. manu militari (literally) “With a military hand”. Using the force of arms.
    Doesn’t really fit someone out to promote peace now does it……

  • http://www.facebook.com/naim.guessous Naïm Guessous

    You have a problem against Manu Militari? Go listen is song ”Ryan”…then you’ll see is just showing us every side of a story. I’m proud of him! And by the way! I’m sure if we build a Manu Militari fan army, we would be lot more than the Canadian army.

  • Anonymous

    Afghanistan wants the infidels out of their country. Do we have the right, to force our presence on them? It’s their country. We can’t force them to change their beliefs and customs. We deplore the violence on Afghanistan’s, women and female children. That hasn’t changed, and the violence hasn’t stopped in Afghanistan. There have been more innocent civilians killed, than all of the other country’s military together. The little children with no legs, arms and other horrible injuries are because of us, that really bothers me.

    The minute all the military leaves Afghanistan. The violence on women and girls will resume. There will be Muslim against Muslim again. The tribal wars will begin again. Corruption in government and police, hasn’t been quashed, and doubtfully will ever be.

    We have our own corruption in Canada. Our Democracy, Civil rights and Liberties, and our Human Rights, are fast vanishing too. Canada is in a dictatorship regime. Harper has some gall preaching democracy anywhere., to anyone. Perhaps we should appeal some other country, to stop Harper’s tyranny, to run him to ground, as they did to Hussein.

    The war was started because of WDP in Iraq, which of course turned out there were none. When no WMD were discovered, they should have left immediately. There have been terrorists taken out, without starting wars.

  • Anonymous

    Professional right-wing strategist singles out ONE controversial video from ONE artist who received some funding. Right-wing xenophobic, bigoted, fascist outrage ensues.

    MusicAction is a non-profit organization funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and private broadcasters

    No mention of what percentage of funding was private, what was government. (private money can do what it likes, right?)
    No mention of all the non-controversial output the program MusicAction may have supported.
    No mention of WHAT the mentioned funding to the group went to produce (just this song and video, or what?).
    No mention of artist’s total body of work, and what percentage might be considered similarly offensive.

    Nice troll, Stephen.

  • Anonymous

    whats more offensive then having the Government coercing money from the taxpayer to pay for such vile tribalism [?]

    coercing over $1B from taxpayers to create a 5-day police-state for G8/G20
    coercing over $22B from taxpayers to buy an overpriced and underachieving ATTACK jet for the ‘defense’ of Canada

    The Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers within the artistic sphere

    Exactly. Which is why any arts funding must be arms-length, and why it’s outrageous to single out ONE small example from ONE artist, presented without any context, to slam an entire program.

  • Anonymous

    - Muslims teach their children to hate through lies and propaganda so they will want to kill americans and Jews. They strap bombs to their children and send them to Isreali check points.
    – If a muslim child violaters the family honor the, Muslims family members believe they have the right to muder them. women are slaves bought and sold, they are the criminal if they are raped.
    – Muslims… do what they do best killing each other. Their ultimate goal is to subject and enslave the world to their perverse religion any one with common sense should stand up against this, not promote it.

    The wisdom of the right. 9 likes, one dislike. Awesome.

  • liz J

    Appear to be a few trolls swinging by who are not happy with those of us who have no sympathy for Taliban terrorists on any front or at any level including in rants by rappers.

    The Liberal government of Chretien decided on it’s own to send troops, poorly equipped thanks to years of Liberal neglect, to the sands of Afghanistan to fight terrorism under the banner of NATO.
    The Harper Minority extended the mission after a vote in HOC.

    We have good reason to be disgusted at such insensitivity and disrespect for this country and the brave men and women who are sent to such hell holes to ensure we all to live freely including the people of Afghanistan the Taliban are trying to rule using the brutality of their extreme cultist regime.
    That there would be any woman or man in the civilized world who would not agree with fighting these evil people is dumbfounding.

  • DougM

    The problem is that while not all Muslim’s are identical to his statement, a lot of them are. Just as athe “rapper” doesn’t discriminate about the person under the “Candian colours”, they are not discriminating about Muslims. The fact is that the Taliban is precisely as he describes. If you don’t know it by now you will never be able to figure it out. Some organization’s like the Nazi’s, are evil – like it or not. Those who can’t differentiate or understand the difference, are not supplying “sober second thought, they are just ignorant – like it or not.

  • DougM

    Free speech or Hate speech? Frankly if someone wrote a song about killing Manu Militari and his family and ethnic group, I’d be pretty sure the frantic left would be apoplectic about it. But as long as its about killing Canadian’s, I’m sure they’ll find it all right. There is a strength in any society that permits contrary opinion, but equally, any society has the right, and the governments have an obligation to protect itself. The question is where does it cross the line between glorifying the killing of the countries soldier – i.e. protecting itself in the name of Peace and order, and crossing the boundry of free speech.
    The old adage comes to mind about not having the right to Scream “fire” in a crowded theatre. For all intents, this seems to be a mentally disturbed young man that would probably benefit from a half dozen years in exile – probably to Pashtun. What the hell, the CHRC took Levant to court for publishing a cartoon. This guy glorifies war against the state. If Levants cartoons were worthy of CHRC action, then this is way beyond the pale. Is the CHRC against Canada or just Conservative values?

  • DougM

    Hmmm, So if I were to put on a production glorifying the killing and war against Quebequois, perhaps about those who were associated at one time with the FLQ – terrorists, you would see that as a viable cultural statement, right? Frankly I always thought the Rose brothers should have had one of their own Mailbox bombs strapped to their backs

  • DougM

    Agree. I’ve always thought we should promote any culture which proposes the bombing and elimination of the Quebequois – I’m open minded and intelligent as hell. Glad we agree….

  • Anonymous

    If she said Muslim, she meant Muslim. Because the people feeding her trusting brain keep saying Muslim. No Dougie-filter will alter that.

    The problem is that while not all Muslim’s are identical to his statement, a lot of them are.

    I see you have a touch of that disease too. How much is ‘alot’? If X is the percentage of a religion’s followers that are extremist, for what range of X can we safely make outrageous claims about an entire religion? To get you started, about a quarter of the world’s population follow Islam. Please show all work.

  • DougM

    Are there double standards? Sure, but they are based in fact. One grants that nobody went nuts on Christians after Timothy McVeigh but there are basic differences in Religions and therein lies the rub. I have a problem with some aspects of Christianity. First, I have a rough time with a religion giving a man the abillity to absolve one of one’s sins. I also have a really rough time with some facets of “Christianity” looking forward to the deaths of billions of people so that only they will be left. Historically, Sal Ah Din didn’t take part in the butchery of people that the Christian’s did either at Acre or in Jeruselem that the Christian’s did during the Crusades. But there are a lot of Islamic tenents that, in a modern age are incompatable with basic Human rights. The concept that one is not bound to tell the truth to an unbeliever as “they are less than a slave” or animal, is just one. Sharia law opens up a whole book of incompatability with the norm of human interaction. I also have a problem with the concept that all learning stopped in the 12th Century. So do I have “the disease” too? If the disease is a basic knowledge of history, different religions (Yeah, I actually studied them) and a belief in basic human rights, then I suppose so. I also take issue by the way with Rabbi’s who preach that its acceptable for Jews to kill Goy children as one day the goy may grow up to hate Jews.
    The fact is that to proctice Islam (and there are very good aspect of Islam) in modern society one has to ignore some tenents of the religion – Christians too – “If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out”. But in modern society, one can practice a literal aspect of Christianity even if one considers the born again crowd to be wingnuts. One cannot practice a literal aspect of Islam and not run afoul of various laws that have made civilization evolve.
    What Johnson was saying may have been poor semantics, but given your history of semantical disasters (this is where you google “Stones + glass houses”) you may want to cut her some slack. Had she said Taliban, then she would have been completely correct. Not that there isn’t some value for the west in the Taliban. While I normally cringe to comparisons to the Nazi’s, this is one group who actually makes them look good in any objective comparison. The great value the Taliban has to western society, is that faced with the implacable hatred and fierce belief in the need to exterminate western society they have, there are still some who believe in accomodating them in many ways. In spite of all the proof to the contrary, It seems Neville Chamberlin and his politics of appeasement still reign supreme in some minds. In today’s world therefore, Hitler would probably triumph. Is that your “disease”? As someone has pointed out on this thread, Edmund Burke’s famous line “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” is as true today as it was in 1700’s. Burke also pointed out that “There is however, a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue” and his missive would have been as relevant today as it was back then. Alas, we don’t teach history today and so are condemned to repeat it. Which brings us to his other observation that “It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” Frankly, the man was a genius.