Quebec-style student strike to come to Ontario?

The entitled madness may be building in Canada.

Members of the Canadian Federation of Students are petitioning the organization to call an Ontario-wide strike vote this fall in order to show solidarity with the students in Quebec. Here is their letter,



116 thoughts on “Quebec-style student strike to come to Ontario?”

  1. Fewer than 50% of Canadians are net-payers of taxes.
    Bullsh!t. Who told you this – the Fraser Institute? NCC? Ayn Rand?

    It can therefore be deduced…
    … that you don’t much care . That’s OK, but just cos you’re all taken care of doesn’t mean there aren’t problems to fix.

  2. I’m no closer to Rand than you are Marx. 

    I figure a progressive like you would be more reasonable in your name calling.  Hagel maybe…  Von Mises most definately…  but Rand?  I would guess that means that you’ve either never read any Ayn Rand, or you “don’t read so good”.

    I guess it goes to show you that when you lose a debate on fact you can always go to name calling.

  3. Thou dost protest overmuch.

    A specialist medical degree in oncology is far more valuable than an arts degree.

    A civil engineering degree is more valuable than a commerce degree.

    That’s Rand all over.

  4. It was The Candian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Parliament of Canada btw.
    I guess if you can’t attack the facts you might as well try to attack the source. 
    “we estimate that Canadians enjoy an average $17,000 benefit from the public services which our taxes fund”
    The median individual income in Canada is 32,000, the average tax burden is 25% of income.
    Making the $17,000 government benefit (ie tax expenditures) for the average Canadian far greater (MORE THAN DOUBLE IN FACT) than the $8,000 tax burden on the average Canadian.
    This is acheived through our progressive taxation system. 

  5. If you’re going to quote Billy Shakes at least do it right.

    Utilitarianism has been around for much longer than Rand. 

    In both cases google is your friend.

  6. This is a proof? Is this how your professional degree has equipped you to prove your point?

    Fewer than 50% of Canadians are net-payers of taxes.

    This remains unproven.

  7. So, yes, you can be that obtuse.

    The median individual income is 32,000, the median tax burden (one would assume they relate to the same person) is SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER THAN 25% because of our progressive taxation system.  Since the rate of taxation increases with incomes and expenditures.  No official figures (which is why I used average) were quickly available and quite frankly I’ve already overspent effort and time on you.

    I was being kind in using the numbers I did, because in my profession causion and conservatism is best practice.

  8. You have in no way proved that “Fewer than 50% of Canadians are net-payers of taxes.”It’s a much more involved calculation than you’ve attempted. And you apparently don’t know the difference between median and average. What Is your professional degree in, btw- massage?

  9. Goddamn you’re obnoxious.

    Income in Canada is skewed to the left (I’d get you to look it up but you seem to be incapable), meaning that the average income is greater than the median income.  So exactly 50% of Canadians make less than $32,000.

    Can you agree with that simple fact?

    Taxation in Canada is skewed (heavily I believe, by 2-3 sigma) to the right because of our progressive tax system.  Meaning that the average tax is greater than the median tax.

    Can you agree with this simple fact?

    Since I quoted median income (fairest assessment) and average tax (which was favourable to your argument, quoting a source favourable to your argument) and still came up with the median Canadian getting more than 2 times back in benefit as they pay in tax, I can hardly see where your beef is with my methodology.

    In economics perfection in unobtainable.

    I don’t know what “btw- massage” is but it’s certainly not a “Profession”.  You might have to look up what the definition of Professional is.

  10.  There’s all sorts of other skews you’re ignoring:
    – disproportionately high demands from very small groups of needful individuals – eg the disabled.
    – disproportionate benefit –  who benefits from tariffs, who benefits from military adventures, corporate subsidies, airports, consulates … the poor?
    – no account for the benefit the Canadian employer or businessman gains from a healthy educated workforce

    Beyond the numbers game
    – no recognition of just how wonderful it is to be rich AND Canadian
    – individual greed trumps national goals
    – complete absence of noblesse oblige

    Your little factoid might be shining wisdom in Galt’s Gulch, but in the real world it has no application outside of Libertarian circle-jerks.

  11.  Am I ever glad I opted to go on to my career without making a pit-stop in “Higher Learning”.  Clearly “higher Learning” has been replaced with “indoctrination” and Universities have become little more than a fountain of leftist propaganda, that these poor impressionable youths eat up like its gospel truth.

    What ever happened to critical thinking and logic.  I would expect these traits to be exhibited better those who took the time to study and learn about the world around them.  Instead I see a whole generation of whining people running the streets saying “gimme gimme”.  My kids do that but they are pre-school age, and get scolded. 

    Am I the only one who has talked to University students, and had to listen to their unrealistic expectations for life after school?  Can we teach them how the world really operates, and stop telling them that if they shout loud enough, they can get everything they ever wanted for nothing?

    Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

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