I never thought they’d stoop so low

The Alberta election is in its last week and it’s been an angry and desperate one for the PC Party of Alberta. At the outset of the campaign, polls showed that party and their chief rivals on the right — the Wildrose Party — neck and neck. And then there was an errant tweet from a staffer in the Premier’s office slamming Wildrose’s leader Danielle Smith for commenting on family policy while have to the audacity of doing so while being childless. Wildrose rode a tide of incredulous disbelief at the callous and personal nature of the PC gaffe and found themselves a clear 10+ points ahead of the PCs.

The campaign has focused a spotlight on Smith and her party which threatens to dislodge a party that has enjoyed 41 years of uninterrupted rule in Edmonton. And in the last week, a desperate effort to stop the bleeding. It’s kitchen sink week for the PCs in the Alberta election campaign and the main strategy has been to play the downtown Toronto Liberal strategy of demonizing conservatives that worked up until 2006.

Indeed, some of the very same campaign workers putting in extended hours for Alison Redford’s PCs have borne the same attacks themselves and against their political heroes from Preston Manning to Stephen Harper. The success of the current government in Ottawa was largely built on the legacy that came from Canada’s cradle of conservatism: Alberta. Today, those campaign workers are gritting their teeth as they retweet and share Warren Kinsella’s articles accusing their conservative cousins in Wildrose of having a “hidden agenda”.

I had (jokingly) remarked earlier last week that we should soon expect to see a “Soldiers in Our Streets” style of ad as the PCs flail desperately to recover and pull out all of the stops to stop the Wildrose momentum. Here is the latest (unsigned) offering that reeks of PC Alberta desperation (UPDATE: source explained here):

The ad doesn’t suggest that soldiers will occupy the streets of Calgary, however, it does have a militaristic drumbeat at the end. The piece is offensive to Albertans, Canadians and conservatives on a number of fronts.

“oil worshipping, old guard, right-wing, gun-toting, old-school Albertans”

in a mock country/redneck accent “Hi, I’m from Alberta!”

“I don’t want to paint [Wildrose] all the same, cause I’m not like that (but I am, so here goes!)”

“BFFs with Stephen Harper!”

“Danielle Smith thinks The Flintstone’s is historically accurate”

“Danielle Smith… I heard her bus has tit wheels”

“So, fuck it. I’m voting PC. Latino-ass me is voting PC”

“Separation Party… vote for them [if Wildrose doesn’t have a chance in your riding, else vote PC]”

If you’re a conservative and you’re supporting PC, it’s pretty clear that the braintrust behind this ad still regards you as worthless. Were you annoyed when Stockwell Day was the subject of an attack that smacked of religious bigotry, you rube? Did you support the elimination of the gun-registry, you hick? Are you BFF’s with Stephen Harper, you mouth-breather? You’re worse than dirt according to this professional video that is encouraging you to vote PC.

The Progressive Conservative Party has lost their right to call themselves “conservative” as they are clearly running against those that hold conservative values. This “progressive” party and/or their supporters think that sexism is fair game if it’s against a conservative woman running for Premier. Tit wheels! Hilarious. She doesn’t have children either! Latinos are also on notice that the left thinks that their group casually swears in a streetwise manner (yo), votes in a block, and doesn’t think like individuals informed by their own values. In conservative circles (we’ve been well trained), we call that racism.

Alberta is on the cusp of electing its first libertarian Premier. What a refreshing concept that is in a province whose elites are losing their minds at the prospect of losing power to someone who believes that everyone should be free of others telling them how to think.



  • Jayx1

    i just lost several IQ points watching this. Who put this out? The NDP?  WoW

  • Drew

    The video has no connection to the PCs. Unless you consider some artists from Calgary to be part of the PC machine.

  • http://twitter.com/saskatoonauthor Sean Cummings

    So now comes the task of finding out who did the ad and whether it has links to the PC’s.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    NDP doesn’t want you to vote PC. Who do you think does?

  • http://twitter.com/Usual5uspect Kelly Redel

    Unsigned huh? I bet you a six pack of Big Rock Trad that vid wasn’t even made in AB. 

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Maybe by a Toronto-based Liberal consultant?

  • http://twitter.com/saskatoonauthor Sean Cummings

     Ah … Danielle Smith and Wildrose – enemy to artists everywhere.  But … I’m an artist. I mean, I even have books that are published and I support Smith’s bid to replace Redford.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    I’m an artist too! I design websites and write creatively for my job!

  • Bert

    I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry at this video.  The only consolation I can find is that the people in it are actors.  Surely to God no one is THAT stupid.  Or, are they?

  • Mike Sturko

    Doesn’t matter who did it. The sentiment is the same, and it’s about to backfire big-time, and I can’t wait to hear the weeping, wailing and knashing of teeth from the far-left when Wildrose cruises to victory. Just wait, hidden social agenda, right …  

  • Lorne Russell

    “I never thought…”
    Well they got that part right.  Still haven’t!

  • JJ

    I can’t vote in the Alberta election, but I was kind of on the fence between PC and Wildrose. This video actually makes me WANT to vote Wildrose. As a young person myself, I can’t stand condescending leftists who think making fun of people is the best way of convincing people to vote their way. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d bet money that video was made in Ontario in the GTA area, is it legal for them to make a campaign video without telling us who was behind the ad?

  • http://twitter.com/mattsfraser Matt Fraser

     Just curious as to why you say that Danielle Smith is an enemy to artists everywhere?

  • Jenny

    Hey, this Canadian isn’t offended. Grow some skin.

  • http://twitter.com/saskatoonauthor Sean Cummings

    I was being facetious re: Drew’s posting.  

  • Canadiansense

    The depravity and depths to which the media, opponents are attacking Albertans and the Wildrose party will not work.

    Albertans needed a party to replace the PC’s and the Wildrose has filled the void. D. Smith has been effective in giving voters a clear choice.

  • Canadiansense

    The depravity and depths to which the media, opponents are attacking Albertans and the Wildrose party will not work.

    Albertans needed a party to replace the PC’s and the Wildrose has filled the void. D. Smith has been effective in giving voters a clear choice.

  • Atrox

    In the run up to the PC convention that ousted Ralph Klein, there was a surge in PC memberships. This was an orchestrated effort by liberal and new democrat progressives to infiltrate the PC party and change it from the inside since they had no chance of pursuading the public at the polls. Stelmach was the milk toast choice for a seriously divided party and the purge continued with Redford becoming the dream come true for the progressives inside the PC’s. The idea all along was to hijack the conservative brand as the path to power.
    What the PC’s didn’t expect was the conservative core of the party to launch a pure vision of conservatism against them as an alternative.
    Is was a simple minded coup that Albertan’s have woken up to.
    You can take conservatism out of the party, but you can’t take the conservatism out of Albertans.

  • Blamecrash

    I’ve seen two “false flag” signs today bashing the PC candidate. These two home-made signs were below the belt accusations aimed at the PC candidate, but the intent was obviously to garner sympathy for the PC candidate by unfairly attacking him.
    The PC dirty pool campaign is going into overdrive and I’d bet they’re spending a pretty penny on US political consultants to tell them how to do it.

  • Duane

    The accompanying website says it’s “inspired by shitharpersaid.ca.” The BFF of Stephen Harper and oil-loving remarks give off the foul stench of leadnow.ca. I highly doubt anyone actually living in Alberta could be the braintrust of this ad. It’s far too insulting to Albertans to be local.

  • Furysys

    truly one of the most disgraceful ads I have ever seen in politics, and that is saying something for someone like me who has been following politics for more than 30 years.  It makes the (in)famous Willie Horton ad by George Bush Senior seem positive in comparison.  And this from the party of “inclusiveness”, and “positive leadership.”.   If this does not make the few remaining conservatives in the PC Party walk to Wildrose, at least they can’t say they did not realize the virtual depravity that the “braintrust” in this party have sunk

  • Anae

    “BFFs with Stephen Harper!!” Rofl…

  • http://twitter.com/Usual5uspect Kelly Redel

    heh. Maybe it is the Flintstones reference that just screams ageing TO hipster. I mean who under 35 has even seen the show? 

  • Corypricearsenault

    I like how they have to remind the viewers that the Flintstones aren’t historically accurate.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever was behind this surely, most definitely, absolutely would not be the type to stereotype someone or a group of people.. would they?


  • Anonymous

    Now, just WHICH one place in all of Canada, would classify Albertan’s like this ad does. 

    Guesses anyone? 

  • Bec

    The skin has been thickened for 4o+ years listening to these types of attacks against an entire province. It’s just obscene to hear it and receive it from ‘friendly fire’.

  • http://twitter.com/Rose215 Rose215

    I also found the ad off-putting.  Homophobic was another accusation, I think.  The sentiments expressed are pretty mindless.  I don’t think it is clear what group is actually behind the ad.

  • Brett

    I’m willing to bet that Avaaz is likely behind this.  They have been apparently advocating for people to join political parties at the federal level in order to more or less hijack policy from within at the federal level


    If they are willing to do that at the federal level, what’s stopping them from doing it in Alberta, particularly since all the lefties want to shut down the oil sands.   Now that they have “their” premier in place in the form of Red Ali, they want to make sure that it stays that way.

  • Anonymous

     guess not, I stand corrected, it was made in Cowtown.

    c’est la vie

  • p.f.

    I always felt that The Flintstones had more profundity regarding the human condition than geologic history.

  • p.f.

    Seriously though, you’re being unfair to the PCs: It is hard to image that they would have had anything to do with this video, which damns them with the faintest possible praise.  When a video-maker whose idiocy might be exceeeded only by her arrogance tries to “help” you, and the MSM picks up on it, you’d best distance yourself from her as far as possible.  However, I see no response so far from the PCs.

  • Braatnik

    This is just sad, this election is the first in a long time that there is a real alternative to the P.C. party, in thew last election there was only 42% voter turn out, the Apathy in Alberta politics is sad, now there is a real choice, and this video is what the P.C. come out with,Fearmongering and strategic voting is not how Albertans choose their Government, listing to the issues and reasearch is how Albertans choose their Government. The P.C.’s should be ashamed of this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YXJ4PBNGGEPS2CHGDXFR4WX5G4 Anonymous

    I’m inclined to think the PC’s campaign manager knew about the coming of this ad, but did not commission it. Call me naive, but I can’t see them risk being tied to such a thing. 
    Like another said here, it has all the earmarks of the Harper Haters™ such as leadnow.ca, Greenpeace, et alia. The last thing they want is a Wildrose government and its pro-Oil Sands, pro-capitalist policies. If a PC gov’t under “Red” Redford is the best they can expect, then that will do. They know full well that a Liberal, NDP or Green win is impossible in Alberta today.The ad is a slur to be sure. If I was Smith’s CM I’d suggest the PCs probably had something to do with it until Redford denounces it flat-out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YXJ4PBNGGEPS2CHGDXFR4WX5G4 Anonymous

    Yup… On second viewing, I’m sure this is a sophomoronic college production. The actors/students have earmarks – especially language – of the Occupy and Green crowd. I’m thinking it was intended for an audience of their peers.

  • Anonymous

    Who do you think does?

     Younger, more progressive Albertans, who are urging strategic voting as a last-ditch effort to block Wildrose. This is a bigger issue than party allegiance.

  • Anonymous

     Ah, partisans. It hasn’t occurred to you that people don’t always divide easily into the established political parties?

    Just like when many conservatives felt alienated by the federal PCs, and later coalesced around Reform, today’s moderate progressives and young professionals are currently without a party to represent our I mean their interests.

    Blaming the anti-Wildrose backlash against the PCs is itself a lame campaign trick.

  • Anonymous

     Speaking of stereotyping…

  • Anonymous

     It’s just obscene to hear it and receive it from ‘friendly fire’.

    …cos it’s unthinkable that anyone in Alberta would actually be -gasp- progressive, and bitterly against the sharp-right lurch represented by Wildrose?

  • Anonymous

     I’m thinking it was intended for an audience of their peers.

    Finally, someone gets it.

    I hope this doesn’t get you in trouble with partisans. They’re pushing the ‘blame PCs’ angle as hard as they can. The ad could even be a false-flag op…

  • Anonymous

     [Stephen Taylor]: Maybe by a Toronto-based Liberal consultant?

    Uh huh.

    People – it’s probably not prudent to trust one Ontario-based consultant when they try to finger another Ontario-based consultant. Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

     Small correction:

    None but the extreme left want to shut down the oilsands. Progressives and moderates (and alot of average people) would like to see it done with a bit more care  (less pollution, and make the resource last longer) and particularly without the unnecessary subsidization of the oil industry, which dwarfs the cuts to social programs, CBC etc that the right are crowing about.

    Caution != “shut down” . Are we clear on this?


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nikki-Sharpe/100001217124011 Nikki Sharpe

      I was born in Alberta. I
    couldn’t get out of that backwoods sh&thole fast enough. They are
    the worst most hated people in the country for good reason. They’re all
    anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-women and anti-science. If they don’t
    want to join us in the 21st century, the rest of the country will just
    have to drag them into it kicking and screaming. The fate of the entire
    human race depends on it.

  • Anonymous

    Small sidebar – remember robocalling? It apparently works both ways.

    Y’know, the CPC could rein in this sort of voter abuse (and junk calling in general) by simply legislating that the message originators must be traceable and accountable. Too bad they find such junk calling so useful themselves.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    This is actually the current law as outlined by CRTC guidelines. Originating number must be visible on the caller ID. Current technology allows any number to be displayed.

  • Anonymous

     Call display is not equivalent to accountability for the call. Call display apparently didn’t prevent the last election’s calling circus, or help much with finding the parties responsible for improper calls. Apparently it’s no impediment to those making false Wildrose calls either.

    Accountability means it should really require a bit more than just a Paypal account or a VISA card to be able to robo-call political messages to thousands of recipients.

    (I feel the same way about advertising robo-calls too)

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    You can make a whole bunch of stuff illegal and make “accountability” required. However, it’s not going to stop people who are out to do illegal things.
    “We’ll just make a law to solve the problem of crime”

  • Anonymous

    The problem isn’t people who are out to do illegal things, it’s the organizations who think that the end justify the means.

    Laws are required when ethics apparently aren’t up to the job.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    What was done on robocalls was illegal and already on the books.