I never thought they’d stoop so low

The Alberta election is in its last week and it’s been an angry and desperate one for the PC Party of Alberta. At the outset of the campaign, polls showed that party and their chief rivals on the right — the Wildrose Party — neck and neck. And then there was an errant tweet from a staffer in the Premier’s office slamming Wildrose’s leader Danielle Smith for commenting on family policy while have to the audacity of doing so while being childless. Wildrose rode a tide of incredulous disbelief at the callous and personal nature of the PC gaffe and found themselves a clear 10+ points ahead of the PCs.

The campaign has focused a spotlight on Smith and her party which threatens to dislodge a party that has enjoyed 41 years of uninterrupted rule in Edmonton. And in the last week, a desperate effort to stop the bleeding. It’s kitchen sink week for the PCs in the Alberta election campaign and the main strategy has been to play the downtown Toronto Liberal strategy of demonizing conservatives that worked up until 2006.

Indeed, some of the very same campaign workers putting in extended hours for Alison Redford’s PCs have borne the same attacks themselves and against their political heroes from Preston Manning to Stephen Harper. The success of the current government in Ottawa was largely built on the legacy that came from Canada’s cradle of conservatism: Alberta. Today, those campaign workers are gritting their teeth as they retweet and share Warren Kinsella’s articles accusing their conservative cousins in Wildrose of having a “hidden agenda”.

I had (jokingly) remarked earlier last week that we should soon expect to see a “Soldiers in Our Streets” style of ad as the PCs flail desperately to recover and pull out all of the stops to stop the Wildrose momentum. Here is the latest (unsigned) offering that reeks of PC Alberta desperation (UPDATE: source explained here):

The ad doesn’t suggest that soldiers will occupy the streets of Calgary, however, it does have a militaristic drumbeat at the end. The piece is offensive to Albertans, Canadians and conservatives on a number of fronts.

“oil worshipping, old guard, right-wing, gun-toting, old-school Albertans”

in a mock country/redneck accent “Hi, I’m from Alberta!”

“I don’t want to paint [Wildrose] all the same, cause I’m not like that (but I am, so here goes!)”

“BFFs with Stephen Harper!”

“Danielle Smith thinks The Flintstone’s is historically accurate”

“Danielle Smith… I heard her bus has tit wheels”

“So, fuck it. I’m voting PC. Latino-ass me is voting PC”

“Separation Party… vote for them [if Wildrose doesn’t have a chance in your riding, else vote PC]”

If you’re a conservative and you’re supporting PC, it’s pretty clear that the braintrust behind this ad still regards you as worthless. Were you annoyed when Stockwell Day was the subject of an attack that smacked of religious bigotry, you rube? Did you support the elimination of the gun-registry, you hick? Are you BFF’s with Stephen Harper, you mouth-breather? You’re worse than dirt according to this professional video that is encouraging you to vote PC.

The Progressive Conservative Party has lost their right to call themselves “conservative” as they are clearly running against those that hold conservative values. This “progressive” party and/or their supporters think that sexism is fair game if it’s against a conservative woman running for Premier. Tit wheels! Hilarious. She doesn’t have children either! Latinos are also on notice that the left thinks that their group casually swears in a streetwise manner (yo), votes in a block, and doesn’t think like individuals informed by their own values. In conservative circles (we’ve been well trained), we call that racism.

Alberta is on the cusp of electing its first libertarian Premier. What a refreshing concept that is in a province whose elites are losing their minds at the prospect of losing power to someone who believes that everyone should be free of others telling them how to think.



  • Anonymous

     … yet it was done, to a degree above that of a rogue element or two, and apparently without consequence to the perpetrators.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    We should make it even more illegal!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll settle for accountability.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Laws are written to hold those who break them accountable.

  • Anonymous


    If law regarding robocalls  is unenforceable because any email address with a valid VISA number can use the service … it’s incomplete law.

    (wow, you must be really bored tonight)

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    It is currently under investigation. I’m confident that there will be charges.

  • Anonymous

    A year, and no charges? No, they’ve gotten away with it.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    EC moves slow. Apparently their investigation was underway and only kicked into high gear when Postmedia broke the story.

  • DougM

     Absolutely correct – but you must admit, it does fit the pattern.  Remember Kinsella going after Stockwell Day’s beliefs?  

  • DougM

     Of course.  Just as its unthinkable that anyone with a IQ above their boot size would dare challenge the obtuse, leftwing nutbars who haven’t had an original thought since Trudeau – and look at the damage he caused.  The fact is that business, economic, and political thought have moved west – deal with it.

  • DougM


    Aparently not very.  Like D’yawn, it depends on who you speak to in the party.

  • DougM

     Quebec are the worst, and most hated people in the country – people rarely hate those on whose largess they depend to fund them.   They have a muslim mayor, (Nenshi) of color, the two leading politicians are both women – get over yourself or read a book – or a magazine – or anything, you’re ignorant.

  • Anonymous

     That wasn’t the NDP position… and you may have noticed that he wasn’t elected. Try again.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of ignorance: Quebec are the worst, and most hated people in the country

    You just won’t miss a chance to hate on Quebec, will you? Tu ne parles pas pour  Canada.

  • DougM

    Gee, a card carrying Dipper who runs for a seat in Parliament for them couldn’t possibly affect or influence the Dipper position could they?   I like it – so next time some Conservative says something I know how you’ll point out the distinction once more.    But if you want to see the “extremists” to use your term, check this one out.   One day you’re going to have to use you computer and research stuff on your own. You’re only missing and education…


  • DougM

    That’s utterly hilarious given your bashing of Alberta every chance you get.

    …cos it’s unthinkable that anyone in Alberta would actually be -gasp-
    progressive, and bitterly against the sharp-right lurch represented by

    But I never claimed to speak for Canada, I was just stating a fact.  Truthfully, I almost always enjoy the time I spend in Quebec.   It is Quebec itself that is certain the country hates them and their politicans use that like a religious edict to gain traction for their separatist cause.   And they do have a point.  Go on any G&M site which mentions language and it takes about ten seconds to figure it out.
           That said I’ve never beleived in the Master race card – not for race culture or religion.   Its wrong for the Germans, its wrong for the Jews, and its wrong for Quebecers.    Our Culture and Law is based on each being equal before the law – the second you give more to one “Special” person, that principle begins to break down.    Moreover, its utterly laugable to suggest Quebec’s culture is essential to a country that is literally made up of a variety of coultures.   Add to that a Governmental policy which ensures that over 70% of people in the Federal Government speaking a language that only 23% of the country do, is absurd – and as I’ve said before, that is precisely how the Boer’s got to power and established Apartheid South Africa.    There’s a reason the UN demanded Quebec explain Bill 101.   I don’t see a need to go down that road. As to the province, I’m simply ambivalent.  If they want to stay, they should stay – equal to all of the rest of us – if they want to leave, then they should do that to0.  There are benefits to Canada in either choice.

  • Anonymous

    Quebec are the worst, and most hated people in the country
    …It is Quebec itself that is certain the country hates them

    As to the province, I’m simply ambivalent.

    “Inconsistent” is the kindest word I can find to describe the above.

    given your bashing of Alberta every chance you get.

    Nice try.

  • DougM

    “Inconsistent” is the kindest word I can find to describe the above.

    No doubt that’s due to your limited vocabulary and intellect – take it up with Quebecers, its their mantra.

    The fact that I can recognize the obvious and state it, hardly makes me a proponent.  The Nazi’s were bad.  That simply means I understand that, it doesn’t mean I endorse or support their beliefs.   Read the comments and try to understand – read slow if it helps.