Redford’s new ad

Take a look at the PC Party of Alberta’s new ad featuring their leader Alison Redford. In the ad, there’s a featured shot of an oil production facility with the words “Leading the Nation”.

Here’s a still from the video:

Video producers take stock video from stock video websites in order to make ads. This video is from Canada-based iStockphoto. You can see the video on the website here.

The title of the video? “oil drill platform sailing under sky”

Uh oh! How many sea-faring oil platforms does the coastal province of Alberta have?

(h/t @Johnnyjesus)

UPDATE: iStockphoto search tags for this video include the term “Yellow Sea” which is a body of water just off the coast of China. If you view the Redford ad in HD, you can even see the Chinese flag on the oil rig:

“Leading The Nation”?

Redford’s stock video of “Alberta” comes from just off the coast of China. In an ad that seeks to illustrate the Alberta economy, this is an odd clip to use.

UPDATE: The Redford video has been made “private” by PC Alberta meaning it is unviewable on their account for now. Luckily I had the relevant part of the video stored in my browser cache. I have re-uploaded the first part of the video to YouTube. Here is the controversial part of the ad that the PC Party presumably doesn’t want you to see:



25 thoughts on “Redford’s new ad”

  1. I’ve got better photos of rigs actually drilling in Alberta and they all fly the Alberta and Canadian flags on top of the derrick. They could have saved a few bucks, climbed down from their ivory tower, drove 15 km south to Nisku and snapped their own shots of a rig. Bunch of amateurs.

  2. Good eye Stephen. 

    Q. Do you know how you can tell when a lawyer turned politician is lying?  A. Their lips move. Yes. Seniors will stay in their homes longer because Alberta is poor at building long term senior care. 

  3. I would rather know who’s currency we are using in Alberta than build a pipeline south to nowhere ? Where the American currency is surely being floated by timid corporate and institutional investors.

  4.  They spend so much effort digging through peoples personal lives in an effort to stir up hatred diversions, you’d think they would spend as much effort looking into their OWN nonsense! And… this ad isn’t from one persons personal life, it’s part of the official PC  public campaign.

  5. The Alberta PCs are like the Democrats in the US. 
    Step 1 – Scare people.

    Step 2 – Repeat when necessary.

  6. Well her leadership has alot in common with China, especially her desire to criminalize driving sober. Her contempt for due process of law via cops trying you on the side of the road, and her contempt for freedom  of conscience.

  7. Given Communist China’s ownership over some of the tar sands, it’s not an odd stock photo to use.

  8. I think the pic works on a symbolic level — aren’t Albertans planning to send oil to China?  Maybe it’s a subliminal mssg.

  9. Somewhere, a young production assistant is considering a career change. 

    That video might be ironically incorrect, but the choice wasn’t deliberate, folks. Only a media nerd like Stephen would be likely to spot it, only a Wildrose booster would make hay from this small glitch.

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