Quebec unions at work

You may have come here by googling “why are unions bad?”

If a private company was contracted for snow removal, they certainly wouldn’t be wasting labour costs like this (and any city would be foolish to pay for snow removal via a private company when there’s no snow!)

Why are they bound by the public sector union like this? “Work” seems to be a “right” even when there’s no work to do!

According to the YouTube uploader, this video was taken at the Villeray neighbourhood, close to St-Michel and Jean-Talon in Montreal.



  • Bill Donaldson

    In the name of equipment maintenance and best management practices, it would have better to just pay the union employees and tell them to stay home. Better still, require attendance at safety lectures or maintenance tasks.

  • Fat Tony

    Truly a distinct society

  • E Mac

    A couple of (new hires) snowplow operators in my area are out early doing dry-runs familiarizing themselves with the routes, so I can’t blame them with wasting taxpayers money.
    Most people put up their driveway markers just prior to the ground freezing in order that these guys don’t plow up their lawns.  I find them pretty accommodating and most do their best.
    Those that don’t mark driveways sometimes get their pavement damaged and even more so, those with cement driveways would have a more expensive fix/repair.
    I try to cover all avenues in that respect – I don’t want to have to repair my driveway as an extra expensive.
    My John Deere is on standby and I’m hoping there will be no serious accumulation of snow, but here in the Atlantic provinces – It’s inevitable and just a matter of when, not if!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours.

  • Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with unions. They don’t set the work schedules. But why let reality stand in the way of your hatred of Canadian workers.

  • Liz J

    You’re kidding right?

  • Anonymous

    I suspect you’re right.

    But if manufacturing and sustaining Quebec- and union-hate will help keep the CPC in power, it seems Stephen or some other right-wing blogger will always step up.

    Propaganda observes no holidays, religious or otherwise, I guess.

  • Liz J

    Perhaps he was new on the job and on a training run, if not then he was on a joy ride With the blade down on bare pavement he could have been trying to make sparks fly, but it shows they have no respect for the peoples’ money.

  • Darkwolf420

    looks like bad management, not bad workers.

  • CK

    Oh brother!  Love how your anti-union, anti-working class and anti Quebec bias gets in the way of some good ol’ fashioned fact finding here.

    It is more than likely this was a test run of some of the machinery and/or some rookie operators being trained.  It may have been clear that morning, but snow and freezing rain were being predicted that week-end, here in town. And, yes, the snow did come. 

    Even if bad weather wasn’t on the way, I dont know about you, but I kinda like these workers to be well trained and the machinery to be fully functional and safe, don’t you?

  • Liz J

    There is something off-putting about snow machines running around the streets when there is no snow.

    We could call this a dry run while milking the public.