In Saudi lawsuit news…

Lawyers here,

[] ran a tough-talking ad campaign on Oprah Winfrey Network Canada in August that has a woman announcer denounce Saudi oil imports: “We bankrolled a state that doesn’t allow women to drive, doesn’t allow them to leave their homes or work without their male guardian’s permission and a state where a woman’s testimony only accounts for half of a man’s.

“Why are we paying their bills and funding their oppression?” the announcer then asks.

The ads push energy from Alberta’s oilsands as an ethical alternative.

Velshi says the Television Bureau of Canada’s advertising review and clearance service has informed him that it has received a cease and desist letter from lawyers for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia demanding approval for’s ad be withdrawn.

Velshi says the lawyers have refused to disclose the letter to him or to list Riyadh’s concerns.

“So all we all we know is Saudi Arabia has hired a law firm to try to censor what can appear on our television screens and that’s an outrage,” said Velshi.

Lawyers there,

A lawsuit has been issued against Saudi Arabia over allegations that it provided funding to al Qaeda, making the 9/11 attacks possible. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of a Lloyds syndicate insurer, seeks $215 million to cover insurance claims it paid out.

British insurer Lloyd’s of London syndicate 3500 has filed a court case against Saudi Arabia to recover the $215 million it paid out in insurance settlements relating to the 9/11 attacks. The insurance company claims that al Qaeda was directly funded by Saudi groups who in turn should bear the responsibility of meeting the costs.



  • DougM

    C’mon Stephen, this is just bullfluff.  A government is not responsible for the actions of its citizens unless such action is one of the state.    Its one thing to take issue with the Saudi’s trying to censor – full speed ahead.    But if that lawsuit ever suceeded, then standby for the US to be taken to court by all those families who had people die under Pinochet or all the Irish and British who died during the IRA which America was funding.    

  • Liz J

    Saudi Lawsui……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • batb

    Why is CTV allowing a foreign country to dictate to Canadians what ads we can and cannot watch?

    Has CTV become so dhimmied that they allow the Saudis, whose regime can hardly be called “enlightened,” especially as regards the rights of girls and women, to manipulate our airwaves and Canadians’ rights to freedom of speech?

    I’m disgusted that CTV has been so intimidated by a foreign power that they’ve deprived Canadians of their right to advertise in Canada and their right to hear what the Canadian advertiser has to say.

    ‘Bunch of surrender monkeys. God help us.