Motion on Adscam to be moved

I’ve learned that Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro will move the following motion at committee on Tuesday:

November 1st 2009 represents the fourth anniversary of the first report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities, presided over by Justice Gomery. Despite the time that has passed, we are no closer to knowing which Federal Liberal riding associations benefited from the stolen taxpayer funds or where the missing $43 million dollars highlighted by Justice Gomery ultimately wound up.

The Standing committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics calls on the Auditor General of Canada to conduct a full audit of the sponsorship program to determine which federal Liberal riding associations received stolen funds and to clarify for Canadians who received the missing $43 million dollars.



  • oldschoolliberal

    Right. The Liberals and the media's fault. As always. In everything.

    'Cause it had nothing to do with three healthy kids dying from H1N1 within one week. Nothing at all. It's always the Liberals fault or the media's fault or both. It's their fault the vaccine wasn't ordered on time. It's their fault not enough vaccine was ordered. It's their fault the Conservatives spent $100 million on self-promotion instead of education on H1N1. It's their fault that the government stopped the already late order and got GSK to switch to make a different variant of the vaccine two weeks before the order was due, thereby causing further delays and disorganization and confusion. It. Is. Always. The. Liberals. Fault. Remember that.

    And, remember too, most important of all, it's never ever ever Stephen “Pass the Buck” Harper's fault. In anything. Ever.

  • oldschoolliberal

    Speaking about regurgitating party talking points…

  • wilson

    Liberals did both,
    and were unapologetic for either…..
    what's a few million, said Chretien.

    If the LPC is found to owe the People of Canada $43 Million,
    time to fold up that big, saggy, ripped and torn tent.

  • Canadiansense

    The court cases in Quebec are making headlines in Quebec. The CBC chooses to ignore real news for wafers, bodybags, logos and smears by the Liberals.

    The CBC can continue to bury the “Bad” News showing MI less popular than Jack Layton. The Toronto Star can bury their “Polls” to page 6 when Liberals are placing behind the NDP.

    The CPC are free to finish off the party of Adscam refusing to repay those millions. The Liberal friendly Media is free to look for a villian for H1N1. They can repeat the hysteria and panic again. The media can look for a scapegoat.

    In the meantime the court cases will go on and the CPC will be pressing their advantage. This is not time to become a boy scout and let your opponent recover.

  • Canadiansense

    The pathetic polling numbers is the least of the problems for the Liberal Party.

    The Liberals are so eager to get back into power that they keep pinning their hopes on the magic of one person to resuscitate the ailing party.

    Like a desperate patient with a serious disease, they would rather resort to a sorcerer with a magic wand instead of following the proper – probably painful – therapy of conventional medicine.

    The Liberal party is sick and the disease is serious. It has lost its status as the party of ideas and now is just the party of slogans. The Liberals have slogans about the environment, immigration, the economy and social justice but there is nothing behind them.

    Real Liberals are honest and are abandoning the party hence the 25% numbers, 15% Job Approval rate. Beating records held since 1867 in lack of support?

    The loss of 2,000 contributors from Q2 (maxed out?), drop in share of mind for contribution vs Dion 2008 numbers?

    GST overpayment trial for all political parties?

    Peter Donalo has his hands full, who else will he fired? WK for competing communication with Jill?

    The staff should be contacting the LPOC for the next “LPOC survivor 2010-no one is cares “

  • Grandad

    You wish.

  • m123T

    First time I heard about swine flu was many years ago, and I remember a Johnny Carson skit, with Ed and his band leader, in pig masks with curly tails behind them, telling us all about it. It was big news back then. Do you think we would be better off if untested vaccine has been used. Would you rather live virus vaccine be used, as is happening in the states.
    Thousands of orders were placed, but it takes time to manufacture them. Just because something is ordered, requested or whatever, doesn't mean it will happen. Like, I order you to quit trolling and accept that the PM is doing a great job. Bet you don't obey.

  • Canadiansense

    Link please of “thousands of dying in Mexico from H1N1.

    April 2009 “We have just frightened everyone that catastrophe is imminent and yet no one is actually looking at the disease.”
    Compared to the deaths caused by seasonal flu this year, swine flu is considerably less dangerous.
    According to a recent U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's weekly report, more than 13,000 Americans have died from seasonal flu in 2009 alone.
    The worldwide total for seasonal flu related deaths is generally between 250,000 and 500,000 a year.
    Rau says that there is much debate in the scientific community about if swine flu should be considered a pandemic virus or just a new virus.
    He expects the WHO will increase their pandemic level to Phase 6, but cautioned people about overreacting.
    Nick Bontis, a strategy expert from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., said people are being hammered by the WHO alerts and wall-to-wall media reports — and that it all amounts to harmful and needless fear mongering.

  • m123T

    So far no autopsy has proved cause of death, and parents don't want one. When it takes weeks for tests to verify if one has the H1N1 as labs are so far behind, they are not testing here anymore, don't jump to conclusions. And that is the truth, as told to a mother, with a sick child. But, without tests to verify, we are told there is one verified case here. How do they know.
    Fortunately my friends child is back in school.

  • Canadiansense

    Link please.

    Six Million doses shipped. 20% over the estimated high priority supply.

    Delivery is a Provincial , Territorial Responsibility. If mistakes are being made and people are being confused look in the mirror, media, opposition parties for the hysteria.

    No data H1N1 is more deadly than Seasonal Flu.

    Media highlight 2 deaths in “teens” repeatedly. Long lines and a drop in shipment causing a shortage.

    Canada is again leading the world in per capita vs ANY country in delivery.

  • hollinm

    This is good news. Hopefully the resoltion will pass and the Auditor General will take up the challenge. However, I suspect because most of the dealings were in cash it will be difficult to trace whethe the money ultimately ended up. Here's hoping.

  • Canadiansense

    Yes the Liberals are playing games and blaming the government. The fact the Liberals are asking questions and creating confusion instead of helping.

    The information and updates are discussed in committee. The rhetorical questions in HOC and fearmongering by the Liberals are only adding to the confusion.

  • Canadiansense

    Harper has left the country because the Liberals are broken. He has ZERO fear of the party. They have been broken again worse than Dion this time.

    MI cancelled his trip to China, Harvard. MI is afraid Bob Rae will take his job. He has been seen lately visiting soup kitchens and Daycares working on his adult conversation and looking for some friendly faces.
    Still no luck. Even kids looking for candy were not interested in visiting MI on Halloween.

  • Canadiansense

    Do you have a court case, AG report, Ethics report to back up your question?

  • Canadiansense

    This is a no win for the opposition to vote to protect their coalition partner. If the NDP or Bloc go to the defence of the Liberals than the CPC will be given another weapon to use in the next campaign.

  • Canadiansense

    “I see the internal polls”

    Polls matter now?

  • E.B.

    Nice. Perhaps we’ll then get to the bottom of Cadman Scandal?? Oh, I forgot…you Neo Con Reformers are holier than the rest of us.

  • Canadiansense

    Studies show the Liberals are still wearing ADSCAM. Some remaining Liberals can't comprehend the damage to their brand.

    The damage wrought by the sponsorship scandal was not confined to the 2004 election. In
    2006, the probability of voting Liberal was 35 points lower among voters who were very angry
    about the scandal, believed that there had been a lot of corruption under the Chrétien Liberals,
    judged Martin’s handling of the scandal negatively and lacked confidence in his ability to
    prevent future scandals. This was even stronger than the effect registered in 2004, but luckily for the Liberals, judgments were not as harsh as they had been two years earlier. Still, but for the scandal, the Liberal vote would have been over three points higher in 2006, enough to make thedifference between a bare plurality and defeat. (Page 10)

    Adscam is now back in the news!

    Corbeil says he will reveal who profited from the scam, suggesting more names will come out in connection with the scandal that helped to bring down Paul Martin's minority Liberal government in 2006.

  • Anonymous

    So thousand and thousand and thousands of Canadian parents are stupid is that what Conservatives are trying to say? They are stupid to be concerned for their kids? Nice.

    Thousands of Mexicans died of swine flu almost a year ago, bud. Many Canadians got sick and a few died. If that isn’t enough of a warning, I’m not sure what is. Oh, how about the health committee holding a hearing to press the government to make sure it was prepared for an expected outbreak as soon as school started back.

    The US, Japan, England, every other western nation has been busily preparing with massive ad campaigns about health instead of self-promotion, ordering the vaccine early, sending out clear and not confusing messages about what is safe and whether or not to take the vaccine and where to take it. The Conservatives? More interested in slapping their logo on cheques and spending Canadian tax dollars promoting themselves ($100 million in advertising vs $8 million for H1N1) . They still can’t get a clear message out and reversed their order a couple of weeks ago, thereby further delaying the rollout of the vaccine.

    Thank god this serious and bad virus is not a superbad superbug like a SARS. The Conservative lack of preparedness and screw ups are unbelievable.

    No wonder they want to try to change the channel. Four years and no mention of any further Adscam investigation. Now when they are coming under very serious competency and accountability questions – not just self-promoting advertising and gross pork partisanship and H1N1 incompetence, but accountability challenges from the Information Commissioner, the Budget Chief and, next week, the Auditor General on Harper’s own eHealth scandal which makes McGuinty look like a dime store robbery, not to mention the offensive handling of the detainees.

    No wonder they want to try to change the channel.

  • Canadiansense

    It won't help the website is is Latin.

  • albertaguy90210

    What is the source of your information?

  • ferrethouse


  • ferrethouse

    Are you still using Windows 3.1? Ever heard of multitasking?

  • ferrethouse

    Ummm – maybe because Quebec is the last region in Quebec where the Liberals have a chance of holding seats – and even that is slipping away. This will be the final nail in the coffin for Iggy.

  • ferrethouse

    And the winner is…. wait for it…. wait for it…. WILSON via TKO of oldschoolliberal

  • ferrethouse

    Which is why Iggy has been so busy attacking the Cons on this for over a year??? Oh wait – he hasn't been. What has he been doing? Nothing like hindsight eh? Liberals make great armchair governments. Fortunately, that is exactly what they will be doing for the foreseeable future :)

  • ferrethouse

    “Right. The Liberals and the media's fault. As always. In everything.”

    But it is just fine for you to blame Harper for everything right?

  • ferrethouse

    “Who is desperate to change the channel? Harper.”

    Have you seen the latest polls. I don't think “desperate” is an accurate assessment of the situation. But based on your drivel here I'm guessing accurate assessments aren't your strong suit.

  • Dennis

    In other words, it’s a political tactic rather than a genuine effort to find out what happened to the taxpayer’s money? You know this is almost certainly how the media will approach this, and with justification.

  • gimbol

    You know if this motion goes through and the House gives its okay, the only thing that could derail it is if there was a confidence motion where the government falls before the house can vote on the AG investigation.

    Ever think this is where Harper was going with this?Or perhaps its to limit the liberals to two options.

    Death at the hands of the hands of the electorate, or by the AG revealing who got the dirty money?

    My guess is if it comes to a choice the libs would take their chances with being the ones to force an election.

    That aside, if there are nervous libs over the prospect of a full investigation of who got the dirty money, its over who is most likely to break under pressure.

    Chretien, and his entourage can stonewall, tough but not that they couldn’t be broken under questioning, just saying it would take a lot of work before they would spill. But then Chretien would have the most to lose.

    Nope, if there are nervous libs its because of the guy that will panic under questioning, Paul Martin.Yep we’ve all seen him react under pressure, and it isn’t calm, cool and collected. Its more like, sputter, stutter, faux outrage, and hail mary passes.

    The man will sing like a bird, unless Power Corp can spirit him out of town real quick

  • Dennis

    All governments engage in the same advertising tactics. In other words, they promote their own policies using taxpayer dollars. Nothing new. And, if they don’t mention their party, it’s completely legit. You can’t stop it because there’s technically nothing wrong with it. It’s just that opposition parties don’t have recourse to the same tactic, which is why they always bitch and complain about it, but do the exact same thing when in government.

  • Canadiansense

    OSL (Parnel) You asked if M123T reads much what is your excuse for making things up?

    SARS Cases
    CBC News Online | Updated October 7, 2003

    Cumulative SARS Cases as of September 26, 2003 (World Health Organization):

    Cases worldwide (cumulative): 8,098 (includes deaths)
    Total number of deaths: 774 (includes 44 in Canada)

    *Current case definitions (according to Health Canada):


    “A person who fits into one of the following two categories:

    1) a person who develops fever and one or more respiratory symptoms, including cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, within 10 days of returning from travel to areas in Asia where SARS cases are being reported; or

    2) a person who develops fever and one or more respiratory symptoms, including cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, within 10 days of having had close contact with a “probable” case of SARS.”


    “A person meeting the suspect case definition together with severe progressive respiratory illness suggestive of atypical pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome with no known cause.
    A person meeting the suspect case definition with an unexplained acute respiratory illness resulting in death, with an autopsy examination demonstrating the pathology of acute respiratory distress syndrome with no known cause.”

    Source: World Health Organization, Health Canada and Ontario Ministry of Health

  • Dennis

    You just did. Next.

  • ripples

    Another Tory attempt at a drive by smear campaign

  • ripples

    hollimn, this is just another Tory attempt at a drive by smear campaign

  • Stephen Taylor

    1) Is there value for money?
    2) Are Conservative hacks getting rich off of doing no work of real value for said ad dollars?

    From what I hear, the $60 million spent by Conservatives is good value for money
    a) To wrap a train car for a month costs less than two days advertising in the Toronto Star
    b) Lots more ad impressions

    Advertising is necessary in the stimulus program because it boosts consumer confidence which is a causitive factor in an economy's recovery.

  • Stephen Taylor

    You can see the National Director of the Liberal Party respond here:

  • east of eden

    Ah, but remember: the truth if necessary but not necessarily the truth. LOL.

  • east of eden

    But, of course, thanks for the former LPC government, our health care system is ill-equipped to handle the situation.

  • east of eden

    My goodness, Parnel/Terry – don't you have anything better to do?

  • hollinm

    Call it what you will but the Liberals stole Canadian taxpayer money to help win elections in Quebec. Gomery could not track down some $40 million and there were ridings in Quebec that benefited and we should know who they were and if any of the people involved in those ridings are still involved in the party or worse still a sitting MP who used tainted money to get elected. The government has an obligation to protect taxpayers money whether the Liberal party likes it or not.

  • hollinm

    Just like Liberals who wanted to keep talking about Mulroney when it was 20 years ago. Talk about hypocrisy.
    Mishandling H1N1. Sure use a pandemic to try to get some partisan advantage. The Libs and the media have created hysteria in the public causing thousands of otherwise healthy Canadians to think they need the shot when in fact they are not in any danger. If you think that 32 million people can be immunized without long line ups and if you think we can manufacture healthcare workers to administer the shots then you truly live in a Liberal la la land.
    The rest of your comments are pure spin. Canadians have lost faith in the Liberal party and its feckless leader.

  • NovaDog

    Iggy was looking for a game changer, Motion on Adscam to be moved- That's a game changer.

  • NovaDog

    Strategy, ma man, smear the thieving liberals. Stop Boob Rae's fear mongering of innocent Canadians. Rae & Ignatieff should be ashamed of themselves.

  • ripples

    The word accountability and Tories don't mesh in the same sentence. Harper has used that word to hide his own dictator ambitions.

    Where's the accountability on everything he promised………….hidden and controlled by his office is where. So to suddenly demand accountability for adscam while hiding his own scams is pretty damn hypocritical.

  • ripples

    Yep cover up your won sins by attacking the other guys and we all pay through the nose. What a stupid remark.

  • ripples

    That response borders on the ridiculous bearing in mind the fact this current government has completely stifled all accountability issues and has literally shut down the ability to easily get access to information.

  • Nipper

    Maybe at same time check out Consertative spending on ads with taxpayers money, could have been better spent on our long waiting lines at emergancy rooms across the provinces!!!

  • Nipper

    Yes its true we need to know where our tax dollars are being spent, such as the money on silly advertisements for the conservatives, now that is money not well spent, check them our first before going backwards to days gone by, its happening now!!!!

  • NovaDog

    Thieving Liberals, thieving Liberals, thieving Liberals; Adscam was not an accident, Liberals consciously stole from innocent Canadians, now that is stupid!