Motion on Adscam to be moved

I’ve learned that Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro will move the following motion at committee on Tuesday:

November 1st 2009 represents the fourth anniversary of the first report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities, presided over by Justice Gomery. Despite the time that has passed, we are no closer to knowing which Federal Liberal riding associations benefited from the stolen taxpayer funds or where the missing $43 million dollars highlighted by Justice Gomery ultimately wound up.

The Standing committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics calls on the Auditor General of Canada to conduct a full audit of the sponsorship program to determine which federal Liberal riding associations received stolen funds and to clarify for Canadians who received the missing $43 million dollars.



  • Blue Grit

    This Conservative government has proven that it has a hard time governing. Instead of focusing on Unemployment Insurance reform, infrastructure spending, dispensing H1N1 vaccinations, and “stimulating the economy”…the governing party instead have begun attacking Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition to distract the Canadian public from the Conservative Party's mismanagement of state affairs.

  • Dave

    Oh! And make sure they revisit the flow-through advertising dollars that the Conservatives used to overspend on elections!

  • Harry98

    Recently I was wondering the same thing. Where did this money go and who benefited from it? The Liberal party should be kept from forming a government for decades because of this.

  • BCVoiceOfReason

    Or it has come to the point where the Liberals have been given 4 years to clean up but persist in bringing back the people that were neck deep in the adscam fiasco.

    When Mulroney's dirty laundry was out for all to see the CPC clearly cut ties with all and sundry that were associated with the wrong doings.

    I do not think that the Liberals have taken the steps required to fix or distance the party from the larger scandal of directly stealing money from the tax-payers. How many current Liberal MPs were in caucus when adscam was being carried out.

    Now how many have left or demanded that their crooked colleagues are exorcised from the party.

    The Liberals seems only too happy to have the people on whose watch this occurred…. Kinsella , Donolo along with every Quebec MP except Garneau and Trudeau.

    They had their chance to clean up the but have decided to wait for Auditor General Fraser to do it for them in full view of all of Canada.

    So it may seem to be politically opportunism but the Liberals left the festering scab to be picked.

  • ripples

    BC VOICE OF REASON??………….bein reduced to two seats is what casued the ultomate mulroney housecleaning. one must also acknowledge that Gomery did not single out any Liberal MP's or officers per se as being knowingly involved in adscam.

    adscam was basically an organized criminal attempt to steal money. And it wasn't the federal liberal party that was implicated, just some rogue so called members of the party.

    In any event Harper and his cronies must be really concerned about their own ethics and honesty if they are still trying build their careers on that one issue. It sure looks like a cover up to me and I think I will be proven correct in my assessment.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    There are so many questions left unanswered as Mr Cretin continues to haul in his awards.

    How is it that that the scheme was so intricate and seemed to require coordination and cooperation on so many levels, yet no one at senior levels on the inside knew?

    Who were the MP's that received the cash in brown envelopes?

    Are any of them sitting MP's?

    Did the other MP's know?

    Where is the $43 MM and when can we expect it back?

    Does anyone else feel like the public / taxpayer is being stonewalled for answers we deserve here?

    I think a full public inquiry is the only option to resolving each of these issues. I think we need to understand how deeply this issue ran through the Liberal party and who was responsible.

    I think every Canadian deserves these answers

  • Gayle

    I guess you missed the part of the complaint being that it is partisan advertising.

  • Andersm

    A few years ago this was all anyone could talk about. The magnitude and audacity were beyond what most Canadians had ever experienced. In today’s world of Ponzi schemes and financial meltdowns because of corruption in the financial sector in the billions and trillions, a $45 million starts to fade into irrelevance. We’ve become numbed to corruption. Still, we need to continue following the trail to hold people accountable to the citizens of Canada even if the judiciary won’t completely follow through.

  • Omanator

    Yeah. would help to pay down the difficit, which the Libs pushed us into.

  • Omanator

    Did you really think the CBC would. The CBC is the biggest Liberal Propaganda Machine on the plant.

  • Omanator

    Ripples you can't be serious? I would bet that every Liberal MP from Quebec and the whole organization knew about it. It's just difficult to proof.

  • Omanator

    Old School Lib. Yes, right can't you just hear the howling if the Feds had told the Provinces how to handle the Problem. Besides it was Mr Chretien who signed an iron clad contract with Glaxo in received a 50000 $ dollar donation for the Party in return. Do you really think you can cancel an iron clad multimillion dollar contract without paying for it? In fact I suspect that some of the Provinces deliberately made a mess out of it so they Liberanos could blame the CP in the House. It certainly looks that way in Ottawa.

  • Omanator

    No Parents are not stupid but are being panicked by the Media .

  • Omanator

    And Mr. Chretien knew nothing about it. Yea, right.

  • InvisibleInk

    I suggest the value paid to the printing companies be investigated thoroughly. Odds are any printing invoices are inflated. Then check their breakdowns of companies owned and further subcontracts. Take a look at their campaign contributions.
    Gomery should go much further. Any tampering or missing records, then participating companies should be blacklisted from gov contracts including upper management on a personal named basis, if no legal charges can be applied.

  • InvisibleInk

    The conservatives may be battling the inside problems the liberals have left them such as this sample itself. We hope that this is the reason Harper “appears” to be hiding on a lot of problems. So many issues that affect the flow of government have already been undermined. He has a maze to clean up to even get systems working with any accountability.

  • Evelyn

    First and foremost lets get to all the documents that Cdn Press is trying to get from the tories re Paradis eh, bet that may shock you, it seems it may make the Liberal scandal seem small, lets see, you have to wait a little longer as they can only release a few pages at a time, maybe by 2020 they may have them all, hang on these are my views only!!!!

  • Evelyn

    First and foremost lets get to all the documents that Cdn Press is trying to get from the tories re Paradis eh, bet that may shock you, it seems it may make the Liberal scandal seem small, lets see, you have to wait a little longer as they can only release a few pages at a time, maybe by 2020 they may have them all, hang on these are my views only!!!!