Stephen Harper gets by with a little help from his friends

Cellphone camera video taken on stage by (presumably) a stagehand

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took to the stage tonight at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre for performance at their annual gala. The Prime Minister sang and played piano for the classic Beatles song as Yo Yo Ma accompanied him on the cello.

Longer version:



  • uh?

    can you give a little context here? i'm trying to figure out what's happening.

  • Stephen Taylor

    sure. I hope that helps.

  • Kyle H

    I have to say, Harper doesn't have that bad of a singing voice. But man, this is the most ironic song of the year.

  • huffb1

    Is there a video of the who song? Its great to see Harper out doing these kinds of things

  • huffb1


  • Larrry

    Why has the blogging Tories cut for the blog roll? Are grass root tories unacceptable?

  • Stephen Taylor

    Darcey requested to be removed

  • wilson

    CTV has the full song up !!!

  • Stephen Taylor

    We're friends. We chat every once and a while.

  • batb

    This vid was obviously shot by someone either in the orchestra or backstage, probably on their cell phone. Though it's better than nothing, surely the media's got to have one of their own, taken from in front of the stage. This is a HUGE gala in Ottawa, so it's not like it's not being covered.

    The Globe and Mail has this clip too, but in an update has said that CP is putting up a video tomorrow.

    Why tomorrow? Why not now?

    Why no photos of Laureen Harper who is the Chairman of the gala? She's by far and away the best looking wife of a Prime Minister we've ever had, she's photogenic, and yet we hardly ever see her in the print or television media.

    I can answer my own questions, of course. No video tonight because our PM is a Conservative. And, no photos, as per usual. of Laureen Harper because her husband is a Conservative.

    'Seems like only Liberal$ get special attention these days. I guess that's because our media are so open and tolerant.

  • Bec

    A human story about a VERY human guy! Bravo indeed!…..More, more Mr Prime Minister and thank you.

    A HUGE kudos goes out to wilson!

  • wilson

    check out the link I posted, entire song there, click extended version and ENJOY!

  • batb

    Thanks, wilson! I should have read your comment first. My bad.

    GR-8 showing by our PM! 'Just wish they'd shown his hands actually playing the piano. I guess you can't have everything. AND, I'd still like to see Laureen!

  • wilson

    This video is so going to go viral……
    next time they ask 'which one of the leaders would you most like to have a beer with?'
    we know the #1 answer will be Harper

  • Bec

    Me too, batb but she is just so unassuming. It would seem however that she has got the attention and admiration of 'giggles'. (ha..lucky her?)

    Laureen Harper, is pure, salt of the earth. I personally admire how she is allowed to remain private but effective, because she is VERY effective.

  • Bec

    Oh yes…that was already occuring at the G&M … some of them were gobsmacked!

  • hollinm

    What a wonderful sight to see our Prime Minister letting hair down and showing that he does have some humour and can actually sing and play the piano. Good on him. Eat your heart out Iffy.

  • Christian Conservative


  • Larrry

    like a year before removal… It came as a surprise to broomers… have you communicated to the blog owner since this time… Darcey is owned the respect

  • Stephen Taylor

    I have to respect his wishes!


  • Larrry

    Thank for the responses Mr.Taylor but in my opinion the broom should still be on your blog roll. I hope you consider talking to your “friend” Darcey on this topic. All the best to this blog and the Tories! Cheers!!!

  • DaveCF

    Certainly more tasteful than that rock band “Sh1t from He11″ that another well-known political personality is involved with.

  • Jan

    If you stay through the whole CTV vid, batb, you’ll see the entire thing. Had a smile on my face the whole time. Brilliant, Mr. Harper. Now please get the opposition to pull the plug!

  • fernstalbert

    WOW! Audacious! PM Harper is awesome! He's an international rock star! Cool under pressure! I love this – but I think he should keep his day job – he is FAB and the best politician to lead this great Country! Cheers!

  • joannetb

    Will he be putting out a CD with Yo Yo Ma? I'd buy it. ;)

  • Gabby in QC

    I hope the PM's adversaries recognize not only his obvious talent but also his self-deprecating humour. Knowing the kind of criticism levelled at him about his purported muzzling of the Conservative caucus, the PM chose that particular Beatles song.

    This performance just confirms my great admiration for this guy. Kudos, PM Harper!

  • Name

    It’s great that our Prime Minister can show his fun side. Yeah, he’s stoic and stuffy in public. But if that’s his public personality, then so be it. We didn’t elect him to appear on Letterman (ahem). We elected him to run our country…not easy to do in the company of those in the House. Let’s just appreciate him for who he is, not expect personality gymnastics and get on with it.

  • Jeff

    “I think when ordinary working people come home, turn on the TV and see a gala of a bunch of people at, you know, a rich gala all subsidized by taxpayers claiming their subsidies aren’t high enough, when they know those subsidies have actually gone up – I’m not sure that’s something that resonates with ordinary people,” Harper said in Saskatoon, where he was campaigning for the Oct. 14 election.

  • m123T

    Did you catch iffy's comment on this at his presser in Quebec. When asked by a reporter what he thought of the PM singing he said-what would you say if I sang off key, Harper has been singing offkey for 4 years.
    No laughs or response, his joke fell flat.

  • saymoi

    He makes me very proud to be Canadian!! and not just because he can carry a tune either!!

  • terry1

    It dawned on me tha tthe last PM who sang in public was Brian Mulroney and look what happened to him. Now known as the most unethical PM in history and harpo is not far behind.

  • David

    Actually, if Iggy were to do a beatles tune it'd be either “I'm A Loser” or “Fool on The Hill” (Parliament Hill that is).

  • terry1

    Nah, it would be “any time at all” followed by “Act naturally”

    then for a chorus he would do the “winner takes all”

  • m123T

    That is quite a standing ovation and applause the PM got. Wonder who took this video, and when it was sent to the media did they think it was another secret tape and ran with it hoping to embarass him.
    Bet Iffy would like to have gotten that much enthusiastic applause after his speech, or as much positive coverage on almost every blog, tv station and newspapers from Canada and Britain.

  • slgam

    You see CBC … it is Stephen Harper who has “rock star” appeal, not what's his name down in the U.S.

  • terry1

    Richard Nixon also played the piano. He was a liar an a crook and very unethical.

    Comparisons noted.

  • The Hammer of Thor

    Pretty pathetic responses from the hand-wringing teeth-gnashing left, what with comparisons to Hitler, Nixon et all..

    Maybe they are just sad that thiswas the best they could muster..

  • terry1

    Here's what he really played:

  • dbenoit

    The Prime Minister should be busy running out country, not singing (badly) and playing piano…

  • Anne Creighton

    I just love this guy.

  • Gabby in QC

    What's with the anti-HST ad?

  • Stephen Taylor

    A conservative tax-fighting organization paid me for ad space.

  • Gabby in QC

    What's with the anti-HST ad?

  • Stephen Taylor

    A conservative tax-fighting organization paid me for ad space.