PM’s Priorities

Here’s is a letter sent to the Parliamentary Press Gallery by Stephen Harper’s spokesman Dimitri Soudas,

Today the Prime Minister was in Ontario to promote Canada as an attractive place to invest and a great place to do business. The occasion was the landmark decision by Tim Hortons to reorganize as a Canadian company.

Michael Ignatieff has criticized today’s focus on the economy, claiming that the Prime Minister should be at the United Nations talking about climate change – not back home focused on the economy.

In synchronized attacks, the Liberal Party issued a press release denouncing the Tim Hortons visit, while MP Bonnie Crombie and a handful of Liberals carrying United Nations flags protested outside the PM’s announcement – essentially picketing a Canadian economic success story.

Our priority is the Canadian economy. Nothing takes precedence over the economy.

The decision to picket the Canadian homecoming of Tim Hortons is shameful: further proof that the Ignatieff Liberals care more about political games than the Canadian economy.

The Prime Minister’s speaking spot at the U.N. General Assembly (Friday, 5:00 p.m.) conflicts with attendance at the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh. The PM is attending the G-20 summit because our priority is the economy.

The Ignatieff Liberals feel that speaking to the United Nations is more important than working on the economy with other G-20 leaders. We disagree.

Nothing is more important than the Canadian economy

By the way, the Liberal attacks conveniently omit key facts: Prime Minister Harper and other world leaders worked on climate change at a U.N. meeting last night, and today Canada’s seat in the General Assembly will deliberately be vacant during the speech by Holocaust-denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

(It’s also worth noting that if Michael Ignatieff had his way, this week we would be in the middle of an unnecessary, opportunistic election. So much for his concern about attendance at the U.N.)

Dimitri N. Soudas
Associate Communication Director/ Press Secretary
Directeur des Communications associé/Attaché de presse

Prime Minister’s Office
Cabinet du Premier ministre

Yesterday, the Liberals (Bonnie Crombie’s office) picketed Tim Horton’s.

Also yesterday, we saw the Liberal line appear unattributed on Elizabeth Thompson’s blog.

Michael Ignatieff is trying to differentiate himself as an internationalist who wants to “regain Canada’s position on the world stage”.

Unfortunately for Ignatieff, while he was away Canada’s international role has matured from peacekeeper and “honest (nuanced) broker” to peacemaker and a country that is heard. We’ve earned our role and found our voice to act and speak with moral clarity, without ambiguity or hedging, on middle eastern policy particularly when it comes Israel and Iran. Canada is a country that is doing the heavy lifting and is now at the sharp end of the spear when it comes to taking a leadership role in rebuilding and securing Afghanistan. While Mr. Ignatieff insists that we need to “regain” our place on stage, he hasn’t noticed that we’ve earned our spot at the table.

Instead of making waffles with other “middle powers”, we’re grilling steaks with the US and the UK.

And while Mr. Ignatieff would have us pass the syrup and listen to some more feel good speeches at the UN, the Prime Minister is at the G-20 working for everyone that balances a chequebook in this country rather than just those that tut tut and pass the cheque.



  • Rich

    Omanator; you are quite right, the UN has been taken over by tin pot third world dictators thumbing their collective noses at the industrialized world and should be disbanded. It serves no useful purpose any more.

  • Rich

    Terry words from a prominent liberal insider printed in the G&M if we cause an election now, we would get massacred. Does this sound like a party united behind the Count

  • Jen

    LukeN, Do you by any chance have the link – to the Q&A?
    Depending on the canadian liberals' personalize media to tell canadians-wait a minute-just came to mind that we 'don't have a national media.
    LukeN, the americans like our prime minister, some say why he PM is not their president instead of OBAMA.
    And another thing, think very hard; isn't it odd that the PM has no canadian national media to his name(let's say) but the liberals do right across this nation and yet PM seems to walk right through them, for us and, without the media's help, he (PM)has managed to remain in government for 4 years-hopefully longer.
    I do not blame canadians but do blame the national media for the daily manipulation.
    Canadians do need another national media besides the ones we have.- Like they do in the STATES like FOX NEWSNET.

  • Rich

    Hollinim. how true, but I think Iggy would back down and vote with government should that happen. Mainly because there are many in the liberal party who are not ready for an election, and they know that should one happen that the LPC would get creamed at the polls.

  • hollinm

    Parnel it is not worth my time to counter each of your points. Obviously you are getting your talking points from the Liberal party. I would just point out Nanos new poll today shows that Iggy is failing miserably. So as much as you try to malign Harper with distortions the fact is your guy looks like more of a fool each day.
    Watch when Coderre resigns as his Quebec Lieutenant. He is not going to put up with being made a fool of.
    Another day and your leader flip flops.

  • hollinm

    I agree. However, after today's spectacle with Coderre and Cauchon virtually all of his credibility as a leader has been flushed down the toilet.

    The Nanos poll issued today shows the intent of the Canadian electorate. Iggy falls way behind Harper in vritually every area tested and in every area of the country. The Count must be having nightmares these days. Don't they know how important an intellectual I am? Canadians don't take kindly to people who are full of themselves and try to lord it over them.

  • terry1

    Mervin, as blindly partisan that you are, and as usual, you fail to understand the underpinnings of those numbers. The reformatorts went on a propaganda splurge all summer and even used taxpayer money to highlight their cover up of the real facts with reformatort party ads hidden in government notices. They have done nothing to help this economy and have pork barreled what little money spent so far into strategic ridings. The liberals deliberately let Harpo have his summer of lies and propaganda to himself. Now the chickens will come home to roost or should I say that the pork barrel pigs will get slaughtered.

    The polls coming up in the next little while will start to show that the Libs know how to play this game and give them back their deserved lead.

  • terry1

    Phil, I think its the opposite…harpo is ussing lies, propaganda and support from socialists and separatists to keep afloat.

  • Anonymous

    Parnel….you comments are getting to be more asinine each time you reply. Are you suggesting Canadians are stupid? Iggy looks damn right creepy when he appears on TV. His tight little smile, those twitchy eyebrows and the lizard like tongue all have the creep factor. Canadians have made a decision and that decision I am afraid is that Iggy is not ready for prime time. You guys can say anything you want but the electorate is waiting to get their hands on the Liberal party and its coalition partner, the NDP at the time of the next election.

  • philiphauser

    Of course you think differently Terry I have read enough of your posts here to understand that you have no interest whatsoever it offering any comment that isn't patisan. You attack everyone on this medium rather personally and the message doesn't change.

    I GET that YOU think the conservatives are the devil incarnate.

    If anyone is really spoiling for an election it is conservatives but we recognize and accept that only twelve months ago the people of Canada spoke and continued to give us a mandate but not a blind mandate. It's the people of Canada who overwhelmingly said they wanted a conservative and more importantly MINORITY government that would cooperate. Though they did not use the words “With Socialists and Separatists” (my ballot didn't have room for that) that condition is implied based on the butt kicking they gave your first of two visiting professors.

    Instead of recognizing two facts a) that there was an election with a rather decisive result only one
    year ago and b) that partisanship cuts two ways. You and the current liberal leadership are both hell bent on power at all costs. It wasn't after the election that the Liberals constructed the coalition. It was AFTER giving the green light to a new conservative government that the Liberals flipped and flopped like a fish out of water, when a weak and neutered leader cosied up to those same separatists and socialists to attempt a coup of sorts to wrest away power.

    There is one difference between the Harper “cosying” to separatists and socialists and the Liberal approach to similar cooperation.

    That difference is something very hard for most of you liberals to understand so I will type very slowly so you get it.

    T h a t d i f f e r e n c e i s H O N E S T Y.

    Harper doesn't deny calling the NDP socialist and the Bloc separatist where as the Libs very conveniently put those words aside when they are looking for a one night stand.

    Even after smiling Jack agreed to vote with the government this month on ways and means and BEFORE the vote happened Harper said outright that the opposition parties seem to be taking turns at withdrawing or supporting the government.

    You liberals speak out of both sides of your mouth ALL THE TIME. Little baby Trudeau did it after Iggy's public anouncement withdrawing support. He stood up and said no we aren't spoiling for an election (lie) we are saying we no longer have confidence. BUT he then said it was up to the NDP or Bloc to avoid the election. They on the other hand had opposed the government all along so rather than say we are spoiling for a fight and hope to have the NDP and Bloc support us they all challenged the NDP and Bloc to make the decision and were dissapointed when their coalition partners didn't see fit to crown Iggy king.

    You have McCallum prasing HST and Dosangh using it as bad conservative policy in his campaign literature. If there is anything you can't trust a liberal on it is the whole concept of GST right?

    On every issue you have Liberals doing their best to attack anyone (much like you do here) without any consideration of whether it is good policy or not but only measuring (or hoping to measure) how it will fly in their own riding on the basis of re election.

    So yes, I get it, I understand that you think Liberals are good and Conservatives are bad no evil. It's a very divisive strategy employed by Jean Chretien. Scorched earth served his personal ambitions very well but divided not only this nation but the liberal party that I in fact used to carry a membership card for. If you love Jean Chretien you need not say so it shows in your attempts to emulate him with a very tired and worn story line.

    With respect to divisiveness you could learn a lesson or two from history as could conservatives who a century ago used similar strategies which handed Laurier and the Liberals the long reign of power they held. Laurier was loved across the country because he built fences and worked with others. Out of nowhere he crafted a message that sold to french and english, catholic and protestant, east and west and yes Indian and White (I am using the language of the day). The conservative hold on power was broken. An alternative to arrogance was recognized and accepted.

    Today's Liberals have a very simple formula. It looks like the original conservative party formula of last century – Rule or Campaign to rule. There is no room in Liberal Party of Canada for compromise or cooperation or even for Canada at present. Not as long as they can spew venom and retort.

    The Liberals were handed a time out in 2004 they haven't served it yet. They didn't even accept that defeat they simply assumed that the leader was the problem. Same thing in 2006. Why do you think Ignatieff managed to gain the party leadership? Because there were no leaders left in the party. I doubt very much if the Liberals were reduced to fourth place in seats that they would accept that kidn of a licking. If you were reduced to two seats like Mulroney was you would think that the problem was the conservatives not yourself. It's okay to take a hit and restore your past glory. It's a weakness to ignore your faults need correction and we conservatives are only too happy to exploit that weakness. We conservatives were wiped out and rebuilt into two warring factions. We eventually made peace. I suggest Liberals could avoid a similar fate if the Martin and Chretien camps would work hard together to recraft a message that people who don't drink the kool aid could accept.

    Mackenna wouldn't take the job, Tobin would have none of it. Ignatieff came “home” to take it after but couldn't even prove his leadership to a Liberal convention that chose the previos leader, the ARCHITECT OF COALITION WITH SEPARATISTS AND SOCIALISTS. Yet Liberals blindly adore him without any understanding of his very right wing stands on many issues (in print I might add).

    It's kind of like alcohol Terry, if you can have a drink now and then that's okay but if you can't live without it you have a problem. For you I would suggest the word alcohol being replaced by Liberal sort of carries the same weight.

    That's a lot from a mouth breathing rednecked nuckle dragger like me but maybe before venting again you can come up with at least one salient point that is productive. Quite a challenge for you based on past posts.

    I eagerly await your personal attacks based on nothing more than your desire to slam anything that isn't (yet) taken as gospel by liberals around the nation.

    Thank you!

  • terry1

    Phil, you reformatorts always seem to forget that the last election was illegitimate and probably illegal. It was certainly immoral as they were not defeated in the HOC.
    The complete and utter mishandling of the economy confirmed by the recent ads that completely ignore any truths are also a factor in our need for an election. Remember it was this same gang of thugs who porogued parliament because they completely lost the economic realities in place back then. They have yet to be judged on that ignorance.

    Make no mistake Liberals want an election because they have facts, figures and a program, imagine that to announce.

    See my post above for a list of partial failures of these reformatort thugs.

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  • philiphauser

    Not bad, two words in before you went for the thoughtless insults and outright lies.

    Your rebutall delivered what I expected – no further comment.

  • philiphauser

    I see Terry has discovered cut and paste!

  • philiphauser

    Bravo Stephen how very refreshing to see someone step back and take a comment back while standing by the principal you set out to make in the first place.

  • terry1

    Its amazing how you try and spin good dialogue that baffles your small reformatort mindset. You're the reason we don't need your type of government.

  • terry1

    Phil, cut and paste saves me from reinventing the wheel and allows me more time to refute your garbage……I think your twin might be east of eden.

  • philiphauser

    You forgot to call me a sexist racist. neo con pig farmer

  • terry1

    Mervin, have the canadian people given harpo the the right wing nut bar masquerading as apopulist or socialist depending on your timeframe a majority after one try that was legitmate and one where he should have had 175 seats. give your head a shake, he is more a dead man walking that Iggy.

  • Name

    Ah, yes, Canada has certainly become a “peacemaker;” if you call invading a country “peacemaking,” and two party leaders expressing support for invading a second one as “peacemaking” as well (just to remind some folks – only one has renounced his decision).

    What kind of crap is that? “Grilling steaks with the US and UK”? That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Did you want to grill those steaks over the open fire of Iraq as well? I mean, come on; Canada has always had good relations with both of those countries, under Liberal, Tory and even the now Reformer government. Must we limit ourselves? Must our diplomacy fall in line behind them? Should Canada not make its own voice in the world, instead of simply sidling up to traditional allies and grilling steaks over the open fires of war, human rights abuses and absolute, pure and utter economic idiocy that seems to unfortunately come out of them from time to time?

    I would rather make waffles with middle powers that know their voice is important, than try and grill steaks with traditional allies and serve my inferiority complex.

  • Omanator

    Philip, The troll is so out to lunch, I rarely get involved and answer his trash.

  • Omanator

    Jen, I am with you on this one. The national media i.e. CBC is a national disgrace. For years now it has been the Liberals propaganda mouthpiece. It is absolutely shameless. The fact they are being paid from my taxdollar, is even more agrevating.

  • philiphauser

    I figured he was trying to find some policy to steal but when someone pisses on your shoe in your own bathroom it's hard not to slap them down a bit. You are right though no more attention to that child from this corner

  • LukeN

    Jen, this is all I saw.;

    I haven't read a transcript or anything. You might be able to find it at

  • terry1

    Omanator how's life in your double wide? LOL

    The insults are a replica of how your favorite leader plays politics……seems you don't like those things unless its your side dishing them out. That makes you a narrow minded reformatort

  • terry1

    Phil, you would not know a policy if it hit you in your lower cranium where your brain appears to be. quit the holier than thou garbage and try to say something intelligent. At least hollinm, as badly misguided as he is, does say some thing worth debating.

  • terry1

    Phil, it seems the tourism minister is almost as smart as you:

  • terry1

    Phil your revisionist hostory lesson is not worth discussing. does not Harpo slam the Liberals every hance he gets. Mr. angry is noted for his vitrolic language when not in public. typical for a hypocritical right wing AH. Let us also remember which party created the BQ with the stupid Meech Lake deal. let us not forget which party was decimated in 1993 after going into an election as favorites. I really like where the Libs sit today as it satisfies me that Harpo and his gang of geographically stupid ministers are soon to be gone.

    May I repeat the sins of the party you so love and admire and these are only the top of the iceberg:

    20 things everyone should know about Stephen Harper and his Reform-Conservative government

    1. They rigged a self-serving and politicized infrastructure stimulus program so that most of the money could land in Conservative-held ridings, delaying projects so much that only 12% are in construction and creating jobs.
    2. He called Canada “second-tier socialistic country” and a “Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term.”
    3. They put Canada on track for a deficit before the recession hit and now holds the record of the largest deficit on record at 56 billion (and climbing).
    4. They failed to plan for the H1N1 flu by delaying the order of the flu vaccine and sending body bags to remote communities instead.
    5. They spent 5 times more on self-promotion than informing the public on how to protect themselves from H1N1?
    6. In the past two months, he has twice failed to defend Canada’s healthcare system against outrageous attacks from ultra-right Conservatives n the United States.
    7. He kept Ministers in his cabinet who called the medical isotope crisis they helped create “sexy” and made jokes about the listeriosis crisis.
    8. He broke his promise not to raise taxes with a $13 billion EI payroll tax.
    9. They pick and choose when to protect the rights of Canadian citizens at home and abroad.
    10. He called women, minorities, the disabled, and gays and lesbians “left-wing fringe groups” and Canada’s independent judiciary “left-wing ideologues.”
    11. He keeps a Minister in his cabinet who openly mused about putting 10-year-olds in jail.
    12. He denied that the country was in a recession and failed to plan for it, and only agreed to provide economic stimulus after causing a constitutional crisis.
    13. He said he doesn’t care if “Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement.”
    14. He holds the record for unelected Senate appointments for a single year — 27, more than any Prime Minister in Canadian history – after saying he would never appoint Senators.
    15. He has presided over the loss of nearly a half million high quality fulltime jobs since October, with no plan to replace them with the next generation of jobs.
    16. He has pushed for amending the Canada Health Act to allow for-profit-pay-as-you-go Medicare in this country and abdicated any federal role in ensuring its guiding principles of public administration, comprehensiveness, universality, portability, and accessibility.
    17. He said “There will be no special status, formally or informally, for Quebec or any other province.”
    18. He pushed for further deregulation and less oversight over banks and financial institutions.
    19. He has done nothing to address the hollowing out of corporate Canada due to a weakening in foreign takeover rules.
    20. He bragged that he was opposed to government programs to eliminate child poverty and promote cultural identity.

  • terry1

    here's another good item to make you reformatorts choke on your pablum:

    PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin's dream of a global steering committee for the world's advanced and emerging economies is becoming a reality — and he couldn't be happier.

    An announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Korean President Lee Myung-bak yesterday morning in Pittsburgh cemented the G20's status as the new economic summit for world leaders.

    Canada will host both a G20 leaders summit and a previously announced G8 summit next June in Muskoka. It is not clear what topics the G8 will cover, but the G20 will focus on economic matters, Harper said.

    “I just feel very good about this,” Martin said from Montreal. As finance minister, he led a campaign in the 1990s to create the G20 so that emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil could have a voice.

    “Canada really was the initiator of the G20 and we fought very strongly for it at the leaders level and I believe it is absolutely crucial that if the world is to have a global steering committee that Canada is there,” Martin said.

    He said it was especially important for Canada as a small-market country to be at the forefront so “we can punch above our weight.”

    Harper said he would be “crazy” to deny that a larger tent would mean a loss of influence but he said Canada has a lot to offer.

    “We are the one major developed country that no one thinks has any responsibility for this (economic) crisis,” he said. “They look at our policies as a solution for the crisis.”

  • hollinm

    Parnel…are you actually suggesting that the Libs sat around all summer and were not even trying to convince Canadians that they deserved to be elected in the next election? If so, its unbelievable. On the other hand you don't know what you are talking about.
    Do you think Canadians are sitting around their kitchen tables looking at government websites and then falling for what you call “propaganda”. Somehow I seriously doubt it.
    The part about the polls is simply wishful thinking. In fact I think the polls next week are going to be worse for the Count. Harper promoting the economy, on the world stage while your guy is standing in a field of weeds talking about stuff that doesn't make sense to anybody but him. By the way you do know he was in the wrong field. Don't believe me. See the quotes from the Mayor of Burlington.
    Your guy WK has lost his touch. Nobody believes any of the sh.t he is spewing these days.

  • terry1

    Where did I say the libs were sitting around all summer. All I intimated was that the libs did not try to match Harpos BS pork barrel summer. In fact Iggy had a very successful summer fund raising for his party and anecdotal news is that he far out did the reformatorts in raising new funds for his party. Difference is that he wasn't out spouting lies and garbage like harpo did in the one speech that may yet go down in Liberal history as a great gotcha… has marvelous attack ad appeal in an election campaign.

    As for the polls I say let's go to an election now and see who wins and while you're cooking your pork bellies remember 1993 when JC apparently had no chance of winning and was way behind in the polls when the writ was dropped.
    Guess who masterminded that campaign? Your good buddy and Tom Flaningan's favorite political strategist!!!!!

    Keep squirming!!!!!

  • Fed Up

    The average Canadian has now seen through the Liberal party's phoniness.this party is made up at the top of elitist who have baffled the public with the scary monster Harper and the Conservatives.We now see these phony Liberals who would do anything to regain power. This time I think it is too late.when Ruby took her guns to town and tried to do it to some decent hard workers from the Philippines that was the end.Most Canadians are glad to see us taking back our country from the elitists

  • Bec

    September 18, 2009
    “Ottawa, Ontario (AHN) – After getting assurances of support from Bloc Quebecois and the New Democratic Party, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper scored another victory on Thursday after the Federal Court of Canada declared the prime minister's 2008 snap election call as legal.”

    Read more:

  • Exiled Maritimer

    The sign in the center left seemed to give us a choice between PM Harper or Iggy. I choose Harper
    All those without a Timmy’s are unCanadian by definition

  • hollinm

    Parnel…my point is still valid. To sit and allow the opponent to have his say all summer is crazy.

    By the way in case you missed this on Bourque today:

    There is lots there for soundbites in the next election.

  • terry1

    Mervin the inveterate troll, here is an article that shows off some of Iggy's good qualities w/o the toxic poison coming from reformatort central. Pretty soon all canadians will see just how poisonous the Harpo style of opponents' public execution is. His lies and innuendos and unethical poractices are all for discussion in an election. The Kinsella ads will be sharp, accurate, and painful.

  • terry1

    As usual with you reformatorts you forgot (HA) to post the key line in that article:

    “Democracy Watch said it will appeal the Federal Court's decision

    Read more:

    You see democracy watch really has another agenda and had basically stated they would lose this round. their agenda is to get to the SC and get a full hearing on the constitutional issue at hand. Did he break his own law and was aided in that by the GG?

    democracy watch will eventually demonstate that Harpo was unethical in his call.

  • terry1

    The average Canadian will soon see that harpo's attack ad method of running the government is the real phoney issue here. he uses ads to attack, gives out no policies and only advertises his party through publically funded ads.

    Who is the phoney…you reformatorts need to look in a mirror.

  • Name

    One thing everyone should know about the Liberal party. They haven’t paid back the money they stole from the Canadian taxpayer in the sponsorship scandel

  • hollinm

    If you think Canadians are going to believe that crap that was spewed in this article you are dreaming in la la land. If somebody did take the time they would quickly come to the conclusion that this man is arrogant and a narcissist big time. There is nothing that Kinsella can dream up other than lies that has not already been said before. The Libs need to find a different way to win. The attacks on Harper are monotonous and really show the Libs are devoid of real discourse.

  • Gabby in QC

    Talking about the K … did you see him today on QP? He looked like he'd just tumbled out of bed after a “hard day's night.” His hair looked like he's been using the same hair dye used by some other prominent Ottawa media people. Just my opinion …

    Someone should check the ingredients in that dye … they seem to cause a certain aggressive incoherence in some people. It wouldn't surprise me to learn the Toxic Troll is a bottle blond too.

  • terry1

    Has the conservative party now decided in their moral turpitude to pay for the stimulus ads that were really harpo photo ops…….those ads cost us $35MM. Your hypocrisy knows no ends I see.

  • terry1

    Gabby,Iggy doesn't have a paid primper like Harpo does. He's more like all of us.

  • terry1

    Mervin, dream on in your little world of narrow minded senseless attacks.

  • Gabby in QC

    So who was talking about Ignatieff?
    I certainly wasn't.
    To quote one of your soulmates … go back and reread my post … :-D

  • hollinm

    I sure did. My wife and I said pretty much the same thing. He didn't look happy and he sure didn't look very professional with the blahs, blahs, blahs, comment. If this is the best the Libs can put up against Powers and Lavigne then their case will not be very well presented. The puffy hair do doesn't really suit him but what do I know. He is probably trying to fit in with the elitist leader and his pointie toed shoes guys in the OLO.

  • hollinm

    parnel….my attacks are small in comparison to the attacks Ignegative is getting in the press each day. Each morning I grab my coffee and can't wait to open up the papers and blogs to see what news there is about his munificient Count Iggy.

  • terry1

    Mervin, remember the days when Harpo was getting the same treatment and he has survived…..think about that for a minute

  • hollinm

    Absolutely true. I do remember those days well. However, this is now the third leader of the Liberal party being laughed at and considered a dud. There are changes taking place in the country Parnel and you just don't want to acknowledge them.

  • terry1

    The laugh will be on you I'm afraid. The Libs know exactly what they are doing and Harpo won't make mince meat of Iggy in a real campaign. That's where it all happens.

  • terry1

    stephen, do you think Harpo has this priority right:



    Sunday, September 27, 2009, 01:42 PM
    R.I.P. irony: tomorrow is Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. Don't hold your breath waiting for any repentance from Stephen Harper, however.

    Here's a newsflash for the B Team in P.M.O.: Jewish reporters can't cover this announcement; other Jews can't even watch it on TV.

    It's either a shocking oversight or a deliberate choice to put politics ahead of openness and accountability to all Canadians – including observant Jews.

    What a bunch. If a Liberal had even suggested making such an announcement on such a day, the Refomatories would be likening us to Hamas.