The Seinfeldian media

The latest installment of the “will there or won’t there be an election?” drama of As the Hill Turns, the Canadian Press reports that Quebec Liberal candidates at an election readiness workshop had their election “mug shots” done — these are the official photos that Elections Canada and the media will use to report on the election (and while these are Quebec Liberals, I say “mug shots” for lack of a more descriptive term).

Will they or won’t they? — that is the question that has the media scrambling to fill their columns and air-time. Today, I was on Montreal drive-time talk radio and despite mentioning that party leaders themselves ratchet up election timing rhetoric to fundraise and to fill nominations, we still chatted about the prospects of a fall election.  I fear that I didn’t play my role and let the audience down when I explained that all of this election talk is just the empty thrill of a cheap drama.  I explained that prior to the summer break, Michael Ignatieff had just six additional nominations filled beyond his caucus compliment.  Further, despite healthier second quarter fundraising numbers — buoyed largely by Liberal leadership convention fees — the Liberals still have a steep hill to climb when it comes to fundraising.  Party leaders (or their proxies) amp up imminent election talk to create a sense of urgency that compels people to give and to act.

As for those Quebec Liberal candidate photos that were snapped — indicating that we just be going for it soon — it’s pretty standard fare, I’m sorry to say.

Though I fear this will fuel even more election speculation, the Conservative candidates — all of them — had their election mug shots snapped at the Conservative training convention early last month.

A summer of communion wafers, G8 photo-ops and inuktitut spelling gaffes has professional flacks looking for something else, and instead of hopping on an expensive jet to cover news where its happening, most of the bubble-locked Ottawa media are in a standard holding pattern and doing their best as bit players in a show about nothing called When is the next election?

Because perhaps when those glorious days come, they’ll have something more to talk about.



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  1. Something else worthy of mention is the latest Ipsos polling numbers: Con 39%, Lib 28%. The breakdown is really interesting. There was a breakdown in the NP, don't have a link. I think Bourque also has it.

  2. I hope harper runs with that poll considering Ekos and Nanos both have the parties tied and did their surveys at effectively the same time. Ekos polled over 2300 people. IR has been known to be way off base so time will tell.

  3. Did harper not negotiate with Iggy over EI in June and gave him specific dates for opposition days. You also seem to believe that with every vote being a confidence one the opposition simply backs down in the face of those threats.

  4. Of course,Ipsos would be “way off base “when their results don't favour the Liberals in your humble opinion.

    I say it's a very interesting breakdown and about what most people paying attention to what's going on in the politics of this country would consider an accurate representation.

  5. Not at all. It's not down to being “correct”. I'd say you could get a different result with doing them a week apart, we're talking politics here! Of course the questions asked are also a factor.

    As you say, time will tell!

  6. Well, let's see: two university degrees (honours) and a diploma in programming plus almost 40 years of work experience as well as 30+ years as a volunteer in suicide prevention plus writing guidelines for other volunteer workers in North America and Australia. Yup – I sure don't have none of that wunnerful intellectual capacity as you do, Parnelope.

  7. Those of us with manners and a post-juvenile intellectual capacity don't use terms such as “wet dreams”. Heavy industrial sector – are you the guy who holds the “slow” sign on road gangs? Or are you the guy who cleans the porta-potties? Probably the latter since your favourite personal attacks include references to activities and body parts just to the south of the waist.

    As for PM Harper bringing shame on our country – another sock puppet speaking point. The international press seems to be pretty high on PM Harper. Bringing shame – in your dreams, Parnelope.

  8. Ti-Guy is not alone – you should have seen some of the posters on the blog of a former Liberal candidate who lost the last election. It was quite alarming, to be honest.

  9. Kingston, Hold all your horses. Ipsos Read poll of this week. Conservatives 39 Liberals 28 I wonder if the Troll needs to change his underwear now.

  10. If you were truly educated you would be a Liberal according to the stats. I hope you are guiding the reformatories in your volunteer job.

    I didn't write guidlines;I went and lived in many countries while implementing/teaching many new standards and procedures.

  11. I read some of your fellow reformatorts on Jankes blog and they make me seem mild in comparison. check your friend Bruce over there.

    I still say you are a bunch of hypocrites.

  12. I change my underwear every day and I also know that is a rogue poll especially when others have been much closer in the same time frame. Nanos said in aninterview, while being extremely polite, that this poll is “strange” and most likely “wrong”. canwest has backed off saying its accurate and they commissioned it.

    So run with it;might be the best reformatory poll you'll see for years to come.

  13. another stupid answer. Nanos has been recognized as the best pollster in the biz. That's probably why JC used him. smart people hire other smart people. And JC had three, count them, three majority governments.

  14. Words cannot express my gratitude (and I'm sure others will feel the same way) that we have you hear to point out our stupidity. Whatever did we do without you, Parnel?

  15. Here, you call him Bruce but on Janke's blog you call him Brucey. Whatever the case, you can't excuse your own ignorance or that of Lib supporters because of one or two bad apples on our side. Hey, if Joe Conservative robs a bank, does that excuse Joe Liberal who also robs a bank? So, Parnelope, you cannot use others' style of comments to excuse your own brand of ignorance.

  16. Oh, I noticed that you completely skated on by the issue of PM Harper bringing shame on Canada. Hmmm, nice little skate there, Parnelope.

  17. You ran amok believing that reformatorts were God's gift to National Government. Even when facts tell you otherewise… are true believers!!!

    sorry to have inflicted some truth into your life…………hows that low inflation study going?

  18. Harper has brought shame on Canada. Read the Norwegian ambassador's outgoing speech where he said Canada was not the same place he came to and the intonation was negative. there are many many other artivles and speeches out there discussing Harpo's international ignorance. How about his treatment of the Chinese?
    His abandonment of Africa becasue it was a Liberal priority!!

    Nasty and stupid.

    next dumb question please.

  19. Oh yeah, JC won three majorities at a time when there was no real opposition. The third majority was won on a lie, he said the hated GST would be gone, he then lied again when he said he didn't say it. But ever the joker, old JC, “Teflon Jean” went on his merry way, did whatever he wished and his adoring buffoons in the media kept on laughing at his funnies. His Deputy PM Sheila believed him and ran on the same promise, she ran again on principle when that promise turned out to be a lie.

    The media are a lonely lot these days, nothing to do but speculate about an election, even a Seinfeld one will do.

    I'd say things are slowly turning around, the masses have awakened.

  20. Thanks,

    I used it initially for writing a hobo themed blog about money saving tips for the recession. I kept it because it's goofy.

  21. In other news, troll escapes from cave, attacks villagers… response from the troll in 3, 2, Terry1….

  22. They aren't concerned with paying back, even though Terry1 and his cohorts are bragging about how much money they've raised, that money is lost in the big Liberal wind that blew into Quebec to buy votes. It will be more than eaten up trying to find it. To quote the Great Chretien, “what's a few million…….”?

    If the polls continue to favour the Conservatives we will hear no more about an election from the media twits who have been obsessed with it.

    Ignatieff and the Liberals need more time, any jackass would know that. Ignatieff needs a few more bars on the banjo to really get tune in.

  23. Je all those cranes in the air employ one crane operator. unemployment is still going up across the Country. Could you please explain that?

  24. Michael, please tell me which PM has won a thrid term after two minorty governments. the same party has done so with a change in leaders and it was the Pearson/Trudeau liberals.

    As for the polls saying no one wants an election, no one wanted Harpo's election call last year either.

    The reformatorts don't want an election because history, and current lack of performance, is not on their side.

  25. Jc won three majorities because his opposition destroyed them selves with attack type ads about his disfigurement. Fst forward to Harpo and see the resemblance.

    Tell us again hw the masses have awakened. I told you the IR poll was a rogue one. You didn't listen and now you have egg splattered all over you.

  26. Liz there is more to this. How the questions are asked and phrased. But most of all Nanos is former chief of staff to Chretien. Hello.

  27. Liz , Does any body know if they ever attempted to repay the stolen money?
    As far as the polls are concerned, if Ipsos is soooo wrong, I guess Iggy will have no trouble causing an election. Or?

  28. it just gets stupider and stupider in tory land doesn't it Omanator? the poll result proved to be a dud so now you are relying on stuff no one else cares about. the facts have proven you wrong time and time again. Why don't you just take your petty biases and sit in the corner telling yourself how true they are. No one else cares.

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