Statements from the Prime Minister, the Liberal Party and the NDP on the situation in Iran

From Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada:

“The reaction of the Iranian authorities to the demonstrations in Iran is wholly unacceptable. The regime has chosen to use brute force and intimidation in responding to peaceful opposition regarding legitimate and serious allegations of electoral fraud.

“Basic human rights, including freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, are being ignored. Demonstrations have been banned and demonstrators beaten. Injured protestors have been arrested when they arrive at hospitals for treatment. Journalists have been prevented from covering protests and subjected to arbitrary detention and arrest. Foreign press credentials have been revoked.

“Canada calls on the Iranian authorities to immediately cease the use of violence against their own people, to release all political prisoners and journalists – including Canadians – who have been unjustly detained, to allow Iranian and foreign media to report freely on these historic events, and to conduct a full and transparent investigation into allegations of fraud in the presidential election. The voices of all Iranians must be heard. I have directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to ensure that Canada’s views are conveyed to Iran’s top representative in Canada.”

“Canada continues to be a strong and consistent voice calling on the Iranian regime to fulfill all of its human rights obligations, both in law and in practice. For six consecutive years, Canada has led a resolution on the human rights situation in Iran at the United Nations General Assembly. Canada continues to support freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Iran and around the world.”

From Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today condemned the Government of Iran’s use of violence to stifle peaceful dissent by protesters calling for open and transparent democratic elections.

“We mourn each life lost as a result of the Government of Iran’s unjust actions, and share the anguish and outrage of Canadians of Iranian origin at the suppression of peaceful protest and the apparent denial of fully free and fair elections,” said Mr. Ignatieff.

Amid reports of death and injury inflicted by the Iranian government upon peaceful protesters, the Liberal Leader also encouraged the Canadian government to do all it can to help the injured at its embassy in Tehran.

“Canada should join other countries in keeping our embassy open for the humanitarian needs of the people of Iran.”

Despite the media blackout put in place by the Iranian government, reports emerging largely through online social media show images of bloodshed among protesters and clashes with government police forces.

“The Iranian government cannot hide the truth from their own citizens or from the rest of the world. By answering the call for open and transparent elections with a violent disregard for the rights of its citizens, the Iranian government has further alienated itself from the international community.”

“The Liberal Party of Canada strongly affirms the rights of Iranians and people everywhere to freely express themselves and associate with others, without threat to their life or liberty. We call on the Iranian government to cease the violence and continue to call for open and transparent elections.”

From Paul Dewar, NDP foreign affairs critic:

OTTAWA – New Democrat Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) made the following statement regarding the situation in Iran in the House of Commons today:

“Mr. Speaker, New Democrats are extremely concerned about the situation in Iran.

Protestors are being crushed, the means of communications among Iranians have been restricted and political activists have been jailed. Yet, thousands of opposition supporters are standing their ground, defying a ban on protests, and requesting a new election. This is a critical moment not only for the people in Iran but around the world.

In the words of poet Sa’di,
“The children of Adam are limbs to each other
Having been created of one essence
When the calamity of time afflicts one limb
The other limbs cannot remain at rest”.

In that spirit, New Democrats stand in solidarity with the democratic aspirations of the people of Iran. We call for an end to hostilities against peaceful protests, an immediate release of political prisoners and a fair and transparent electoral process that respects the genuine will of the Iranian people.”



  • Omanator

    As much as I hate to say it. But all these wonderful words are useless. If there really would be another election without fraud the Ayathola would also loose credibitlity and possible his job.
    This is dictatorship in the finest form. Unfortunately the army and the National Guards stand to loose as well. That is the reason why they are backing the present government. I truly feel sorry for the people in Iran.

  • terry1

    This is just another ramp up of a revolution that in reality started with the removal of the Shah. The religious fanatics who are really kleptocrats have stifled the peoples wishes for far too many years while promising much more. The population of Iran while muslim was always secular until the Khomeni revolution took hold against a very ill Shah who was unable to push them back.

    The potential for this to end badly with a lot of killing and violence is very high unless other parties intervene. The ruling class will not go unless thye are forced out and that will not be with a velvet revolution.

    The fact the US now has bases on all sides of Iran is indicative of the US full desire for regime change there. They have been feeding the Iranian opposition with money, arms and other covert stuff for years. So, you can simply imagine that with an opportunity to overturn this regime the opposition will be emboldened to be much more aggressive. And, they may get popular support from the mostly young population who yearn for more freedom.

    If this is succesful and the supreme religous “councils” can be removed from their constitution thye could have a reasonable shot at true democracy.

    I say this a ssomeone who lived in Iran for four years, visited often afterwards, and have closely followed things there ever since. I also spend time on the other side of the gulf so always have a flavor of things in the region. The Sunnis in the other gulf Countries are not thrilled about a civil war or other potential changes in Iran. They like it the way it is because they understand the mullahs but not democrats.

  • east of eden

    I have to agree – the same thought went through my head: nice words but they do absolutely nothing. As a Christian man, it saddens me deeply to know that the land upon which God's people once trod is now soaking in blood. The Middle East is so beautiful but its landscape is being blighted terribly. This is so very sad.

  • east of eden

    I have to agree – the same thought went through my head: nice words but they do absolutely nothing. As a Christian man, it saddens me deeply to know that the land upon which God's people once trod is now soaking in blood. The Middle East is so beautiful but its landscape is being blighted terribly. This is so very sad.