Seen on Parliament Hill – despite Michael Ignatieff’s best wishes

This fellow was just off of Parliament Hill today showing passers-by a portable video playing the video clip of Michael Ignatieff saying “You have to decide what kind of America you want. Right? You have to decide. It’s your country [the US] just as much as it is mine.” The clip can be seen in the Conservative Party’s “definition” ads on the Leader of the Opposition.

Aparently, the man dressed as Uncle Sam was protesting Michael Ignatieff’s attempts to goad C-SPAN into ordering a cease-and-decist against the Conservatives for using video from their network.

Glen MacGregor of the Ottawa Citizen reports from an interview with C-SPAN’s Bruce Collins,

“He wanted to know if we were aware if our video was being used in this way,” Collins said. “If our rights were being violated, he wanted us to enforce them.”

Collins goes on to say,

“There’s nothing legal to do with it, Collins said. “Given the way video is used throughout the world, with YouTube, it would be fruitless.”

Collins says he watched the ad and believes it falls within the fair-use provisions in copyright law because of the short length and subject matter.

“It’s the highest form of speech — political speech,” he said, adding there would be no economic loss to C-SPAN resulting from the ad.

One might have thought that Michael Ignatieff would have read the first amendment to the US Constitution protecting speech during the decades he was abroad. For someone who claims ownership of the United States as Ignatieff does, he should believe in political free speech, even if such rights are generally not afforded Canadians when it comes to using CBC and CPAC footage.



  • batb

    I've been giving this a lot of thought and think I finally get why the Liberal$ don't care if Count Iggula's been out of the country for 34 years — or that he sometimes refers to himself as an American. For the Liberal$, Iggy's absence has been a positive plus.

    They need a leader who's been as far away as possible from all the crap and corruption the Liberal Party's been a part of in the past … say, 34 years. They need a leader who can't be tarred and feathered (given the flap over tar baby, am I even allowed to say “tarred and feathered”?) with the HRDC Scandal, Adscam, Shawinigate, the redirecting of EI funds, the untouchable slush, er, I mean trust funds, brown envelopes stuffed with cash, etc., etc.

    Think of it: Of all the Liberals who could have stood for election as leader of the party, most of the brightest and best said a resounding “NO THANKS. NO WAY.”

    I wonder why? Could it be that all of them knew not only that they were totally broke but that there was no way they could extricate themselves from the dark, labyrinthian maze of moral deterioration they were part of for so many years?

    Then along comes Bob Rae, connected to his own particular brand of political intrigue — but at least under the NDP banner — and, ta-da, Michael Ignatieff who, though a self-proclaimed Liberal, was at least out of the country for lo these many sticky years. It's going to be hard to stick him with the Liberal garbage, seeing as he's been conveniently out of Canada while all of the shenanigans the Liberal$ want to distance themselves — and their leader — from were going on.

    Now it makes perfect sense — at least, if you're a Liberal. The optics look great to them: clean leader, 'can't be accountable for things that happened in his absence, lily white, spick and span, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that.

    For the rest of us, though? The optics stink.

  • Michael

    How much did they pay Teneyke to dress up like that?

    Harper must have messed himself, being all “inspired' with the American style conservatism of old Uncle Sam.

  • batb

    disenchanted, I'm disenchanted with your comment.

    What are you talking about ? … “this campaign” … “anti-American” …

    What this campaign IS about is pro-Canadian. What this campaign IS about is informing the Canadian public that the potential Prime Minister of Canada has lived outside the country for 34 years.

    In other words, what qualifies Michael Ignatieff to be Canada's PM, seeing as he's been AWOL during a formative period in our country when a great many political skirmishes were going on which have huge ramifications for Canadians today and in the future? Canadians should be able to rely on a leader who has been engaged in their country, on the ground, and who intimately knows the political issues we've all been grappling with for many years.

    That leader is not Michael Ignatieff.

    This campaign is NOT anti-American. It is PRO-Canadian. It's simply pointing out to Canadians who may be uninformed, seeing as our MSM like to shield us from the particular details of Mr. Ignatieff's past, that Mr. Ignatieff has at times identified himself as an American citizen and that he has not been engaged in issues of importance to Canadians until the very recent past.

    No one's anti-American. Some of us are anti Mr. Ignatieff's attempts to pass himself off as a Canadian patriot when he has more closely identified himself with both the British and American phases of his life until his recent touchdown here in the True North Strong and Free — which, BTW, has provided him with a great salary and not-shabby digs.

    Your claim of “anti-American” is disingenuous. Go bark up another tree.

  • disenchanted

    This is a gross campaign. Reeks of anti-American populism of the worst kind. Probably plays well with the numbers, but it’s still revolting.

  • wilson

    That's right, it is not that Iffy was MIA for 34 years that disqualifies him,
    it's that he has done nothing in those years FOR Canada that qualifies him for PM.

  • NovaDog

    Duceppe is more Canadian than Ignatieff.

  • Liz J

    When the truth, the facts are a problem, you've got a problem. For one thing, you can't make it in politics when you are bent on hiding the truth about your past, when what you've said, your beliefs, are things you wish to hide. It simply risks branding you as a sham, a charlatan , you're hiding something to sneak past the people.

    Ignatieff should spell it out, be honest about the fact he lived away for opportunity, returned for opportunity. Problem is, he's seeking a job he isn't prepared for and doesn't deserve. There are some qualifications to serve as PM but it's also a privilege which requires openness and honesty about why he thinks he's qualified, in spite of the fact he has contributed squat to the country for decades. It goes beyond the accident of birth.

    It's also very over the top for a person who has accepted the offer to serve as a political leader and possibly the PM to have to go across the country flogging a book about how he has 'True Patriot Love” for the country and has to tell us all about Me, Myself and I, the parts he wishes to disclose.

    The whole thing just isn't adding up. It's hard to imagine the LPC has reached this level. Where are the big Boys of the outfit hiding out and why? McKenna? Manley? ZZZZZZZZZ.

  • Blue rules

    there is nothing revolting about repeating Iggy’s own words except the fact he said them in the first place

  • Stew

    I’m waiting, with bated breath, for the inspired diatribe against all those other loser Canadians that have gone south and abandoned this great country of ours. Please when you get to Wayne Gretzky, lay it on him thick and sticky, I don’t want that traitor making any claims on the homeland he forsook, and for money, god what low life. Please do Canadians proud and call out all those miscreants who think they can get away with this outrageous effrontery to our nation.

  • Bruce from Cambridge

    Liberals are such hypocrites. Bob Rae, Stephan Dion , Joe Volpe and other leadership contenders were saying exactly the same things about Ignatieff being out of Canada for so long when they were running for the leadership. Its all on the record. What was far worse were the Liberal attack ads trying to demonize Stephen Harper when he became Conservative leader.

  • Wayne

    Let’s no just talk about King Iggy’s past – He has also said that if he doesn’t win the next election, he will go back to the good ol’ US of A.

    He’s been out of the country for 34 years, and will leave again at the drop of a hat.

    Does that sound like a guy committed to Canada?

  • batb

    Stuff it, Stew.

    There' s one BIG — no, make that HUGE — difference between Wayne Gretzky and all of the other Canadians like Mike Myers, Martin Short, Dan Ackroyd, Celine Dion, Dave Thomas, etc., etc. who are Canadians that made it big in the U.S.: They have never claimed to be American when they were Canadian and — TA! DA! — they're not running for Prime Minister of Canada.

    'Funny you can't make the distinction. 'Must mean you're a dyed-in-the-wool, can't-tell-the-forest-for-the-trees Liberal. Too bad. So sad. Better luck next time. And, BTW, try to connect a few dots, Stew. Your processing skills seem to be lacking.

    Michael: I think that Teneyke is taller.

  • kingston

    Stew, Lets see during Gretzky’s absence, he played for and coached team Canada in the Olympics and other international events for one example of how he still supported his country not to mention all the trips back to Canada for charity functions etc, I do not remember Gretzky referring to himself as an American, I do not remember him calling down his own country’s flag or refer it to as a beer label, I do not remember him saying the only thing he missed was a park. Want to try again.

  • wilson

    Wayne isn't pretending he's not Canadian while living in the US
    nor is does he want to be Prime Minister.

  • Ron

    For anyone who supports Mr. Ignatieff, I have a simple question. Had he not been offered the Prime Ministership on a silver platter, would he be in Canada today? I truly believe the only reason the man is in Canada now is because Liberal backroom boys promised to put him in the PM’s office if he left Harvard and moved to Toronto. That is all the ads are saying – he’s not here to improve Canada; he is here to sit in the PM’s chair. If that doesn’t happen, he’ll head back to Harvard, or Oxford or wherever – that’s what I understand the tag line “he’s just visiting” means. It isn’t that the man traveled or lived out of the country that bothers me; it is that while doing so, he insulted the country, the flag, lied about his nationality to gain favour and is now treating the country and its people as stepping stones to pad his resume – I don’t get the sense he cares two hoots about us; for him, it is all about him.

  • Gabby in QC

    Sorry, but the “Uncle Sam” is a really silly stunt – about as dignified as WK's using a Barney doll as a prop way back when. Can we please all grow up?

  • Maritimer

    At least Iggy has his election music ready

  • Liz J

    Agree, Gabby, it's a silly stunt but it catch the attention of some voters who may not otherwise be informed on the subject.
    There's got to be a considerable number who go to the voting booths at election time uninformed or having been told lies. Kinsella knows that, his dinosaur message worked against Day. That's the amount of consideration too many people give to electing their politicians, including the PM.

    At least this message is truthful, the man who aspires to become our PM really has also considered himself an “American”. He wouldn't have garnered as much attention dressed in plain street clothes.

    I'm wondering if Ignatieff will be going on the defensive, saying he really meant North American, that would cover his ass nicely.

  • terry1

    He may well be…he travels with a Canadian passport and he gets paid in Canadian dollars. Next time you crucify him for being a separatist remember that comment.

  • terry1

    Liz J hysterical…..why don't you stop with the academy award performances. Canadians have more or less embraced Iggy and harper knows it which is why he wants ot stop him cold. Your stuff is trashy tabloid material…then again you are an angry tory.

  • terry1

    Wayne,yea I think he's committed to Canada. He gave up a pretty good career to come back here to help build a better Canada. The current idiot we have as Pm is trying to tear Canada apart if not physically at least economically.

    What have you done to be more committed?

  • terry1

    Bat B Delusional…….question. Does Iggy have more than one passport? Grow up and stop your partisan ignorance.

  • terry1

    Liz J Hysterical….Iggy does not need to cover his ass. your guy is covering his ass and his huge failures with nonsensical ads.

    All I can say is paybacks are hell. Wait for the pinnochio ads showing Harper's big nose.

  • paulsstuff

    Duceppe wants to seperate from Canada. Ignatieff already did, in 1969 according to Iggy himself.

    I'm sure if Duceppe somehow wins a referendum he will still visit Canada, much like Iggy now.

  • Gabby in QC

    Liz J, if the question about Ignatieff's prolonged absence from Canada is a serious one, then it should be handled in a more sober way, IMO.

    Maybe it's a generational thing, I don't know, but I think some things should not be reduced to caricatures or cartoonish send-ups.

    I simply wonder if such tactics will backfire on the Conservative Party instead of helping to spread a valid message.

  • Wayne

    terry1, let's not deflect from the topic at hand. I am not the subject here, neither is Harper. King Iggy is.

    I'll grant you that Iggy is indeed committed – to himself. Yes, he gave up a good job, but not for Canada. He did it because there was an opportunity for further self-aggrandizement.

    So, I ask again: How committed can anyone be who lives out of country for 34 years, and announces he will leave just as quickly as he arrived unless he gets to be prime minister?

  • terry1

    Good line, but unfortunately its Harper that could cause them to separate as he continues to pi$$ them off with his arrogance. They pick up well on that character flaw.
    Iggy is popular there and as they are one of the two founding peoples of Canada their votes count, something Harpercrite can only have wet dreams about.

  • terry1

    Wayne, the subject at hand is Harper's deceiptful use of sound bites to creat negative images of his opponent. the opponent aslo has hundrds of hours of Harpercrite's deceiptful swing from right tory to socialist spender. They have the garbage he spewed when he was head of Presto's think tank They have the speach he made about four year election terms and the one he made about not taxing income trusts,etc etc.

    Harper is the least trusted PM in a long long time and therefore deserves the attention. Iggy's years outside Canada that supposedly make him unfit for office are a figment of the Tory war room's imagination. Iggy has the answer for that and will wrap himself around the flag of the only passport he carries and has ever carried. The rest is garbage.

    Harper does not like the way he is being framed by Liberals and most Canadians but all is fair in politics I guess. He will use his ammo and the liberals will eventually respond a tthe right time so may the dirtiest guy win. That is really your take on this.

  • terry1

    I think Iggy is now getting very good responses from writers and others on the attack ads.

    Here are some:

    “As Michael Volpe wrote in the Globe and Mail, however, Ignatieff is “a thinker on global affairs lionized throughout the Western world,” and is it not possible that Canada needs a prime minister who, for more than three decades, excelled at virtually everything he undertook in the two biggest English-speaking democracies? If it’s a change we want, we couldn’t do much better than that.

    About Virtual War by Ignatieff, The Sunday Times said, “It would be hard to find clearer or more elegant examples of contemporary reportage . . . Polished prose technique, eye for the telling detail, and talent for historical exposition.”

    About Lesser Evil, also by Ignatieff, Publishers Weekly said, “An impeccably argued case for how to balance security and liberty in the face of the new kind of threat posed by today’s terrorists.”

    For several years now, Harper has been struggling to write one book about the early history of hockey. Ignatieff, however, has published 17 books. So who’s better at finishing what he starts? I know who Canada’s next prime minister should be, and it isn’t the homebody in the sweater-vest.”

    And this scathing line:
    “Alas, until some conservatives take over the Conservative party, Canadians will be in no position to prove me wrong”.
    or this line
    “This is what we pay for not having a genuinely conservative party in Parliament. For even if such a party were not in power, its existence as an alternative would put pressure on the governing spendthrift party to watch out.”

  • Gabby in QC

    “For several years now, Harper has been struggling to write one book about the early history of hockey. Ignatieff, however, has published 17 books.”
    What idiotic tripe.

    A major difference between Ignatieff and Harper is that Ignatieff has been an observer of public affairs, while Harper has been a participant in them, shaping them. Little wonder then that Harper has not had the time to complete his book on hockey in his idle hours – 'cause he's had none.

  • Wayne

    terry1, you display all the tell-tale signs of a Liberal shill: Failure to answer a question put directly to you, deflecting the issue so as to take attention away from the real subject, and, of course, the name calling.

    I have nothing more to say to you, nor you to me. Good day sir.

  • terry1

    The answer I gave you was a direct comparison to the phoney ads run by the Tories.

    The fact Iggy has lived outside of canada all those years is indisputable so why bother discussing that point.

    Making a glib comment that he would go back to Harvard was stated as a point in reference to a full interview. Sure, he can go back BUT he didn't say he would definitely go back and you got sucked in by the sound bites that purports to be a truth ad.

    The narrow minded view you show also makes it unrealistic to have a discussion with any IQ level to it.

    So good day to you also, sir.

  • terry1

    Gabby the lone QC tory….So you don't think Iggy's books have been more than an observer of public afairs and his tenure at a prestigous university is not participation. your ongoing ignorance of facts is astounding.

    Harper has not shaped anything other than his extreme desire to get a stranglehold on government. He has shown pure contempt for our democratic principles in the way he governs his party and the PMO. His claim to fame with his NCC writings is not something anyone should be proud of. He is bright, no doubt, but not the man to give me or the vast majority of Canadians our trust. Polls continue to show that. Iggy is still building that trust which scares the hell out of the right wing nut bars and thus the attack ads.

    Your Iggy comments are the worst of tripe and reflect the dirty political mindset of the Harpercrite fans.

  • batb


    Who's paying Michael Volpe to write such drivel? 'Guess he's hoping for a Senate seat …

    Silver-spoon-in-mouth Count Iggula is not “lionized throughout the Western world.” What hype!!! Maybe in his own mind he's the king of the jungle, but he's actually a pretty minor player in the pantheon of the Western intelligentsia.

    This country hardly needs an international intellectual, Canadian-come-lately swanning around as its Prime Minister.

  • paulsstuff

    You might want to hold off on Iggy being popular in Quebec Terry. The reason Harper isn't popular in Quebec is the hatchet job Duceppe has done painting him as not good for Quebec. The same thing will happen to Iggy, who in the past has made some not so flattering comments about Quebec and Quebecer's.

    The best way to deal with the seperatists is get rid of their funding advantage in campaigning. Taking away tha $1.95 vote subsidy would be a good start. Ooops, never mind.

  • paulsstuff

    Sure Terry. Iggy rants about an economic crisis, yet still takes time to do book signings. Is a book signing a way of shaping public affairs?

    By the way, Iggy was a professor, professors write books, Harper was and is leader of a federal Canadian Party, and PM for 3 1/2 years. I'm pretty sure he has done a lot more in shaping public affairs than Iggy. Actually Iggy did try and shape public affairs with the green shift, and then when it tanked hung the albatross on his predecessor and still tries and distance itself from it.

  • Gayle

    Maybe it is time for Harper to take responsibility for his own actions. He is the one who cut funding to the arts and wanted to put kids in adult jails. He is also the one who attacked Quebec voters during the coalition “crisis”.

    But you keep blaming someone else for his problems in Quebec. You conservatives say you are about personal responsibility, but I have yet to see evidence of that on these boards.

  • Gabby in QC

    “Gabby the lone QC tory …” Terry1 calls me. : – D
    And my reply?
    “It is better to be alone than in bad company.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    And such anger!
    The angrier he is, the more typos … poor soul.

  • paulsstuff

    Actually Gayle, he wasn't going to put kids in adult jails. They would serve ther time in youth facilities until they turned 18, the same system in effect today. That was actually part of the hatchet job Duceppe used, saying a 14 year old would be fresh meat in an adult prison,, and you fell for it.

    Same with the arts funding. Total funding went up, not down. Funding for a certain aspect was cut because it was not delivering bang for the taxpayer dollar. Again you believed Duceppe.

  • J Webb

    Slight correction. If you do your homework, you will find that money for arts and culture was actually increased during Harper’s last budget. The Arts Council in Quebec re-evaluated where the funding was going. This hadn’t been done for years and was a requirement from the Federal gov’t. to show accountability for tax-payer dollars. The programs which were deemed to be ineffective and of little value in enhancing Quebec culture (many produced overseas), were no longer funded by the Quebec Arts Council It is this aspect that Duceppe distorted to Quebecers, by saying that funding for arts and culture has been cut, which frankly, was not true.
    Harper has NEVER denigrated Quebecers! He is a federalist, devoted to keeping this country together, as any P.M. should be. His remarks were to the Bloc “separtists” who would hold the veto power for the entire country if the coalition had succeeded. If you read the agenda of the NDP/Liberal coalition, the Bloc could in effect, prevent a federal election for 2 1/2 years. This would have allowed an “unelected” government to dictate policy and budget for Canadians with virtually no opposition. The Liberal budget for national programs would have exceeded 27 billion and that does not include health care or defense –and that was BEFORE the recession.
    My last remark is concerning “kids in adult jails”. The legislation was to address VIOLENT offenders with 3 convictions of violent crime — not some kid caught stealing a VCR. Personally, on a case by case basis, elevating SOME juvenile crime to adult court is a responsible way to protect the public.
    As I’m sure you can tell, I am a conservative, and as for personal responsibility, it is my belief that ALL Canadians, regardless of political preference, should educate and inform themselves about the issues. My hope is that you will do that as opposed to repeating someone else’s uninformed opinion. Respectfully,

  • Beer and Popcorn

    Anger and scorn are a tough combination, but these are tough times for terry1.

  • terry1

    Paulsstuff… more of your tory “democratic” reforms I see. cut funding to everyone else while you continue to collect money from church basements in western canada. The rest of Canada is secular, however.

  • terry1

    Beer and popcorn, these are not tough times for me. I see the party I support returning from its purgatory to resume its position as the NGP of this country much as it should be based on the disaster in governance we are experiencing from the harpercrites.

  • Gayle

    Actually, I am pretty good at reading all by myself Paul.

    The problem was that he wanted to have more kids tried as adults, and give them adult sentences.

    The arts funding went up in certain areas only because the government including things like the celebration of Quebec's anniversary as part of funding the arts.

    And in any event, Harper can hardly complain about people lying about his policies, considering the lies he told about the carbon tax, and the lies he is currently telling about the LPC EI proposal.

  • jm

    So what you are saying then Gayle; it is not the reading that is the problem, just the comprehension?

  • terry1

    So tory boys and girls, are the attack ads working?
    lets see now with a new poll out today:

    Toronto Star-Angus Reid national poll:
    Liberals: 33%
    Conservatives: 31%
    NDP: 17%
    Bloc: 9%
    Greens: 7%
    “However, while 42 per cent of poll respondents said their opinion of Ignatieff worsened after seeing the ad about the Liberal leader, 50 per cent said their opinion of Harper also worsened.

    While the ad attempts to portray Ignatieff as an arrogant elitist, Canadians actually think Harper is the more arrogant, said Mario Canseco, vice-president of Angus Reid Strategies. And the reaction of the respondents who watched Ignatieff's rebuttal – airing on YouTube – was “remarkably positive.”

    Ignatieff's time in Britain and the United States is so far a “non-issue” for voters, Canseco said.

    The big problem for Ignatieff is that the Conservative ads are reaching a wide audience on television while the Liberal response has limited viewers on the Internet.

    The poll reveals that the Liberals have support of 33 per cent of voters nationally, the Conservatives have 31 per cent, the NDP 17 per cent, Bloc Québécois 9 per cent and Green party 7 per cent.

    It also shows the Liberals have a 7-point lead over the Conservatives in Ontario (43 per cent to 36 per cent). In B.C., the Liberals are in second place behind the Conservatives (45 to 26). In Quebec, the Liberals trail the Bloc by just three points (36 to 33) with Conservatives far behind at 10 per cent.

    “If you look take a look at the areas where the growth is coming, it could spell trouble for the Tories,” Canseco said.”

    I say things are going well for Liberals in this country and not so well for the harpercrites. Iggy's U tube rebuttal which went over well is a prelude to how they will make Harpercrite pay for his sins.

    I wonder when the Tory progressives will finally come out of the closet and push the reformatory regressives along with Harper over the cliff.

  • terry1

    Well well Tory boys and girls…we have yet another poll that spells good times for the country post Harper:

    “Minority government possible for Liberals, poll suggests
    EKOS survey indicates Ignatieff's party would clip Harper Tories in election tomorrow
    Last Updated: Monday, June 1, 2009 | 7:16 AM ET Comments185Recommend61CBC News
    News of the federal deficit topping $50 billion appears to have put the Liberals slightly ahead of the Conservatives in a poll asking Canadians how they would vote if an election were held tomorrow.

    The EKOS poll released Monday exclusively for the CBC suggests the Liberals would likely squeak into a minority government.

    The poll found 33.5 per cent of respondents would vote Liberal. Another 32.3 per cent said they would vote Conservative, and 15.1 per cent said they would vote NDP.

    The poll of 10,896 randomly selected Canadians was conducted between May 7 and May 28. “

    Please note the large numbers of people polled and the dates they were polled. There is change in the air.
    Just think Iggy has not really responded to the last attack ads and I'm sure the back room bullies will be sending out a new batch of even more nasty stuff. Nor has he issued an election platform yet and obviously doesn't need to at this time.

    Now do I still sound angry?…LOL

  • paulsstuff

    More kids tried as adults for the most serious crime Gayle, and usually repeat offenders.

    Fill me in Gayle, what lies about the E.I proposal.

  • paulsstuff

    Ya, your right Terry. More important to support a seperatist group than what's right for Canada.

    And Terry, is that more of that Liberal tolerance? I guess people in church basements(whatever the hell that means), aren't Canadain because they might vote Conservative.

    Tell ya what Terry. The Conservative Party has strong support from the Jewish community. Make a similar statement about that demographic group donating to the party. Go ahead. I dare you.

  • Omanator

    Disenchanted, you may not like the so called anti-American style. But when all is said and done, the USA has
    closed the border with Canada, no matter all the sweet words of Napolitano.