Seen on Parliament Hill – despite Michael Ignatieff’s best wishes

This fellow was just off of Parliament Hill today showing passers-by a portable video playing the video clip of Michael Ignatieff saying “You have to decide what kind of America you want. Right? You have to decide. It’s your country [the US] just as much as it is mine.” The clip can be seen in the Conservative Party’s “definition” ads on the Leader of the Opposition.

Aparently, the man dressed as Uncle Sam was protesting Michael Ignatieff’s attempts to goad C-SPAN into ordering a cease-and-decist against the Conservatives for using video from their network.

Glen MacGregor of the Ottawa Citizen reports from an interview with C-SPAN’s Bruce Collins,

“He wanted to know if we were aware if our video was being used in this way,” Collins said. “If our rights were being violated, he wanted us to enforce them.”

Collins goes on to say,

“There’s nothing legal to do with it, Collins said. “Given the way video is used throughout the world, with YouTube, it would be fruitless.”

Collins says he watched the ad and believes it falls within the fair-use provisions in copyright law because of the short length and subject matter.

“It’s the highest form of speech — political speech,” he said, adding there would be no economic loss to C-SPAN resulting from the ad.

One might have thought that Michael Ignatieff would have read the first amendment to the US Constitution protecting speech during the decades he was abroad. For someone who claims ownership of the United States as Ignatieff does, he should believe in political free speech, even if such rights are generally not afforded Canadians when it comes to using CBC and CPAC footage.



  • Omanator

    Gayle I Live in Quebec and I want to see kids with major crimes in adult jail. I also resent the fact that my tax $ are being spend on not so clean movies. You people are all alike all you care about is how much money you can get from the rest of Canada and of course power.

  • Omanator

    I suggest we ignore the constant liberal drivel from Terry. It is getting boring.

  • terry1

    Paulsstuff…did Harper not approach and make a deal with Duceppe to go to the GG and dump Martin in 2005…stop with the hypocrisy. It doesn't work with me.

    My point is that Canada is a secular Country and I have no use for relions or religious types having overstated power over a poltiical party. Manning and his other religious types including Stock boy keep thos epeople in the limelight because its their agenda they want pushed and Harper has to and wants to go along with it but cannot do it with hs minority.

    The Liberal party also has strong support form the Jewish community and has a very prominent Jewish MP who was justice minister in the last government. The liberals have proven they don't discriminate but you apparently do by your comments.
    By the way guess who named the current GG.

  • terry1

    You mean reporting polls that don't suit your fancy is Liberal drivel!!! The IQ gets lower and lower as the polls sink your party…..LOL

  • terry1

    Jim, she's not a tory so comprehension is never an issue.

  • paulsstuff

    Terry, hate to burst your bubble buddy, but Liberal's were down almost 4 points from April, Conservative's up by two points.

    Remember. Google is your friend.

  • paulsstuff

    Read your comment again Terry. People in church basements. Which religous gruop were you referring Terry?

    Is one religous gruop not worty of donating to a political party?

    So again Terry, make the same comment, only substitue Jewish, Muslim, Asian, whatever you want.

    You won't, and you know why. Because that was probably the most pathetic comment I've seen posted on here, and you appear to be selective with your racism.

    By the way, stating Canada is secular goes against everything the Liberal Party is supposed to stand for, being all inclusive regardless of religion, age sex, ethnicity.

  • Gayle

    The YCJA already allows for youth to be sentenced as adults for more serious crimes, should the circumstances require.

    What Harper wanted to do was make that automatic – which he actually could not do because of the recent SCC decision on adult sentences. So what he proposed was giving youth adult sentences, but he would call them “youth sentences” in a feeble effort to suggest they were not one and the same.

    All this against a backdrop of falling youth crime…

  • Gayle

    Harper says the LPC are proposing a permanent change in EI, when in fact they are proposing a temporary change.

  • Gayle

    How nice for you. Sadly for you the majority of your fellow Quebecers think differently.

    I know how you feel – I live in Alberta and do not vote conservative.

  • MaryT

    No matter how clean Iggy is from all the scandals of the libs, he still has all those that were involved in many of the scandals ect in his caucus. They would still be there if he is PM. That is the problem. And I disagree, most cdns have not embraced the visitor.
    Just wait till Duceppe takes after Iggy in Quebec. It is separtist votes Iggy is going after.
    I spent the weekend travelling on Greyhound, Listened to conversations of cdns going to many places, and Iggy and his EI was not a popular topic. Lots of positive comments on the visitor ads. The msm and libs might think they are backfiring but they are not. People are paying attention.

  • Gabby in QC

    Re: EKOS poll
    “Conservatives slipping, Liberals gaining: EKOS poll
    Governing party's support dropping in Ontario, Quebec, survey suggests
    Last Updated: Thursday, April 16, 2009
    Asked which party they would support if an election were held tomorrow, 36.7 opted for the Liberals while 30.2 per cent chose the Conservatives. About 15.5 per cent supported the NDP, while the Green party was the choice of 8.1 per cent and the Bloc Québécois was backed by 9.4 per cent. …”

    But here's the latest
    “Minority government possible for Liberals, poll suggests
    Survey indicates Ignatieff's party would top Tories in election tomorrow
    Last Updated: Monday, June 1, 2009
    The poll found 33.5 per cent of respondents would vote Liberal. Another 32.3 per cent said they would vote Conservative, and 15.1 per cent said they would vote NDP. …

    Harper preferred as PM choice
    The news is not all encouraging for the Liberals, whose leader, Michael Ignatieff, trailed Conservative Leader Stephen Harper when respondents were asked who would make the best prime minister.
    Thirty per cent chose Harper, 26 per cent opted for Ignatieff … “

    Now let's see one of the questions asked
    Q. All things considered, would you say the COUNTRY/GOVERNMENT OF CANADA is moving in the right direction or the wrong direction?
    May 7-28 2009 (results June 1)
    55% Right direction 35% wrong direction 11% don’t know (COUNTRY)
    46% right direction 42% wrong direction 12% don’t know (GOVERNMENT OF CANADA)
    How do those figures compare with last April?
    Apr. 8-13 2009
    47% right direction 41% wrong direction 12% don’t know (COUNTRY)
    38% right direction 49% wrong direction 13% don’t know (GOVERNMENT OF CANADA)

    Has there been a change from April to June? Yes.
    8% surge in approval rating in both “the country and the government are going in the right direction” ratings.

  • terry1

    Paulsstuff,,,,,,I think you need to look at the trends as the pollsters are. They see where the Liberal votes are more efficient and will get Iggy elected. The recession is not yet over with the worst news still to come and of course another Flatulence “update”.

    Remember, the pollsters are smarter than you.

  • DougM

    Ahh, Batb you’re getting there but there is a lot more than just that. As far back as Trudeau, when he campaigned against Joe Clark’s Wage and Price controls and gas tax, them imposed a more draconian version as soon as he was in power, to Chretien’s campaign on re-writing NAFTA and cancelling the GST, to his more recent Red book in which he failed to do a single thing in it, the Liberals have made lying to the Canadian Public part of their brand. Paradox – is a person a liar because he’s a liberal or do liars just normally gravitate to the Liberal Party of Canada? Is PMSH perfect? Nope, but of the five things he promised, he delivered four while the other was held up in the Liberal dominated Senate. He did back down on theTrust funds – because if he didn’t when everybody started to hide their taxes in that haven the Govt’ would have lost too much revenue – those same people who want all the Govt services.

    The fact is, that while the Liberals promise things, they never deliver – instead we get , as you say, Shawinigate, the HRDC boondoggle, the overinflated Gun registry, Adscam therGrand mere affair etc. and you name it. Essentially, and based on their record to date, the LPC seems as much a criminal organization as it is a political one – no wonder they took so long to come up with anti-gang legislation – they had to figure out how to bring it in so they weren’t going to be caught up in it. But I digress…

    Those in the center keep talking about “Separation” as though Quebec is some necessary part of it. Quebec is convienent, but not necessary – the west has bankrolled Canada for decades at about 244 billion per year while Quebec eats up about 16 of that. I have family back there and I enjoy Quebec – but it isn’t the center of the universe any more than Toronto is. Those in the west that are looking at their own version of Separation are very, very different from Quebec. They have no intention of holding Canada hostage, which has always been Quebec’s intention becuase it continued to work very well for them. In part because they don’t need to, the West is not in the same game and as each Liberal over the last decades coldn’t drop a writ without degrading Alta they listened. When the stupidity of the coalition of idiots came out there was a subtle shift in the mindset. (The press at the time called it “seething rage”) and it wasn’t nice conversation about how they could get more money out of the center. The Liberals have given up the North and screwed the rest of the country and its going to be interesting if the screw ups can be reversed. Frankly I’m not sure if Quebec will accept Canada becuase its in their economic interest to do so (those that wish to be Emperor of Quebec dont’ care about the economics) or the west will evict everything east of Manitouba, but for the next decade or two, they better hope for leaders from the west that can defuse the emotion that the idiots ignited or there will be new borders being drawn.

    Every time the Libs and the press complain about the “attack adds” on poor Mr. Absentee, I think of the way they went after Stockwell Day, and smile. The Conservatives learned from that and now -when the press won’t investigate, discuss or debate, the Conservatives will even if it takes their own money. While it isn’t illegal, voting for the LPC should be morally considered an act of disloyalty to Canada. They seek power for powers sake – if not they would have instituted their platforms or at the very least – tried to move on them as Harper did. For once we have someone with integrity to lead the country – even if he has to go to the states to get a viable interview – but in what were probably the only true words Trudeau ever said “The incompetance of the press is matched only by their nastiness”, maybe the next generation of them will not be so programed by the LPC – The Lying Party of Canada”

  • terry1

    Gabby the lone QC tory…..please read the full EKOS poll and you will see where tney noted Harper's started falling off badly after announcing the $50BB defict. The real effect of that fall off will show up in the June11 update of the poll.

    Keep those dreams alive.

  • Gabby in QC

    EKOS poll:
    “But the situation is clearly quite volatile, and neither party could force an election right now confident that they would win, much less form a majority. …
    Michael Ignatieff trails Stephen Harper as the choice for “best prime minister”. …”

  • Leah

    Stew, Wayne Gretzky isn’t running for prime minister!

  • Observant

    Here’s your proto-typical Uncle Iggy Doodle Dandy comin’ back to Canada:

    or …

  • batb

    Hey! Where are today's comments?

  • batb

    Hey! Where are today's comments?