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  1. You've got a pile of nerve talking about the Harris regime when this McGuinty regime beats all in the list of bad governments in this province.
    He's taxing us out of our homes at this point. Metering everything but the air we breath, legislating away decisions we should be allowed to make for ourselves in a free society. Our quality of life is going down rapidly as a result.

    At least Harris has a large following of people who remember him for much of the good stuff he did, he wasn't perfect but he was not a supreme liar. He's famous for doing what he said he would do. Your man McGuinty cannot be touted as a man of his word, his word in no good. This recession has been a crutch for him to try to lean on but he was headed for trouble from day one. He's fortunate the people of Torontario tolerate and reward even someone who lies to them.

  2. Good questions Stephen, too bad he wouldn't answer on any policy though. You asked for specific McGuinty policies that were bad and he talked about jobs being lost… unless McGuinty actually had a Job Loss Act where it kicked people out of work, that isn't an answer. Hopefully he has more substance at some point in this race.

  3. Stephen,

    Is it me or did he dodge the senate question? I’m leaning towards Tim, but at least Randy Hillier supports an elected Senate, according to his website. I don’t like that Tim didn’t really answer the question when you put it to him. Conservative values, okay, that’s great. But did he mean that to include senate reform?

  4. If I was a card-carrying Conservative Party of Ontario member, Tim Hudak would have my enthusiastic support.

    He sounds like a very creditable candidate. I like his 14 years of experience, 12 more than Iggy, as a matter of fact, and his emphasis on rewarding hard work and ingenuity, on defending private property, on living within one's means, and on building a strong middle class. Under the federal and provincial Liberals, we've seen the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and a diminishing middle class.

    Tim Hudak's got Dalton McGuinty's number — that he has no new ideas and no practical solutions to Ontario's problems except tax and spend. This “solution” has got us into deeper trouble and an economic morass: Ontario is now a have-not province, “thanks” to the McGuinty Liberals.

    In the next election, I'll be voting for Tim Hudak's Conservatives if he becomes the Ontario Tory leader.

  5. I hope Tim wins and becomes the next Premier of Ontario. Thanks to Dalton we have become a “have-not” province. On top of that the public service has ballooned almost 29% with 56,000 employees making more than $100 thousand a year while ordinary canadians are losing their jobs. Tim has what it takes to govern Ontario prudently and effectively. Here's a link to a post the last time we talked.


  6. Hey Stephen, just one critique: I noticed you touched yourself about 8 times in the first 5 minutes of the interview. Very unprofessional. Nervous habit or what?

  7. Nope! I was in Montreal to give a guest lecture at McGill. I left my power supply for my laptop in the classroom and I only realized this when I got back to my hotel room and my work to set up the interview on the laptop was running out of power! I also needed a microphone because the onboard mic on the laptop picks up a lot of background noise and from the internal fans that cool the CPU. Long story short… I rushed back to McGill from my hotel room to pick up the power supply, scrambled to Future Shop to pick up a mic and then back to my hotel room. I think I might have set a groundspeed record… and being a warm spring day in Montreal wearing a suit I was just starting to get a few beads of sweat. So, yeah… 😉

  8. He's got the swagger – I think we are looking at the next premier of Ontario..

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