• Jeff

    CBC has absolutely no credibility.

    The previous CBC News editor John Cruickshank admitted that CBC had a bias problem… and then promptly quit to run the country's largest left activist rag, The Toronto Star.

    After Erikson, expect lefty nutters like Judy Rebick, and Avi Lewis to be doing “unbiased” news reports soon about evil Conservatives.

    End. CBC. Funding. Now.

  • JDot

    Nice, my tax money at work(eyes roll)…

  • Robert

    I hope there are cuts to the CBC in the Budget tomorrow.

  • MaryT

    What a surprise, Parliament back in session so liberals need someone to write their questions for them, and have someone prepare the answers for the media. She has experience in this.

  • http://cap-c.blogspot.com Capital C

    Interesting, at least she's not covering federal politics…

    As for the site, I had a feeling it was yours. Has she contacted you for her piece?

    Also, as a side note, do you have a running total of the signatures on the strike site? It'd be interesting to see.

  • batb

    Re your Tweet comment “Calling it a day.” For how long? 'Hope it's just temporary!

    The CBC is a poor joke, something I wouldn't mind if I wasn't paying for it. While the rest of us tighten our belts and prioritize, the CBC lurches from unprincipled excess to unprincipled excess. They continue to squander our hard-earned tax dollars with no thought to their mandate of balance and fairness in reporting. Erikson should have been fired. Instead, she was sequestered in the CEEB backrooms and now reappears like a shiny new penny.

    I have to say, however, that I'm-Peter-Mansbridge-and-You're-Not looked pretty spooked last night when reporting on the global financial meltdown. 'Can't say that I felt particularly sorry for him.

  • alan

    I saw her little clip last night. She is quite attractive, but as I’m watching her speak, I can only think of Pablo.

    For the life of me I don’t know how on earth she couldn’t go with her own questions to ask instead of being fed the Liberal-devised ones. It’s like she had the opportunity to study for a test, but chose to cheat instead.
    Why the CBC brought her back just perplexes me as well.

    What pictures does hse have of Jeff Keay?

  • Ronald

    CBC has unquestionably no credibility and this is further substantiation. A private entity would have shown Krista the exit and washed their hands of her. On the lighter side, I ponder how her Liberal confidante is taking this issue? Perhaps he is chomping at the bit for further news feeds. The good thing about this issue, Krista is back to regional news scripts. An accident going somewhere to happen. Optimistically, the economical cutbacks to the CBC will have some positive effect, and on the condition that they require assistance with who should be terminated, I will cheerfully yield liberally of my time and supply names.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    How can the CBC call themselves unbiased when a commentator can collude with the Liberal party and provide questions directly to them, be ‘punished’ by getting a stint in another section of the company and then be back in prime time before we know it?

    Isn’t this encouraging this type of behaviour ?(nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

    I think if a private organization or one that is run by shareholders wishes to make this decision that is one thing. It is completely different for a taxpayer-funded, national broadcaster.

    When it comes to the CBC I hope the PM cuts, and cuts deep..

  • Patrick B

    The new “Publisher” of the CBC News said last week that she wanted to improve the CBC’s already fair and impartial performance. This week Keith Boag lays into Harper in a column on the CBC website: it’s the nastiest piece of work I’ve seen from a person who is acknowledged to be one of the least impartial of the CBC stable. Now we see Erickson coming back. She should have been fired at the time. Instead she was salted away in Toronto for a while, no doubt knowing that the “Come Back, Krista, all is forgiven” call was merely a matter of time.

    The CBC cannot be reformed without a total turn-over in staff. It is infested with lefty, patronising, entitlement-seeking mediocrities, up to an including Mansbridge, and down to the meanest copy-editor and researcher.

  • MaryT

    Has she always been blond. I thought she had dark hair in her dealing with Pablo.

  • John Bibb

    Stephen, what are you using to make that php email capture form?

  • Jordan

    Where is the investigation into collusion between Mike Duffy and the PMO?

  • Jordan

    Where is the investigation into collusion between Mike Duffy and the PMO?