In response to the madness that has occurred on Parliament Hill within the last week – the Conservatives announcing their economic statement, the Opposition foaming at the mouth over it, the revelation that this was all contrived as a NDP-Bloc plan to install a Liberal government was in the works for “a long time” and so on – has launched.

I for one think that while the opposition has the right to play their games, this is the wrong time for Canada. We just came through an election and the Prime Minister earned a mandate to lead Canada through the economic crisis. Do we really want the Bloc Quebecois dictating the terms of the next government? Do we want the NDP at the economic helm as people stand on the verge of losing their jobs across Canada?

I put together the website to support the grassroots efforts already underway to organize rallies in cities all across this great country. People who want Parliament to stop bickering and get back to work are joining up and spreading the word. Less than 1% of Canadians are members of political parties and most people think of politics for a full 7 seconds a week. The rest of Canada worries about their kids, their paycheque and their mortgage payment.

So, go join up at and if you can help organize or provide logistical support, please email me.

If you’re on Facebook, please donate your status update to include “”.

If you’re using Twitter, tweet using the hashtag #canadarally.

If you’re a talkshow radio host or producer, let’s get the word out.

We need to get Parliament back to work and provide political stability so that we can attain economic stability.



  • gwgm

    Just sent this to the Governor General, as …. and received confirmation of its receipt moments later.

    “I would like to register my opinion that the Liberal / Bloc / NDP coalition should not be given the opportunity to govern Canada.

    To permit this outcome would set a dangerous precedent that will change the course of Canadian history, for the worse.

    If you endorse the coalition’s plan, going forward, the ‘losers’ of every election will act within weeks of their defeat at the polls to form a coalition of the losers… thereby subverting the will of the electorate. The rationale to have the Governor General back their plot will always be, “we just had an election, and no one wants another one.”

    If the current scheme succeeds, it will set in stone the precedent of toppling governments in short order, for no other purpose than taking power without the trouble of winning an election. This timing of this tactic shouldn’t be the rationale for permitting what is, in effect, a coup.

    Democracy costs.
    It costs money. And in the past, it has cost blood.

    To hand over the government to a group who were bent on stealing power within moments of their electoral defeat (as the tape of the NDP conference call clearly reveals), to a group led by a man who doesn’t enjoy the confidence of his own party, and backed by a man who is bent of the destruction of Canada…. would, I’m afraid, put our democracy and our country in peril.

    Canada deserves better. People are already justifiably cynical about their governments. If the price of preserving our system, and our country, is $300 million for another election, it’s a pittance compared to the alternative.

    The bottom line is that during the recent election, no one entered the polling booth having been offered the opportunity to vote in favour of being governed by a coalition of the Liberals, the Bloc and the NDP. Canadians didn’t want and don’t deserve that outcome.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • IKnox

    “Moving forward it is hard to imagine the Libs. making inroads in the west.”

    Haha! Yeah, because if it wasn’t for this, it was easy to imagine the Liberals making inroads in the west.

  • proud

    We are retired teachers living on Vancouver Island (Nanaimo). What can we do here to bring more media spotlight on just how angry we Canadians are at the damage these power-desperate egomaniacs are doing to our country?! Their timing could not possibly have been worse, but they obviously do not care! My wife & I have voted NDP for the past four decades, but Jack Layton's recent insane lust for a cabinet posting & the delusions of that lightweight Dion dimwit has ensured that we will not vote for either of those parties for a very long time!

    Please let us know what we can do here in the mid-island area to help force those irresponsible conspirators to wake up.

  • Donna

    I don’t know how anyone can go along with this coalition of three “stooges” who decided that they can govern the country better than the elected party.They are going to put 30 billion into the economy but they can’t say how or where it is going or where it is coming from or when they will implement it. Some of this is the Canadians fault, more than 60% of the puplic should have voted and we wouldn’t be in this predicament today.THis is all a political ploy on behalf of the NDP, LIBS, and the Bloc. I hope that they can all sleep at night as they will destroy Canada as we know it today.

  • Joanne TB

    Good job on City Online at noon, Stephen!


    the very fack that Dion and Layton would collude with Duceppe to bring down a democraticlly elected government in this fashion, just demonstrates what traitors they are to this country……if this insurrection is allowed to go forward then it is time for a new form of government…………..FUBAR

  • Lorna Davis

    I agree that the GG should take into consideration the demands of most Canadians. We don’t want this cobbled together government . It would surely destroy Canada. Harper has made a mistake but please GG don’t make the rest of Canadians pay for it. Do your job. Protect Canada or there will be hell to pay if the Conservative government falls and these three failures become our government.

  • liz

    i agree with that statement. this is not a time to play politics with a coalition power grap. i hope that this will wake some parts of canada a vote in a PC. majority. WAKE UP people. this is the worst time for us in this economic downturn and not a time for this childish power grap. six weeks age canadians voted, give the PM. a chance. i hope that he will make the most of this a prove that he is a real leader. GOOO!! Mr. harper. God be with you.

  • Richard Romano

    Wow, great argument! That must have earned you an A in Political Science class…it’s an F in the real world.

  • Laurel

    Judging from some of the contributors to this web site that are happy and supportive about the coalition’s power grab, they are severely lacking in foresight. This will set a dangerous precedence for future elections. We the people will vote for one party, and the losers will gang up and overtake the government. We will be the laughing stock of the world. We are not a third world country, yet we may need other countries to over-see our elections. -Just like the third world countries who can’t be trusted to put in power the democratically elected party! How can we send assistance to these countries during their elections, when we can’t even look after our own country’s democratically elected government? It is ridiculous to think that EVERY party that LOST the election in Canada will usurp our government and govern in their stead!

  • eric84

    Here’s what an ideological ally thinks our website and the bricks and bats day concept.

  • gus

    I don’t know about about Harper “earning” the right to lead Canada. His party is in a minority position afterall. Unless and until it’s shown that it’s unconstitutional to have a coalition government, I don’t see what the problem is. I guess the other way of seeing it is that a majority of Canadians voted for these other parties that have now decided to work together. The real question is how do the voters of these parties feel about it.

  • Liz J

    With Layton and the Bloc wanting a pull out of Afghanistan now, that will be a done deal. They both want the Khadr trerrorist spawn back home from Guantanamo , that will be a done deal.

    If they listen to the people these fools on the Hill will not get their grubby paws on power. Haven’t seen such an outcry from across the land since the threat of Quebec separation.

  • Josef

    The “MakeParliamentWork” (for egomaniacs) have a website. Full of crap, like “oh Harper worked w/ the Bloc”. Yeah, he did… to force an election, not take power.

    PMSH, please call an election.

  • Robyn

    Is no one going to discuss the possibility of MP’s crossing the floor over this? Surely there are some Liberal/NDP/Bloc MP’s out there that wouldn’t want Dion as their leader….

  • rory

    Here’s an idea: Why not a REFERENDUM?

    If PMSH is successful in proroguing Parliament and the house does not resume until the end of January, is that sufficient enough time (7 weeks)to put together a referendum question to Canadians, just like with the Charlottetown accord?

    The question would be quite simple…

    Do you support the duly elected government of Canada?


    Do you support a Liberal-NDP-Bloc coaltion to run the country?

    How could this cabal be opposed to that idea? How would they explain to Canadians that giving us a say is a bad idea?

    Is it possible that the gov’t can do this?

  • Laurel

    Do you realise this situation caused by the coup will cost Canadians 900 million dollars? That is a big price tag to just throw away the results of an election.

  • john matheson

    I look at other countries around the world rally together to put thier country back in economic shape and we have a government that is going to hell in a hand-basket . Politicians from all parties should be ashamed of themselves and get their acts together and leave the seperatists in Quebec and get to work doing what they were elected to do.

  • Peggy

    I would love to get people on Parliament Hill on Saturday. How can we spread the word quickly so the hill is packed with people who are against this horrific situation

  • ROb H

    And I say – let’s give them more support. When you keep giving in to blackmail, you keep getting blackmailed. Enough. Shake their hands, say, “thanks for the memories” and say good bye. They have a right to their own self-determination – their province clearly supported a separatist government, respect that democratic reflection, abolish the “Clarity Act” and say, “good luck”.

  • ROb H

    Your comments echo just why Western Canada has no place in confederation.. this comment, as asinine as it is, would serve as an apt headline on every Western Canadian newspaper.. with the following commentary..

    “This is what the rest of Canada thinks of your hopes and dreams.”

  • Doug McLeod

    Ever notice how the left (And I inclued the CBC propaganda machine here) called Cretin, who is more of a thug than Harper could ever be, a “streetfighter” but Harper, well he’s a “bully”. The last time a GG tried to do this was in 1926 – he got away with it (and the libs then went after the decision for 50 years – but that was to their avantage) and he, Byng, was escorted to the borders and wished a very nice day.
    The point of course is that while the coup may be legal, it certainly overturns democracy as is against moral and democratic principles. I find it strange that we have people in Afghanistan trying to bring democracy to there while we have people in Canada trying to destroy it.

  • R K

    we must call an election to save Canada.from a true Canadian not a liberal

  • Josef

    Saw you on CBC – you did great.

  • Timwest

    Some facts for the 3 Stooges………….. Wish MSM would be more honest ?

    The difference then between 2004 and 2008 is that this government did NOT do anything corrupt and it was just recently elected by 5,000,000 or so Canadians with 143 seats — a stronger mandate to govern. And, before anyone tells me the Conservatives did not get a majority of votes (meaning some 60% voted for another party), here are the statistics of what has been tradition for all minority governments since 1963. You will note that it was okay for Liberal minority governments to govern with an equally low percentage of the popular vote.

    1963: Liberal minority with 41.52%
    1965: Liberal minority with 40.18%
    1972: Liberal minority with 38.42%
    1974: Liberal majority with 43.15%
    1980: Liberal majority with 43.15%
    1993: Liberal majority with 41.24%
    1997: Liberal majority with 38.46%
    2000: Liberal majority with 40.85%
    2004: Liberal minority with 36.73%
    2006: Conservative minority with 36.27%
    2008: Conservative minority with 37.65

  • RoyallyPOed

    Well done on this site Stephen. Kudos also on the rally. but lest not think that this is enough. The left, from Russia to Venezuela has always considered democracy a problem to be ignored when compared to them seizing power and Dion the milquetoast professer, has turned into a powermad nutbar content to take down both his party and the country to seize 24 Sussex.

    The problem is that the GG is after all, an unelected Liberal appointee. So for those that believe in elections we will probably need to go further. We have a week to plan. For those who have winter capable motor homes or RVs make sure their fuelled up – if the three stooges get in, take them to the airports and park them on the runways -take you friends with you. Have an old car? Have it ready to block off railways and roads – get ready for a party. For those who know heavy electrical, find the switching stations near where you live and have a pair of bold cutters handy to open the cabinets. The Russians call it “general winter” and they use it to help them – if the duly elected government is overthrown by these liars, lets do the same. Make the country ungovernable and show them what civl disobediance is from Halifax to Victoria. We have Canadian soldiers dying in Afghanistan trying to bring democracy to that country – the least we can do to honour those who have died is prevent its subversion here.

  • RoyallyPOed

    Gawd I get a kick out of these poor deluded lefties who use Bush like a weapon. Methinks I know why they want to legalize drugs – clearly right now they are threatened.

    Harper is giving stable fiscal management – the Libs and NDP want to piss money in beofre they know if it will do any good – Like Bush

    Harper won his last election by getting more seats that the Libs and Knee deepers combined – but after losing they now want to go to a popular vote sytsem – like they do in the land of Bush

    Harper they called a bully yet compared to Cretin, Stevie is a schoolboy, but the left liked the “streefighter” becuase he was from Quebec, the bully thing is only if you're from the west.

    Not to worry, these parties would be dead if not allowed to feed from the public trough for funding – their own supporters would donate to them. Be ready to take them down, but don't stand in the way of them doing it themselves.

  • Jay Hager

    I am totally sickenned that a seperatist alliance may be on the brink of distroying this country. I do not understand how the leader of the liberal party, (that his own party does not want or more importantly that the country has rejected )become the leader of Canada. How do liberals sleep at night knowing the only way they get control is to be backed by socialists, and a party that has a sole purpose of distroying my country. That is not democracy, it is a coo against the elected goverment. Wars are fought for less, and I would fight in one to prevent this. Let the people decide back to the poles, Conservitives or the left alliance.
    ,Disgusted Albertan

  • Al

    This all sounds like treason to me and the coalition should be treated the way all treasonus bastards would have been treated in the past. We elected the conservatives to govern, not a bunch of cry babies that are unhappy with what Canadians dealt them, time to dissolve the country and organise some type of system that works and is responsive to the people they are supposed to represent. And how is it that a party that exists only in one province and who’s sole purpose is to destroy the country gets funded by us and sits in parliment? I’m thuroughly disgusted with this whole situation, can we not recall all our politicians and just fire them.

  • Lou

    I am as offended by this coup d’état and feel that those egotistical politicians have set this country back to the Banana Republic stage.

    If they are not respecting the electorates’ decision to elect the Conservatives, why the heck campaign and have an election then?

    Dion wasn’t good enough to lead the party, now he would be leading the country. That is one scary thought. Of course, we all know that Jack would pull the muppet’s strings, kiss Duceppe’s ass to give more to Quebec and Ignatieff or Ray are just licking their chops waiting for the big tittle in May.

    Now for the stimulus package… where are we going to get the money for this?

    What I am not reading anywhere is the fact that Barak Obama has, on more than one occasion, made it quite clear that he would reward companies that keep the jobs in the US and heavily tax those who outsource to other countries. Would the tax be so heavy that it would become a deterrent and enable US based companies to compete with the wages paid in China and Mexico? What’s to stop him now from providing heavy incentives to the Big 3 Automotive manufacturing companies if they repatriate all the auto manufacturing jobs to the US. After all, right now, 70% of the cars manufactured in Canada are shipped for sale in the US, yet we keep building them cars….. and they aren’t buying… and the dealerships are piling them up. Why then wouldn’t the Canadian government be prudent in how much MORE money we throw at automotive manufacturing companies that may be decimated in the near future.

    Incentives for the Big 3, why not for Joe the plumber? Of course, Joe doesn’t generate as many votes which is what Jack Layton is after.

    This whole charade is disgusting.

  • batb

    Stephen, please tell us what time these rallies are taking place.

    I, and a whole lot of other people who want to support democracy in Canada and attend these rallies are not members of Facebook or Twitter. Please don’t let us be marginalized just because we aren’t signed up to these Internet “newbies’.

  • batb

    Pat: “I can’t believe how stupid Harper was to think that the Liberal, NDP and Bloc would do some self sacrifice to help the country.”

    Pat, I am convinced that Prime Minister Stephen Harper (I never call our Prime Minister “Harper”) knew totally what he was doing. Have you ever had to deal with bullies? I have. And what I’ve found out is that the only way to effectively deal with them is to STARE THEM DOWN, SMOKE THEM OUT. Aquiescing to them, compromising with them, just gets you in deeper trouble and increasing indignity. All Hell breaks loose for awhile, but in the end facing a bully and staring them down tends to have them skulking away with their tails between their legs. Too many people want instant change–or instant warm fuzzies. But if, like Stephen Harper and his party, you’re willing to take it on the chin and wait it out, having challenged the tyrannical bullies, the a**hats usually give in and disappear in a POOF of smoke.

    Unfortunately, however, bullies like Dion, Layton, and Duceppe, don’t balk at blackmail. Their bullying game will never stop until Prime Minister Harper, on behalf of the Canadian people, stops running from them, turns around, faces them, and tells them, “Get the Hell out of my face. Put up or shut up. Deal with the realities here, now, outfront, NOT with smoke and mirrors and innuendos.”

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper is risking a great deal but he would have risked even more for Canadians and our democracy if he hadn’t called the Liberals, NDPs, and Bloc Quebecois’ bluff.

    God bless Canada and our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

  • Michael Watkins

    Stephen – do you only support “democracy” when it threatens the party’s position in parliament?

    I don’t recall you speaking up at all when Stephen Harper authorized and entered into secret negotiations with David Emerson to overturn the votes of Vancouver-Kingsway residents. Emerson was in talks with Harper’s representative less than 24 hours after the ballots were counted.

    And did you moan for democracy when Stephen Harper broke his own law in calling for an election, purely for partisan political advantage, more than a year in advance of what his own law set out as the lawful fixed election date? No, I don’t believe you did.

    Apparently being a “fellow” at the Manning Centre for Building Democracy has nothing at all to do with actually building, or respecting, democracy.

  • Rita Mitchell

    Stephen, do we really want to be governed by the Bloc? Layton, Dion and Duceppe should all resign for creating chaos in our Country.

  • John Gallant

    As a veteran I am appalled at labour coming out because they cant get tax payers monies..

    Mr. Harper should call an election..For the labour spokesperson to say we cant afford another 300million for an election shows he has a personal interest dollar wise..It is far better to spend 300 million on an election then to spend 30 BILLION on him and his interests at the expense of the taxpayers…I find it beyond the pale for these people to say Canadians dont want another election.THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL Canadians especially me…Its no more then blantent outright spin to scare people.. As for Mss. Green CBC should not be asking her for any advice we faltly rejected her and the Green party …

  • JosefK

    Trying to get AM 770 in Calgary – keep getting kicked out.

  • Kelly Jamieson

    So then you dissapprove of the times the Conservatives sang this song in the HOC? I’m just pointing out the karma here.

  • Jen

    One thing I do know is not to trust the coalition MSM; they have been driven told ordered whipped into manipulating the public some of them who have no clue as to what has happened.
    It reminds me of Saddam’s or Putin’s media, no one knows what actually is going on until the people took /take matters into their own hands by adapting themselves to listen to outside radio stations for some sort of news that will help them understand the delimna they are in. Now today Iraq has recovered, people are voting and children are going to school.

  • Jo

    Ah yes, Mr Sherfoli, spoken like the true red-neck you surely are. The “poisonous presence of Quebec” thank loads, guy, this from an English speaking Quebecer [originally from the prairies] who, thru how many [3?] referendums has helped keep this country together. Get it thru your head that the Bloc in Ottawa does not represent the majority of Quebecers, who are decent, hard-working people just like the rest of the country. Mr. Harper had his majority in the bag, then oh so stupidly, cut funding to the Arts a few days before the election. No excuse for him not to have realized what an effect that would have on this population that is so into the arts, music, acting and successfully sells its products throughout Europe, Asia, the US, anywhere that is, except Canada, eh?

  • Liberal

    Na na na na – hey hey hey – goodbye. Na na na na – hey hey hey – goodbye. Na na na na – hey hey hey – goodbye!

  • Ron McFarland

    Thank you for starting a way for Canadians to vent their frustrations and concerns.

  • JosefK

    Tasha Kheiriddin, the Director of the Fraser Institute for Quebec, has spoken out about this “dirty business” on CTV. Needless to say, whatever Tasha Kheiriddin has to pundit away is well worth lending your eyes and ears :-).


  • JosefK

    Tasha Kheiriddin, the Director of the Fraser Institute for Quebec, has spoken out about this “dirty business” on CTV. Needless to say, whatever Tasha Kheiriddin has to pundit away is well worth lending your eyes and ears :-).


  • Robert

    This is not madness, this is democracy. Go back to school and learn your politics 101. We elected MPs to constitute a house of commons and represent our interests, we did not elect a Prime Minister nor do we elect a party per se. They are just default conditions of a majority parliament. In a parliamentary democracy with a minority government, a Prime Minister can be from any party and must maintain the confidence of the house. That is why major bills such as budgets and throne speeches come with confidence votes. Harper has shown himself incapable of working in a minority gov’t and doesn’t deserve to form the government. He should be graciously stepping down and sitting as a simple MP and letting the coalition try their hand at running the gov’t instead of making this worse by creating a national unity crisis. He is an idiot who thinks he is a dictator. Let’s not be as stupid as the Americans that supported Geoge W. Bush and let him destroy the country. There is no crisis here if Harper just relinguishes to the coalition. Worse case, the coalition fucks up and we have an election in 6 months. But lets give them a try, at least they have shown themselves capable of considering different viewpoints in a minority gov’t by the act of their agreement. That one big advantage over Harper.

  • batb

    OMG, I’ve just been watching seven minutes of total B*** S*** from Ralphie Goodale on CTV News with Marcia MacMillan. The guy is so full of inanities and such a friggin’ liar I wanted to put my fist through the TV and land it square on his kisser. It was clear that he didn’t believe a word he was saying, especially when asked if he thought that Stephane Dion was the leader to bring more and better democracy to Canada.

    Hopefully, Ralph’ll get the KO punch from the Canadian electorate when we all stand up and say to this Twisted Troika of Twits: No Friggin’ Way!

  • Just Askin

    How come you didn’t identify Ralph Goodale’s office as a rally site in Regina?

  • Robert Bouchard

    C’est honteux. Le Bloc Québécois est un parti qui parasite le Canada. C’est une honte pour nous du QUébec qui ne sommes pas des séparatistes . Quand on veut détruire un pays ,on ne mérite pas d’y siéger ! Un jour, vous du ROC voudrez quitter le Canada et ce sera trop tard , le Québec sera isolé et le Canada aura raison.

  • Josef

    There’s a new YouTube by “Tasha Kheiriddin Fan” clearly trying to help you guys out up there with wizard punditry coupled to a call to action against the “Separatist-Socialist-Supine” Coalition. Well worth a watch!

  • Jocelyne Brunet

    I support a coalition government.

  • AL

    You realize December 6th is a National Day of Mourning, right?