• Gabby in QC

    Stephen, when I clicked on the video, I got the message the video was not available, to try again later.

    Anyway … since I watched it live on CPAC yesterday …
    The PM's speech was an effective one, but I would also like to see a transcript of Mrs. Harper's speech made available for the PM's critics to read/hear. Mrs. Harper, in introducing her husband, listed many of the father tasks the PM regularly handles, such as babysitting 12 kids so that his wife can go to a “chick flick.” Mrs. Harper's descriptions of her husband should help dispel some of the “Harper eats babies for breakfast” portrayals still lingering in some quarters.

    Apparently, he doesn't “eat babies” but he does eat breakfast with his daughter Rachel's hamster.

    As to the PM's speech, it was good that the PM listed many of the “firsts” accomplished under Conservative governments: first black, first woman, first aboriginal, first Canadian-Japanese in cabinet, etc.

    That list should put a lie to the ignoble accusations repeated by Michael Ignatieff in his announcing his bid for the Liberal leadership yesterday, as discussed in today's National Post editorial http://www.nationalpost.com/opinion/story.html?…
    and also in this post by Joanne

  • Gabby in QC

    O/T but … I'm watching CPAC (the PM's presser) and Peter Van Dusen and Martin Springer are squawking about the workshops being closed to the media (TV and print).

    I don't remember whether the Liberal workshops during their convention were open to media. Do you?

  • Beer and Popcorn

    Excellent speech- loved the look back on the last five years.

    I look forward to an aggresive, moderate agenda focussed on strengthening the economy, cracking down on violent crime, eliminating wasteful government spending and cleaning up the environment from the government and look forward to cashing the cheque from the other parties on a renewd spirt of cooperation in the house.

  • passionate for canada

    well done, a better coverage than the news networks. Great job.

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