CPC Convention – Before the PM’s speech

MP Shelley Glover and Christian Paradis are warming up the audience extolling the virtues of the host city Winnipeg and trade some scripted lines on the follies of the House of Commons.

Glover introduces the mayor of Winnipeg.

Mayor says a few words about Winnipeg.

7:30pm: Glover introduces Steven Fletcher. Fletcher gets a standing ovation.

7:32pm: Fletcher asks delegates to wear red tomorrow to support the troops. Fletcher suggests we take the colour red back from the Liberals since they’ve done nothing to support them.

7:34pm: Fletcher calls Harper’s marriage to Laureen the smartest decision he ever made. Enter Laureen Harper to give Fletcher a peck on the cheek for saying so. Laureen Harper is introduced.

7:36pm: “Steven Fletcher’s gotta be the smoothest guy on six wheels” — Laureen Harper

7:37pm: “This is unusual. Usually I get the last word in our house, not the first.”

7:38pm: Mrs. Harper says that the PM will interrupt any meeting to take a call from son Ben or daughter Rachel.

7:39pm: Apparently, Stephen Harper has seen High School Musical four times.

7:40pm: Harper enters to Collective Soul’s Better Now, his signature entrance music for the 2006 and 2008 campaigns.



  • http://maxwell-devin.blogspot.com Devin Maxwell

    Using our troops for cheap political points…classy Fletcher.

  • kelly

    It is a good song. I have a question though…PMSH seemed to lean towards Obama for president. Was he being coy about backing McCain/Palin or was he serious about Obama? I'm a huge fan of our Prime Minister and it would be extremely disappointing to find out he's an Obamabot.

  • http://www.bluelikeyou.com/ Joanne TB

    I love that song!

    Watched the whole thing on CPAC. Harper gave an awesome speech!

  • Faramir

    No mention of free speech – not surprised

  • Liz J

    So, Devin Maxwell, you have a problem with Steven Fletcher asking people to wear red Friday to honour our troops?
    Sorry, but that movement is apolitical, started by two army wives at Base Petawawa and caught on in the Ottawa Valley like wildfire and spread further. Canadian Tire sells the red tee shirts.

    The freedoms we have are not free. Our forefathers fought in wars to preserve them. Our brave men and women in our armed forces today are doing the same, the least we can do is give them our moral support.

    I'm sure Steven Fletcher, a model for determination against great odds himself, will see plenty of red among the people at the convention today.

  • http://www.abandonedstuff.com Saskboy

    Yes, what he said was inappropriate. He said the Liberals have done nothing to support the troops, which is of course an incorrect opinion at best.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    Saskboy, please provide a factual basis for your assertion that the statement was wrong or inapproriate. Just saying it's wrong makes me suspect that you do so from a partisan position rather that an intellectual one since I know you to be a partisan.

  • Gabby in QC

    Liz, while I agree with what you said about the troops and Mr. Fletcher, I must confess I myself winced when I heard him say that Conservatives should take red back from the Liberals “since they’ve done nothing to support them.”

    It is true that Liberal governments have been lean years for the military, but Mr. Fletcher, whose courage in dealing with those great odds you mentioned is admirable, could have chosen a better way of saying what he said, IMHO. Let us all conservatives become a model of civil discourse and become an example of more nuanced language … please?

  • Liz J

    True, Gabby, he should not have said that, no doubt the Liberals do support our troops. It was a poor choice of words for sure, I too said to my husband, “why did he have to say that”? It probably stems from thoughts of years of neglect of our military under some Liberal governments but certainly doesn't apply to support of the troops. As mentioned before the wear red Friday movement is apolitical, Steven made it political whether he meant to or not.

  • Gabby in QC

    Thanks for the clarification, Liz.

  • Josef

    I love that song, too!
    Go Harper Go!

    Oh and in 2006, it was “Can't Stop This Thing We Started” by Bryan Adams – also a hit!


  • http://www.abandonedstuff.com Saskboy

    I know you to be a partisan too, and you should also know that it's ludicrous to suggest the Liberals have done “nothing” for troops. If sending them to Afghanistan is “nothing”, then perhaps.

  • http://www.breastpumpdeals.com/brands/avent-breast-pumps.html Isis

    I love that song too, it really gives me a great pleasure to hear it again and again, The speech was indeed awesome, I am impressed!