Media endorsements

Globe and Mail
“On balance, Mr. Harper remains the best man for the job in the tough times now upon us. He deserves if not four more years, at least two more years.”

National Post
“Faced with these high stakes, we believe, Canada would be best served if Stephen Harper’s Conservative government were to receive a second mandate, this time in majority form.”

The Economist
And yet, in a sinking world, Canada is something of a cork. Its well-regulated banks are solid. Growth has slowed but not stopped. The big worry is the fear that an American recession will drag Canada down with it. Mr Harper says, rightly enough, that his government has taken prudent measures to help Canada weather a storm it cannot duck: he has offered tax cuts and selective aid to help vulnerable manufacturing towns. But it is his seeming non-reaction to what is so far a non-crisis that looks likely to deny him the majority he was seeking, and could even let in the opposition. In what is the first credit-crunch election in a big Western country, Mr Harper’s ejection would set a dispiriting precedent that panic plays better politically than prudence.

Toronto Sun
While we respect all the national party leaders, realistically, Canadians Tuesday must choose between Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion to lead us through tough economic times. To us, the choice for prime minister is clear. It’s Harper.

Vancouver Sun
So on the ballot box question that’s on everybody’s mind – the slowing economy – we trust Harper to navigate the rough road ahead. A majority government for the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper is our choice.

Montreal Gazette
“On balance, however, we believe that considering the Conservative record and the goals, policies, and personnel of the other parties, it is the Conservatives who deserve to be re-elected on Tuesday. Amid all the unfair and misleading advertising of this campaign, one Conservative message is truer now than when the writ was dropped: Constancy and prudence with the country’s finances are even more important when we’re in the economic doldrums.”

Ottawa Citizen
“We believe that Canadians should return the Conservatives to government on Oct. 14, but not because Stephen Harper is an inspiring figure. He is not. There are no Obama-esque promises to repair the world. But Mr. Harper offers the steadiest hand and clearest judgment to steer Canada through the rough waters that lie ahead.”

Winnipeg Free Press
“Under the shrill cacophony of the opposition’s cries for action, Mr. Harper’s Conservatives have remained calm. Look at the last two years, the prime minister says, correctly claiming that he has offered generally competent government. In the face of this crisis, he promises more of the same. On Thursday, two major international financial institutions, the International Monetary Fund and the World Economic Forum, agreed with him, saying that Canada was on the right course to weather the storm. Mr. Harper’s economic policy is clear and practical and worth supporting on Tuesday. To turn the old saying on its head, this time, hard times should be Tory times. As The Economist said Thursday, if Canadians reject the Conservatives, it would ‘set a dispiriting precedent that panic plays better politically than prudence.'”

Edmonton Journal
“And in that real world, both Canada and Alberta in particular will be best served if Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are re-elected with the strength to be more than caretakers until we have to go through all of this again.”

Kitchener-Waterloo Record
Each voter will have to respond to this question as he or she sees fit. The way The Record’s editorial board views the situation, there are only two viable options, one coming from Harper’s Conservatives, the other from Stéphane Dion’s Liberals. And when we weigh things as fairly and carefully as we can, we conclude that Harper and his party deserve another term in government.

Ottawa Sun
In every election campaign there comes a moment when someone declares it to be the most important election in a very long time. This is that moment for us. What Ottawa and Canada need now is a strong Conservative government led by Stephen Harper.

Calgary Sun
But on the big question — who should be our prime minister — there’s no question. It’s Harper.

Edmonton Sun
Still, after assessing all the party promises, the Edmonton Sun believes the one that will inflict the least damage on our economy and way of life is the platform presented by Harper’s Conservatives.

Vancouver Province
Rather than roll the dice, protecting Canadians during these difficult and unstable times calls for proven, rational measures from a federal government that uses workable fundamentals, such as keeping taxes low, paying down debt and maintaining controlled spending. That’s why we are endorsing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives and urge voters to give them a majority on Oct. 14, a majority incidentally that should include stronger representation from B.C.

Winnipeg Sun
Harper has also proven himself on the world stage. He’s unafraid to make tough decisions and, unlike the Liberals, committed to properly funding our military and giving it a clear mandate and mission, before sending our soldiers into harm’s way.

Brantford Expositor
Like many Canadians, we have been fairly satisfied with Harper’s government since it took office in January 2006. The Harper government has cut taxes and the national debt. It has promised to remove our forces from Afghanistan. It has belatedly responded to the crisis on the stock markets.

Calgary Herald
“Thus, the choice is simple. The Calgary Herald endorses Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. They deserve to be re-elected based on their record, competence, and on the prime minister’s steady hand as Canada heads into uncharted, choppy economic waters.”

Windsor Star
“Harper has come under fire in some quarters for not empathizing more with Canadians fearful about their finances but Canadians don’t want their leaders to feign emotion and pretend to “feel their pain.” They want their leaders to alleviate it through sound policies rather than sound bites, actions rather than words. Canadians need sturdy leadership in these uncertain times and Harper offers it.”

Toronto Star
For all these reasons, Harper and the Conservatives do not deserve to be re-elected on Tuesday. We prefer Dion and the Liberals.



  • MaryT

    With so many posters saying they will boycott the G&M for endorsing PMSH, the Star might get a few of them as readers.

  • Springer

    To say the Toronto Star endorses the Liberals is pretty much like saying Oscar Meyers endorses wieners.


    …come to think of it, that analogy is probably closer to the mark than I perhaps intended.

  • Gabby in QC

    Stephen, you've made my step a little lighter and you've put a song in my heart as I make my way to the rally in Longueuil to greet the Prime Minister.

    I must confess to being in the doldrums, what with all the negativity, but all those editorials are a morale booster.
    As they were chanting in one of the rallies:
    Harper! Harper!
    He's our man!
    He's the one
    With a real plan!

  • East of Eden

    The Star kind of puzzles me – it's a left-leaning paper and it is endorsing Dion over Layton, the home-grown boy? Why in the world would the Star endorse Dion over Layton? It's a given that the paper would not endorse Harper over any other leader but, to ignore Layton? Does the Star not realize that Dion's tax on everything will hit Toronto very hard, not to mention all the industry in and around Toronto? Obviously, no intelligent thought went into the Star's endorsement – only a dislike for anybody CPC. It's also ironic if you consider that Toronto epitomizes capitalism and consumption – the highest real estate prices, the preponderance of yuppy types who love their SUVs, winter vacations, dream homes…etc. Very puzzling, indeed.

  • Joanne TB

    Ah, good for you Stephen! This was on my to-do list. Thanks for doing all the work. Now I can just link back to you.

  • djb

    The Star will never, ever, succeed in getting its collective head out of its ass.

  • Robert V

    I'd sooner expect the Liberal party itself to endorse Harper before the Toronto Star would. The only other group that will more dependably support the Liberals is the CBC itself.

  • Dwayne

    Being from Winnipeg I am shocked that Pravda on the Prairies (the Freep) had endorsed Harper. With some of the more moonbatty writers in the 'Peg the Freep is usually hammering on anything conservative.

  • Al W

    Somebody with the Liberal Party must have caught one of the big wigs from the Star with a sheep!

  • Timwest

    And the TO RED STAR wonders why readership in steep decline !!

  • Al W


    You missed another big one…The Vancouver Sun…a surprise supporter of Harper.

  • Bocanut

    Looks like the rats infestating Chinatown have moved to 1 Yonge St.

  • xpdoug

    I notice that the star has trotted out the old chestnut “They squandered the surplus”. Oh really? Since when is paying down the debt “squandering the surplus”? Since when is eliminating the over taxation we had under the Liberals, “squandering the surplus”? And since when is giving our troops the tools they need to do a job the Liberals asked them to do “squandering the surplus”? I could go on but you get the idea. I have never bought a copy of the TS in my life and please god strike me down if I am ever tempted. Heck, I won't even read the free copies they give out at the Toronto airport! Ugh!

  • D

    The funniest thing about the Star endorsement is that the refer to the strong Liberal team, and include as one of its stars Ruby Dhalla. I’m sorry but she is spectacularly dull minded.

  • jad

    Check out the comments on today's Star editorial. It seems that not ALL the Star's readers are in agreement with the paper's assessment. In fact close to half the commenters seem to take a rather different view of the Conservatives than the Star does.

  • Conservative Reporter

    The Premier of the Yukon Territories has come out “endorsing the conservative candidate” – that should upset the long held Liberal seated MP.

  • Tom1969ca

    On the one hand, it's (sadly) not all that surprising that The Star would blindly endorse the Liberals (for no reason other than Stephen Harper is not a Liberal)…

    …on the other hand, it's truly sad that otherwise intelligent, professional people can let the ideology blind them to so much glaring evidence of (a) what will happen if Dion is elected, and (b) what will happen if we hold our present course.

    Someone once said that, if videotape were produced showing Dion, Rae and Ignatieff dumping weighted bodies into the Ottawa River behind Parliament Hill, The Star would report that they must've had a good reason for doing so (it probably was Stephen Harper's fault, anyway), and surely an explanation would be forthcoming…

    (And before the foamers start flaming me, I am NOT accusing Dion & Co. of dumping bodies into the Ottawa River. Dion, of all people, would know how bad that could be for the environment…)

  • MichaelR

    The Vancouver Sun

    Notes taken from
    • “…Stephane Dion, with his stumbling English delivery and ideological approach to politics, was not an obvious choice to lead a national political party…”

    • “So on the ballot box question that’s on everybody’s mind – the slowing economy – we trust Harper to navigate the rough road ahead.”

    • “A majority government for the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper is our choice.”

  • jon

    Dion today: “Mr Harper is trying to win on a lie.”

    Who’s running the Liberal campaign? Combined with Chretien’s appearance last in which I was reminded of Adscam when I saw him, and today with Dion saying Harper is trying to win the campaign on a LIE, all I could think about was how Dion is the leader of a party and has been a member of it since 1996 … at a time when they were embroiled in the biggest TAX CUT WHOPPER in Canadian history – the GST. Who’s the one trying to win on a lie?

  • Glenn

    The Toronto Red Star endorses Dion? Wow! Oh, yes right, they also vote every election for David Miller who raises taxes every year. Sell-out the Air Canada building to watch the Leafs never make the play-offs. And of course support I-will-never-raise-your-taxes-I-promise McGuinty. What a city!

  • Dean

    Harper did not waver from his firm, confident, strong position that we can get through this crisis by intellegent planned decisions. He did not take advantage of people's fears, he did not make snap campaign decisions to take rash action as the other candidates wanted him to. Maybe he is a wolf in sheep's clothing (knitted sweater) but when pure strength is what the country needs you cannot go with the alternative which is a sheep in sheep's clothing. If there are any people visiting this forum, this weekend, who have not made a decision on who to vote for ask yourself what characteristics does a Prime Minister need in dire, uncertain times? Then match those characteristics up with your four choices for PM. I think you will agree with nine of the ten newspapers listed above.
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  • Anonymous

    The people of Canada will decide and not the press. Good try Stephen but it looks like Steve can’t handle the pressure when it comes down to the crunch. His numbers are falling like shooting star right now. I would be some po’ed if I knew my contributuons to the party were spent on a strtegy of insulting the opponent for two years and he beat you fair and square on election day.

    Still want to bet stephen?

  • Anonymous

    DJB,Then the Star should have endorsed the tories who specialize in keeping its head up theirs.

  • Anonymous

    That’s because the tory war room sends out an all points bulletin telling their muppets to go to the article and post

  • simon

    Nice to see the sun break through the clouds after a hectic week on the election trail.
    I am not enough of a partisan to vote blindly for the brand and I'm sure few on this blog are

    Steven Harper is the man for NOW and as such should get these endorsments.

    I wish all a pleasurable Thanksgiving.Rember to drive safe.

  • jema 54

    It sounds like a lot of writers are nervous about their future credibility and employment. Maybe they are looking for some 'grants' should, horrors of horrors, the Conservatives win the election. The web has taken over as the main news source of people who care about facts.

    Conservative Reporter – if the Conservatives win in the Yukon it will be because the Conservatives have an EXCELLENT candidate; Mr. Darrell Pasloski. Mr. Pasloski has a strong business background and is an active, productive citizen. Bagnell…not so much. Bagnell would go to the 'opening of a fridge' ( a term coined by a Conservative contender for leadership) he is a gad- about and he did bring bags of Southern tax money to the Yukon when he was in the Paul Matin/Cretian regime (the Yukon has become a luxury well fare territory since the Dipper/Liberal reign of the last 10 years. The Yukon Party Premier is not really a Conservative, he is a former Dipper who staged a 'coup d'etate' a few years ago when the Yukon Party was down and out. I think he had an eye on transfers when he endorsed Darrell – call me cynical….the Yukon Party does have some Conservative MLA's who would work very well with Darrell to get our rich territory producing again.

    The Yukon Party is a bit like the Liberal Party of B.C. – not all Liberano but crippled with a Liberano in the top job.

    Darrell was endored Eric Nielson's son. Much more impressive, IMO.

  • Catherine

    Stephane Dion showed his true elitist arrogant self when a reporter questioned his Green Shift carbon tax in this time of global economic slowdown. Stephane Dion dismissed the question from the reporter by questioning the reporter's academic credentials.

    Check out this video (about half way)

  • KT

    You forgot the Vancouver Sun!

    So on the ballot box question that's on everybody's mind – the slowing economy – we trust Harper to navigate the rough road ahead. A majority government for the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper is our choice.

    © Vancouver Sun

  • Joanne TB

    I love the pink(o) colour choice for the Star, BTW. ;)

  • Phil Hauser

    What a stunning endorsement by the Toronto Star, did anyone see this coming?

    I was so sure they were going to endorse a party more in line with their own values but apparently the “haven't got a clue what is going on in the nation party” did not register in time. Oh wait, that's the nickname of the Liberal party isn't it?

  • pezdacanuck

    GAKKK…. Obviously this crowd is biased. dohh….

    If you look at all the reader response for the big ones, the Globe, the Gazette, the Economist, they all have the same reactions. How could they?

    I understand that coming from here though. No majority for Steven.

  • Phil Hauser

    The star endorsement should have been followed by “In other news the Soviet newspaper Pravda endorses The soviet party and Brezhnev in the upcoming election.”

    Out of touch Liberal rag. Built by liberals funded by liberals and written by morons.

  • batb

    The TorStar proves once again why the only good purpose it can be put to is to line a bird's cage.

  • markalanwhittle

    Never mind that, I just got a call from a robotic “Ed Broadbent” phone bot intoning me to vote for the local NDP incumbent.

    As he smoothly whispered in my ear about how bad Dion and Harper are, I soon realized what a real lefty, old school politics whisper campaign sounds like, up close and personal, surreal.

    No wonder there are more Conservative election signs than the NDP and Liberals ones hither and yon on Hamilton Mountain. We have pensions and homes to protect so switching drivers while motoring along the highway is just not on during the rough economic waves we are facing as a country in the worlds economy.

  • DWT

    The Toronto Sun has also come out in favour of Harper.

  • James Bowie

    But wait, isn’t the liberal media in this country biased against the Conservatives?

  • Taylor Cutforth

    “I notice that the star has trotted out the old chestnut “They squandered the surplus”. Oh really? Since when is paying down the debt “squandering the surplus”? Since when is eliminating the over taxation we had under the Liberals, “squandering the surplus”? And since when is giving our troops the tools they need to do a job the Liberals asked them to do “squandering the surplus”? I could go on but you get the idea.”

    Yes! Thank you very much for that. Its a good point that just about anyone of us can continue to expand on.

  • Taylor Cutforth

    I do all my posts independently as do many others on here or elsewhere over the net.

    I'm just a person, but what of you Terry?

    What you said sounds something more along the lines of what we would all come to expect from the Liberals more so than the Conservatives and by far.

    I personally don't hold myself to any party too much so as to be in a better position to set them straight when they are wrong about something.

    Can't say the same about you whatsoever given your staunch/unwavering support for the Libs no mattter what they happen to do or believe.

  • Phil Hauser

    I noticed a budgy in my backyard today, evidently he couldn’t handle the Star in his cage and chose to escape.

  • Dono

    Based on the incompetent performance of Dion in Parliament, on the campaign trail; along with the Liberal party corruption, scandals and incessant back-stabbing amongst their own – how can it be that The Toronto Star can logically endorse Dion and the Liberals?

    And, for that matter, how is it still possible that the polls show that the Liberals still have support at about 28% of the country? Why are the Libs not being blasted out of the water in Ontario and the maritimes?

    This proves my theory that 1/3 of Canadians are mentally ill!

  • Rich

    Don't forget the over budgeted gun registry supposed to cost 2 million dollars actual cost between 2 and 3 billion dollars; Sponshorship, cost around 250 million as far as I know unbudgeted, HRDC Boondoggle no cost identified? and the beat goes on and on and on and on……………………..

    The LPC 550 million dollar penalty to cancel Briah Mulroney's helicopter deal to replace aging sea king helicopters, the purchase of 4 nuclear submarines of which 3 are still in drydock never to put to sea or submerge.

    talk about LPC hypocracy!

  • Jen

    Gabby, go to blog “CLIMBING OUT OF THE DARk' and scroll down to the date OCT 5th, this tape is from the DAVID RUTHERFORD SHOW; there you hear a guest of David's revealing the amount of money Quebec got from the OIL-SANDS alone. The very oil-sands which supports Quebec and Duceppe is making matters worse for us with his remarks against my province. If Duceppe is proud of Quebec so are we of ours.

    Please Gabby, listen to the tape and remind quebecers where the money comes from and another thing where in the world did CHAREST DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY. ASK DUCEPPE.

  • j.ellefson

    Conservatives broken promise on taxing Income Trusts. This senior won't be voting Conservative

    Jason Kenney, criticizing the Liberals carbon tax, (BNN-Sept3rd), said that increasing Federal taxes would lower Canadians standard of living. My standard of living will be lowered by the Conservatives 30%+ corporate tax on income trusts.

    It has been stated by the media, that 2 ½ million Canadians own income trusts, and of course, all are adults and voters in Federal elections. The Conservatives made an election promise to not corporately tax Income Trusts but broke that promise and applied a +30% tax to income trust distributions. I.T. distributions are my main source of monthly retirement income and I’m part of that large group of Canadian seniors who do not have a company pension nor a defined benefit pension plan as civil servants have. That +30% corporate tax will reduce the annual cash flow to our RIF’s that my wife and I live on by $9000 each. (And the rest of the IT cash flow is double taxed again as it is withdrawn from our RIF’s, by the personal tax system affecting all income). Income trusts were bought for their monthly distribution payments and the Conservative tax policy will eventually gut and destroy these high yield investment vehicles, so important to seniors’ pension income stream. I believe there is a huge senior voter income trust undertow against the Conservatives, which is limiting their rise in the polls despite their income tax and other tax reduction initiatives. The income trust debacle is going to harbor bitterness amongst Canadians for years. I know I will not vote for nor financially support the Conservative party because of their punitive taxation on seniors owning Income Trusts and the ultimate destruction of a secure monthly pension cash flow investment vehicle. Fear of the senior vote stopped Mulroney in his tracks when he attempted to quit indexing the Old Age Security pension; it could happen again. I hope so.!

    Jack Ellefson CGY

  • Taylor Cutforth

    When you find out something to be true and of fact you repeat it as many times as needed to get the word out especially when your so pressed for time as some/most people are and given what's at stake can you blame them?

    Our democracy is being subverted with lies and misinformation and naturally people who know the truth about things are working hard to set things straight. LIKE ME.

    I've been copying and pasting some of my posts else where and all over different parts of the net (not in the examples you gave, I never read any of that yet) and trying to help people make a more informed decision on which candidates to vote for regardless of party lines.

    “Plagiarizing” my own words doesn't make them less truthful and just the same when it comes to anyone else who does copy and pastes their own words over again slightly rehashed to suit the context whatever the conversation may be.

    Hope I worded that right…

    My point is that repeating proven and credible truths is far better then repeating lies and propaganda as many on the side of the current opposition parties have done and are recklessly willing to do regardless of the consequences to our democracy.

  • rasamasa

    Perhaps an understanding of newspaper ownership would have allowed you to reduce the number entries to three or four. It's redundant to list all the can-west papers.

  • Morgan

    Watched CBC's Sunday Report. Keith Boag said that in order for the NDP to become a “truly national party”, it will have to win a seat in Quebec, which would give it representation in every province.

    So by Keith's own admission, the LPC, as it stands now, with no representation in Alberta (more so the case if Goodale loses his Saskatchewan seat Tuesday night), is not a “truly national party”? Where does Keith stand on this? I'd like to know. Does it take two? If Saskatchewan follows Alberta's lead, will two provinces having no Liberal representation mean that the Liberals are, in Keith's view, no longer deserve to be called Canada's “natural governing party”? One, two, three? How many Keith? The reality is that his comments reveal a particular arrogance and contempt for the west by the central Canada, Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal axis of evil media. And it's not Quebec-bashing because if Jack was seeking to secure a single seat in Ontario instead of Quebec, I believe Boag would've made the same comment.

    Unfortunately for those seeking truth and honesty in media, tuning into watch Boag Tuesday night will yield more of the same. You know Keith has written his storyline already: “Peter, this is a failure for Harper because he did not secure a majority and many will be wondering for how much longer can he keep his job?” not “Peter, these results for the Liberal Party are devastating, it's their worst showing in 24 years, combining that with a nasty battle to assume power that's sure to follow, and a party deeply in debt, as well as a party whose central plank was a carbon tax that was not just a policy but a core held belief as well… with its massive rejection by Canadians from coast-to-coast, how will the Liberals distance themselves from it in the next election without Canadians wondering if they can trust them? They have many problems ahead… back to you, Peter.”

  • wallyj

    Cry me a river Jack. You were given 4 years to make a change. Until then your benefits are coming out of the worker's pocket. There is no such thing as a free lunch,I am paying for yours right now. Suck it up buttercup.

  • Jeff

    Gah. That's depressing.

  • Paul O

    I'd be curious how many of these Endorsements for Harper were set together with the only means of achieving that end: endorsing the local Conservative candidates.

  • Brian Gordon

    And how many of these papers are owned by Canwest? Most of them…so word came down from HQ to endorse Harper.