Media endorsements

Globe and Mail
“On balance, Mr. Harper remains the best man for the job in the tough times now upon us. He deserves if not four more years, at least two more years.”

National Post
“Faced with these high stakes, we believe, Canada would be best served if Stephen Harper’s Conservative government were to receive a second mandate, this time in majority form.”

The Economist
And yet, in a sinking world, Canada is something of a cork. Its well-regulated banks are solid. Growth has slowed but not stopped. The big worry is the fear that an American recession will drag Canada down with it. Mr Harper says, rightly enough, that his government has taken prudent measures to help Canada weather a storm it cannot duck: he has offered tax cuts and selective aid to help vulnerable manufacturing towns. But it is his seeming non-reaction to what is so far a non-crisis that looks likely to deny him the majority he was seeking, and could even let in the opposition. In what is the first credit-crunch election in a big Western country, Mr Harper’s ejection would set a dispiriting precedent that panic plays better politically than prudence.

Toronto Sun
While we respect all the national party leaders, realistically, Canadians Tuesday must choose between Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion to lead us through tough economic times. To us, the choice for prime minister is clear. It’s Harper.

Vancouver Sun
So on the ballot box question that’s on everybody’s mind – the slowing economy – we trust Harper to navigate the rough road ahead. A majority government for the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper is our choice.

Montreal Gazette
“On balance, however, we believe that considering the Conservative record and the goals, policies, and personnel of the other parties, it is the Conservatives who deserve to be re-elected on Tuesday. Amid all the unfair and misleading advertising of this campaign, one Conservative message is truer now than when the writ was dropped: Constancy and prudence with the country’s finances are even more important when we’re in the economic doldrums.”

Ottawa Citizen
“We believe that Canadians should return the Conservatives to government on Oct. 14, but not because Stephen Harper is an inspiring figure. He is not. There are no Obama-esque promises to repair the world. But Mr. Harper offers the steadiest hand and clearest judgment to steer Canada through the rough waters that lie ahead.”

Winnipeg Free Press
“Under the shrill cacophony of the opposition’s cries for action, Mr. Harper’s Conservatives have remained calm. Look at the last two years, the prime minister says, correctly claiming that he has offered generally competent government. In the face of this crisis, he promises more of the same. On Thursday, two major international financial institutions, the International Monetary Fund and the World Economic Forum, agreed with him, saying that Canada was on the right course to weather the storm. Mr. Harper’s economic policy is clear and practical and worth supporting on Tuesday. To turn the old saying on its head, this time, hard times should be Tory times. As The Economist said Thursday, if Canadians reject the Conservatives, it would ‘set a dispiriting precedent that panic plays better politically than prudence.'”

Edmonton Journal
“And in that real world, both Canada and Alberta in particular will be best served if Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are re-elected with the strength to be more than caretakers until we have to go through all of this again.”

Kitchener-Waterloo Record
Each voter will have to respond to this question as he or she sees fit. The way The Record’s editorial board views the situation, there are only two viable options, one coming from Harper’s Conservatives, the other from Stéphane Dion’s Liberals. And when we weigh things as fairly and carefully as we can, we conclude that Harper and his party deserve another term in government.

Ottawa Sun
In every election campaign there comes a moment when someone declares it to be the most important election in a very long time. This is that moment for us. What Ottawa and Canada need now is a strong Conservative government led by Stephen Harper.

Calgary Sun
But on the big question — who should be our prime minister — there’s no question. It’s Harper.

Edmonton Sun
Still, after assessing all the party promises, the Edmonton Sun believes the one that will inflict the least damage on our economy and way of life is the platform presented by Harper’s Conservatives.

Vancouver Province
Rather than roll the dice, protecting Canadians during these difficult and unstable times calls for proven, rational measures from a federal government that uses workable fundamentals, such as keeping taxes low, paying down debt and maintaining controlled spending. That’s why we are endorsing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives and urge voters to give them a majority on Oct. 14, a majority incidentally that should include stronger representation from B.C.

Winnipeg Sun
Harper has also proven himself on the world stage. He’s unafraid to make tough decisions and, unlike the Liberals, committed to properly funding our military and giving it a clear mandate and mission, before sending our soldiers into harm’s way.

Brantford Expositor
Like many Canadians, we have been fairly satisfied with Harper’s government since it took office in January 2006. The Harper government has cut taxes and the national debt. It has promised to remove our forces from Afghanistan. It has belatedly responded to the crisis on the stock markets.

Calgary Herald
“Thus, the choice is simple. The Calgary Herald endorses Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. They deserve to be re-elected based on their record, competence, and on the prime minister’s steady hand as Canada heads into uncharted, choppy economic waters.”

Windsor Star
“Harper has come under fire in some quarters for not empathizing more with Canadians fearful about their finances but Canadians don’t want their leaders to feign emotion and pretend to “feel their pain.” They want their leaders to alleviate it through sound policies rather than sound bites, actions rather than words. Canadians need sturdy leadership in these uncertain times and Harper offers it.”

Toronto Star
For all these reasons, Harper and the Conservatives do not deserve to be re-elected on Tuesday. We prefer Dion and the Liberals.



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  1. Wally you need not worry about paying tax on my behalf, and when you do retire and try to monetize your RIF or defined contribution pension plan, you will understand this matter.

    Government Greed and Income Trusts.

    Here’s some simple mathematics for retired seniors holding income trusts in their Registered Income Funds (RIF’s -the vehicle paying monthly income to retirees and the alternate to pension plans.). For the next four years seniors will continue to get a $1/unit distribution from ordinary trusts. In 2011, the $1/unit distribution will be reduced to less than 70 cents/unit after payment of government corporate taxes. I then take the 70 cent as a payment from the RIF. For me, trust income was used in a diversified portfolio to increase the yield, and the trust payments are coming out of my RIF at the top marginal tax rate, 45% average for all Canadians. So governments get another 31 cents of the original $1/unit distribution. Wow, talk about government taxation productivity! Talk about corporations paying their fair share. Governments are to receive more than 60% of the original $1/unit distributed from income trusts under the new Conservative fair share tax plan of corporately taxing income trusts. Yes I’m fortunate to have a large $RIF, but I would rather have one of the large civil servant pensions I read about in the paper from time to time. Maybe the beauracrats and politicians are just trying to protect their government backed, inflation adjusted, about to be spousally income tax shared , public service pension plans.

  2. Dion said yesterday that if elected prime minister, he will be the 'greenest' prime minister Canada has ever had.. Considering his lack of political prowess that must be correct.. ;=) The 'leader' should be the Alpha Male.. Does 'anyone?' think Dion is a “Alpha Male” ? You could paint a face on a inflated balloon, put it at the head of the Liberals, and the Trudeau Toronto Star and most left leaning, welfare tit sucking, 'me first' socialists, would vote for it!

  3. So we'll stop hearing about all of the conservative whining and complaining about The Vast Leftwing Media Bias And Hatred Against the Conservatives Conspiracy. Right?

    No, why would anyone voluntarily give up such a massive con/myth if it continues to serve a purpose: a perfect foil/boogieman to blame every time conservatives fail to win over Canadians or to convince the majority of us that they deserve to run the country and write our laws. Can't be that Canadians are liberal/progressive. No, it's because of “The Media” and media bias… even though they almost all endorsed Harper during this election and gave him a very very easy ride throughout.

  4. Thank you, Stephen Taylor. The blues stand indicted by their own words. What are they trying to do, kill our faith in the newspaper business completely?
    I was delighted by Stephane Dion's decision to stay on as leader until a new one is chosen. But if the Liberals are smart, they'll pay attention to their grassroots and beg him to remain.

  5. Thank you, Stephen Taylor. The blues stand indicted by their own words. What are they trying to do, kill our faith in the newspaper business completely?
    I was delighted by Stephane Dion's decision to stay on as leader until a new one is chosen. But if the Liberals are smart, they'll pay attention to their grassroots and beg him to remain.

  6. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.

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