TVO disagrees with Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May writes a statement on the Green Party website hoping to put the “Canadians are stupid” issue to rest.

Unfortunately, in her statement she writes,

“I reviewed all this on TVO with Steve Paikan [sic] more recently and he confirmed that no one in the room thought I had said Canadians are stupid.”

TVO wants to set thing right and expresses disagreement as their director of corporate communications explains,

For the record, I would like to clarify that at no point during his September 12th interview with Elizabeth May did Steve Paikin express such a personal opinion.

We feel this use of Mr. Paikin’s name – and by extension, that of TVO’s – is inappropriate. We ask that the above mentioned blog posting be corrected, along with any other Green Party of Canada postings or communications of a similar nature.

Here’s my post and YouTube video that started this controversy.

Here’s a good summary of May’s gaffe and explanation to TVO and CTV:



  • Beer and Popcorn

    Not only is Elizabeth May not ready for prime time, Elizabeth May cannot be trusted.

  • Well I Never

    If my memory serves me correctly she said “Politicians think the Canadian People are stupid and I fundamentaly agree with that assessment”. Whether she is agreeing that Canadian People are stupid or that Politicians think they are stupid is not clear, though I think the former interperatation is more likely.

    What I think is hilarious is her response to Michael Harris when he asked if she was cosying up too closely to the Liberals and she replied ” We Liberals are running candidates in 307 ridings against the Greens”.

    That was priceless. Does this woman ever engage her brain before speaking.

  • JDot

    May can sure spin. The debates for this election are going to be brutal.

  • Bubba Brown

    What a waste of time and energy, she has allowed herself to be defined by this statement, I heard her say “CANADIANS ARE STUPID” admit it , apologize, and move on to the next question, instead she is still rolling in it, and now trying to drag others(Steve Paikins) into her excuses and fabrications, The whole thing shows a lack of clear thinking, from initially incoherent letters threatening litigation, to just plain “talking too fast” I think her 15 minutes are soo up. I don't want to see her in charge of anything. If this is the best the Green Party can do they are toast. We now have what 3 excuses and counting.
    Cheers Bubba

  • batb

    Elizabeth May is just digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole of her own making. Or, maybe it's her motor mouth drilling the hole!

    She is demonstrating the reasons why I never thought that she should be a participant in the debates. She has not been elected to office, she represents no one but her own party's agenda, and she seems incapable of speaking coherently. Not only that, she puts words into other people's mouths. She is unreliable.

    Watch for the debates to become chaotic and confusing unless the moderator, Steve Paikin, holds a really tight rein on Ms. May's motor-mouth, moonbat, madness!

  • me

    You people are ridiculous. It's obvious she said she didn't agree with the idea that Canadians were stupid.

  • markalanwhittle

    Good grief has this woman no shame? Everyone must be tone deaf according to her ever changing spin on the truth. Is there no end to the depths she will plumb? May has jumped the shark.

  • joe

    She is SUCH a flake!

  • nbt

    At a $1.40 a litre, you would think that May would stop adding fuel to the fire on this? lol

  • MrEd

    drink more and talk less eliza

  • Truth serum

    Bravo to TVO for refusing to let this windbag pull the wool over the eyes of Canadian voters, and further tarnish the TVO name. How this woman was ever allowed to participate in the tv debate FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF THIS COUNTRY is beyond reason. What a stupid knee-jerk reaction by the people behind that, and now I’ll bet most people are wondering how that happened too. That’s what happens when knee-jerk reactions, based entirely on emotion, are allowed to happen.

  • Howie Feldersnatch

    You suck Harper ass Taylor

  • Dee Sturber

    Well, some Canadians are stupid. Look at Bob Rae thinking it is appropriate to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood to people who want to hear what the leader of the Liberals has to say about policy.
    Look at the stupid people who think it is appropriate to “trade” votes. Idiots.
    Listen to the people who call in to radio and TV shows with nothing worthwhile to say.
    It is offensive that there are so many stupid Canadians and it is offensive that a person can’t tell the truth about it any more.

  • it doesn’t matter

    Unfortunately for May (and for Mr. me), it no longer matters what she said, or even what she meant to say. Like it or not there is a right way and a wrong way to handle something like this, and the handling of this has succeeded in making a molehill of a clever dig from a minor blogger into a mountain of trouble for the greens.

  • Fred

    Wow . . CPAC yesterday fisking Garth and today TVO fisking Lizzie.

    What next, CBC making Neil McDonald go on air and apologize for his journo-smear of Sarah Palin.

  • batb


    may, elizabeth?

  • Honey Pot

    I know Harper isn’t going to do it, but he could just look at Lizzie cross-eyed at the debate and she would have 14 cats, and a kitten. Harper has a quick wit, he could have her in convulsions in moments. He won’t do it, but just knowing he could will be enough to make the debate entertaining.

  • sippo

    get a life, moron

  • Dave

    I know your trying really hard but this story is not getting play anywhere but here. I suggest that if you want to make a mountain you have to at least start with a molehill and you haven’t even got that.

  • simon

    This is not about what May said or supposedly said…its about how she deals with the fallout in terms of real time…meaning the present.
    If Ms May cannot handle her own shortcomings whether it be her lack of patience,,her running off at the mouth,her superior intellect or perhaps her sheer contempt for the Cdn. electorate, then she needs to remove herself and let someone with a grasp of reality and a dash of finesse take over.

    May’s convoluted grasping at frail straws is in the same league as Garth Turner and his present debacle of which he is too immature to accept responsibility for .
    Should we include Ms May in this exclusive club of train wrecks? Time will most certainly tell won’t it!

  • Don

    Elizabeth May may talk too fast…. But obviously she is hoping that Canadians are stupid to believe her constantly changing explanations.

  • lookout

    I’m delighted that Ms May has chosen to take on TVO and Steve Paikin (whose name, when she misquoted him in print, she had the audacity to misspell: no shame, indeed!).

    First, on air with Steve, she implied that TVO had doctored the “tape”—Steve pointed out, politely, that her comments were recorded in real time, e.g., live—and then she later, on another network, misquoted Steve by saying that he had agreed with what she had[n’t] said. In fact, he had challenged her.

    So, Steve is going to moderate the leaders’ debate.

    From personal experience, he already knows that Elizabeth May’s a duplicitous, unintelligent dingbat, who tried, publicly, to co-opt both TVO and Steve in her nefarious little fiction. Although Steve was ever so polite to May this week on air—he doesn’t accord c(C)onservatives the same courtesy—I think he’ll be much less accommodating during the debates.

    He has an account to settle.

  • hollinm

    This woman is going to crash and burn in the debates. She has a big mouth and no respect for anybody else's opinion. She and Jack Layton should go into the used car business. They both sound like used car salespeople.

  • Roger

    Now I'm really confused , is he supporting Harper because he legally won an Election by these stupid canada who are no smart?

    Help me folks , if the majoity of canada don't vote for the Green party does this make them samert or really stupid.?

    She's a typical American failure like our Mayor Miller who couldn't run an American City if he tried , oh….and their both Lawyers to boot.

  • Marc

    I listened countless times. This is what I hear:

    “I think Canadians are stupid… and cannot… and I fundamentally agree with that assesment”.

    Now she is claiming she said “THEY think…. and I DISagree”???

    No… that is now what I hear.

  • Ed

    okay, I can't stand May, but this is getting ridiculous. Just like the politicians, Tvo is creating/using/denying etc in order to get exposure. It worked okay, so enough already. (Negative exposure is still exposure… and this smart voter won't be back to anything Tvo.

  • Fred

    Welcome to the Big Leagues, Lizzie. Play Ball !

  • Stavros

    TVO's Mike Miner has blogged about May's response:….

    Watch the full May interview on The Agenda with Steve Paikin from last week:

    I work at the Agenda and as always we welcome your comments.

  • wallyj

    Maybe it is time to give this a break? Why doesn't someone ask her if her one and only MP is under investigation AGAIN for election spending irregularities?

  • Honey Pot

    Will Dion be sick the day of the debate and send Bob Rae in his place? Would the liberals be allowed to do that? Not that Harper couldn't wup Rae. Dion endorsing Rae as the new leader of the liberals the other day, has me wondering. Perhaps Dion has caught on, and would be too embarrassed as Lizzie answered all questions directed towards him. At least Rae would have the gonads to tell Lizzie to hush-up.

  • East of Eden

    Elizabeth May is the same sort of person as Garth Turner. She is out for herself, will never admit culpability without a qualifier, is condescending, loud, obnoxious, not wholly truthful…need I continue?

  • East of Eden

    Elizabeth May is the same sort of person as Garth Turner. She is out for herself, will never admit culpability without a qualifier, is condescending, loud, obnoxious, not wholly truthful…need I continue?