Stephane Dion fails leadership test on Lesley Hughes

Much is being written and said about former Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes and her bizarre conspiracy theories that are more appropriately scrawled on the front of newspaper boxes rather than enunciated by a mainstream contender for Parliament.

As the story progressed from the unearthing of Hughes’ quote, to the firestorm that erupted, all the way to Dion’s delayed disposal of Hughes’ from the Liberal Party, the easy conclusion is that Hughes’ views are not only divergent but dumb but the looming question that we should ask is what does this say about Mr. Dion’s leadership?

Former Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes in her own words,

“German Intelligence (BND) claims to have warned the U.S. last June, the Israeli Mossad and Russian Intelligence in August. Israeli businesses, which had offices in the Towers, vacated the premises a week before the attacks, breaking their lease to do it. About 3000 Americans working there were not so lucky.”

And then this release from the Liberal war-room while Hughes is under fire from Conservatives for her anti-semitic remarks (h/t Janke):


Sent: Sep 25, 2008 6:51 PM

For Immediate Release

September 25, 2008

Statement from Lesley Hughes, the Liberal candidate for Kildonan-St. Paul

As a journalist I have spoken and written passionately about the Holocaust. I am a lifelong friend and supporter of the Jewish community in Winnipeg and I am deeply distressed by any suggestion to the contrary. I find any interpretation of my journalism as anti-Semitic personally offensive and I heartily apologize for that perception.


Liberal Party of Canada Press Office

Note that this release comes from the Liberal Press Office, not directly from Ms. Hughes herself. The Liberal Party would like you to know that Ms. Hughes is “offended” by her critics. This sort of apology is good enough for Stephane Dion.

Then when this non-apology is worked over by reporters, Liberal supporters start yelling at them. Look at the leadership Stephane Dion shows when faced by further questions by reporters on an issue un-resolved. Remember, Hughes said that “Israelis” had advance knowledge of 9/11. What would you do if you were the leader of a political party?

A Liberal supporter takes over the press conference and pushes back on journalists for the Liberal leader. CTV quoted Liberal supporters as saying that questions were “trivial and irrelevant”.

When it became clear for Dion that Ms. Hughes was turning into a political liability, Dion still wouldn’t dump Hughes from the campaign. Instead, he sought the advice of the Canadian Jewish Congress as to what is right or wrong. Of course, like anyone with any sense the CJC said the comments were wrong. Mr. Dion didn’t need to outsource his decision making here. What to do about a nutty conspiracy theorist that suggests the Americans and Israelis orchestrated their own mass-murder in order to build a case for war is about the easiest test of leadership there is; it’s Leadership 101, this person has no place in any serious political party.

Mr. Dion did the right thing in the end, but only after facing embarrassing questions and only after delegating his judgment to an outside group. This incident speaks to the disturbing presumed acceptance of these views in some of the parties on the left but more importantly, it show that when faced with perhaps the easiest test of leadership, Mr. Dion failed.



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  1. I don't see how this from Libby Davies (in parliament no less) is also not a firing offence. This is taken from hansard on June 10, 2008. Someone call Jack Layton.

    Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):
    Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to rise in the House today to present three petitions.

    The first petition is signed by approximately 500 people from across Canada. The petition points out that scientific and eyewitness evidence shows that the 9/11 commission report is a fraudulent document and that elements within the U.S. government were complicit in the murder of thousands of people on September 11, 2001. The petition points out that this brought Canada into the so-called war on terror that has changed the domestic and foreign policies for the worse and that will have negative consequences for Canada.

  2. If Dion in his indecisiveness is so eager to go to consesus on this relatively minor issue then what would make one think he would not concede to a coalition governing party with him taking the tail end of the donkey costume ?

  3. Watching Dion implode is almost sad in a strange sort of way. But his shrill supporters lashing out at the media could be fatal. What a mess Dion's whole campaign has become. No doubt the writings on the wall.

  4. He didn't, from what I understand, make the decision easily. From what I've read (I don't know it for fact, however) is that he tried to deflect the decision-making to the Jewish Congress. In all fairness to Lesley Hughes – and I do not support her views – there is a fine line between genuine hate and political expediency. Stephane Dion more than likely considered the political ramifications within the Jewish community at-large and removed her. The opposite reason would more than likely explain why he has not asked Garth Turner to resign – Garth Turner has a recognizeable name in Halton and will more than likely win his seat. The whole thing stinks, if you ask me, when political expediency takes precedence over decency.

  5. On a final note, I am completely embarassed by this election campaign. Gaffes, negative attacks, slurs, apologies, it is just a complete debacle and makes us look no better than some of the so-called third world countries which we like to hold in contempt for their political ways.

  6. Unfair Bruce S…Libby was presenting a petition her constituents gave her…it's her job.

    Didn't a CPC member present something to do with aliens?

  7. How old is this video? His English is appalling when he doesn't give a prepared statement or gets frustrated. He's gonna get his clocked cleaned in any real debate.

  8. Mecheng, LIbby Davis did NOT have to read the petition in the House, that she chose to do on her own. All she had to do was to file it with the clerk of petitions. The conservative petition that I think you are talking about was NOT read in the House but was just presented, as I have outlined above, on behalf of the constituents who signed it to the clerk.

  9. Stephane Dion acted for whatever reason and I won’t question that. What I do question, however, is why he has allowed Garth Turner to remain a candidate considering the hatred which he allows on his blog – some of the comments he lets through are far more hateful than anything which Lesley Hughes wrote – although I am not supporting what she wrote. And, as for Garth Turner, his Lisa Raitt Death Watch (which he removed) was beyond the pale. If that isn’t hatred, I don’t know what would be hatred. Before asking Lesley Hughes to resign, Stephane Dion should demand that Garth Turner resign for the hatred and truly disingenuous comments which he levels at Stephen Harper, Lisa Raitt, the CPC and for the hatred spewed by some of his commenters.

  10. I do not doubt, for one second, that the official report fed to us by the American government is sanitized and skewed. I remember, after 9-11, being totally fed up with all of our news being dominated by George Bush and the 9-11 tragedy. I believe, wholeheartedly, that there is far more to the story than what we have been told. I have also believed, since that time, that George W used 9-11 to promote his own personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein and that he skewed the reporting to open the door to his attack on Iraq. Saddam Hussein was an evil man, to be sure, but there was (IMHO) no reason to invade Iraq. Years later, the country is in no better shape than before and yet Bush persists. No, there is much more to the story than meets the eye.

  11. Stéphane Zion mentioned the Canadian Jewish Congress at least 9 times in this short clip.

    Liberals were dominated by Paul Desmarais, a famous Zionist, who had Sarkozy elected accdording to frenchs.

    Power Crop sabotaged Kyoto via it’s former president emeritus Maurice Strong, the father of the Kyoto agreements described as a mix between Raspoutine and Machiavle by a female journalist from CBS.

    Don’t believe me, read the Protocols of Zion on

    See my videos on 911allo in Youtube.



    Cherniak just reposted this video as an example of the type of leader we need.

    I just snorted my drink through my nose!

    aardvark…I think that alien petition was read…i remember laughing when I heard it on CPAC. Nonetheless, I think it’s offlimits to criticize a MofP for filing, submitting, presenting, etc, a petition prepared by a citizen. In fact, I would commend them for presenting a petition that they personally don’t agree with.

    Now whether or not Libby agreed with that petition…I have no clue.

  13. Okay, I was wrong…Mike Lake, CPC MP in Edmonton presented a petition “to establish immediate, comprehensive legislation to effect immediate protection of Bigfoot.”

  14. Its embarrassing because we let it become embarrassing. To me only one candidate should have stepped down so far and thats the nude NDP guy. None of the other 'gaffes' have been worthy of resignation and have all been in response to fake outrage. When all is said and done go ask Joe Canadian if knows anything about the story and he'she'll say no. I am glad we have a leader like Stephen Harper who can see through all the partisan crap and not require a resignation.

  15. Yes I remember that one well. Mike was given the petition by a constituent and he presented it to the clerk even though he stated that he did not believe in bigfoot. He said at the time that just because he did not necessarily agree with the petition that it was not a good enough reason not to present it.

    You make a valid point though that attacking an MP for presenting a petition is attacking the petitioner more than the MP.

  16. I think the shrill little Liberal slappy in the background screaming out “IRRELEVANT”, and “WE DON'T CARE” with Professor (“I have a PhD”) Dion at the podium was right on the money. That pretty much sums up their campaign.

  17. There was no companion piece to much of MSM's reporting on this. No real play up to the story of the Liberals trying to muzzle the press yet they played up that angle with regards to the CPoC — reporters angry they were being pushed away from asking the PM questions, and on another occasion when they were unable to question Dona Cadman. And of course the overall constant theme of the MSM over Harper's term has been claims he's trying to muzzle them. We see the true nature of the LPoC and its controlling ways and it's not made much of an issue. In fact, Fife and LaFlamme seemed like they were personally hurt by the bad day the Liberals were having. She looked glum and almost pouting. He seemed resigned. It must have knocked them off stride momentarily. But not for long because they quickly reverted to their “Dion slams Harper” theme, attempting to change focus from Dion's poor crisis management skills and “shifty” position, delegating responsibility of the matter to others (Hello! Leadership!!! Alarm bells should be going off in their heads!), with Fife attempting to portray Dion not only as a victim but as a leader and a fighter by writing on his blog, “Suddenly today, the Liberal leader came to life.” Bob added on the Nightly News: “I've never seen Dion in such a feisty mood.” Fife and LaFlamme, like much in the MSM, are praying for a Liberal miracle.

  18. BTW, has Duceppe been pressed by MSM to apologize to Harper for saying that the PM's policy is to, in effect, provide “young flesh” to hardened inmates (no pun intended)? Isn't that akin to the “child porn” remark made in 2004, in which the MSM, in their slanted coverage, hounded Harper for an apology and made Martin the sympathetic figure instead of making the story a one day wonder? Oh, that's right. With Quebec being the place where many analysts agree will determine not of course who wins this election, but whether it's a minority or majority gov't, best not to make an issue of it or Harper might get his majority. Gotta keep casting him as a villain… it's their only hope. Can't plant the seed in Canadians' minds that Harper deserves an apology because they'll actually expect MSM to report one.

    It's all part of a bigger MSM-Liberal Hail Mary pass that's certain to come… and very soon, as both are becoming increasingly desperate, and running out of options, as election day quickly approaches.

  19. I would like to see the text of her comments before judging her anti-Semitic or not. Is it possible to see her comments? As for Dion – his response was weak. I lost count after four mentions of the Jewish Congress. I would interpret his response as tossing that monkey on his back to the Jewish Congress instead of dealing with it head on. My impression is that he had not actually seen the comments – he appeared to have no knowledge of the contents of her blog. He also appeared to be losing his patience and that is not good for somebody who hopes to lead our country. Say what you like about Stephen Harper, but he knows how to control his emotions in public. I have no idea what he is like behind closed doors but in public he is the king of rational – this is an essential quality in a leader. As for the two supporters – I heard one male complaining about the media – and the “we don't care” girl – disgraceful. If I were Dion, I would be embarrassed by that display of immaturity.

  20. My apologies – I did read her comment above. I was referring to the entire blog post when I said I’d like to see her comments. The excerpt above does not, to me, appear to be anti-Semitic. It does imply that the holders of the intelligence did not warn the USA about the attacks but it does not appear to me to be anti-Semitic. To me it is a slam against the intelligence agencies – three of them – for failing to warn their host country.

  21. What's sinking in with Canadians is if they only elect another minority Conservative government, they could easily be faced with another unwanted snap election in 2009.

    The Liberal opposition will be faced with abstaining for 6 – 12 months if Dion resigns and Liberals must find another leader rather quickly. That new leader cannot survive if he/she continues to abstain and find themselves on the same Dion treadmill.

    If 905 GTA wants another election soon, they should continue voting Liberal .. but if they want 4 years of peace, they must vote Conservative. Plain & simple … for dummies …!!

  22. Much is being written and said about former Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes and her bizarre conspiracy theories that are more appropriately scrawled on the front of newspaper boxes rather than enunciated by a mainstream contender for Parliament.

    Wow,really independant thinking there. And you call yourself a “scientist”,interested in “building democracy”? At least Hughes cites credible facts and sources(Michael Ruppert,author of “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil”,see for details).

  23. Angus Reid: Con-40%, NDP-21%, Lib-21%, BQ-10%, Gn-7%

    Also: In the preferred prime minister question, Harper remains ahead of his rivals with 33 per cent (+1), followed by Layton with 18 per cent (-1), Dion with nine per cent, Duceppe with three per cent, and May with two per cent.


    – With Liberal brand at 21% and Dion at 9%, that means more than half the Liberal brand supporters do not like Dion.

    – With NDP and Liberals tied at 21%, and Layton at 18% versus Dion at 9%, Layton can legitimately promote strategic voting in favour of the NDP.

    – With the spread between the Conservatives and Liberals so large, the H&K Seat Predictor gives Conservatives 166 MPs .. a majority.

    – With the Liberals sinking in the polls, the BQ could rise to Official Opposition Party rank, requiring a big strategic shift from Liberal to NDP to win second place and deny the BQ OOP status.

    – With Liberal support sinking so low, it's probable that Liberal vote may only be in the teens on election day due to poor voter turnout for Liberals.

    Most all other polling shows the same results.

  24. From Peacekeepers to Ass-Kissers – thanks, Stephen Harper

    Stephen Harper does not deserve to be Canada’s Prime Minister.

    “Whether Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion…” Stephen Harper speech to the Colin Brown Memorial Dinner, National Citizens Coalition, 1994

    “I don't know all the facts on Iraq, but I think we should work closely with the Americans.” – Stephen Harper, Report Newsmagazine, March 25 2002

    Stephen Harper has his head so far up George Bush’s back passage that George could get a gig as the two-headed freak at a traveling sideshow.

    From Peacekeepers to Ass-Kissers – thanks, Stephen Harper, thanks Conservative Party

  25. Wow, I am deeply disturbed by this. Both at Dion claiming he needs an outside party to ditch a conspiracy theorist and the supporters shouting down the media saying “we don't care.” They don't care? How can you not care? And how can they shout the journalists down? That would never happen at a Conservative press scrum. It wouldn't happen at an NDP press scrum either for that matter. Wow.

  26. National Post Account:
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    Look at the U.S atmoshphere as it is today because of the FALSE WAR ON TERROR- removal of habeus corpus, the Security Commissions Act, the removal of the 1st and 4 amendments which give the citizen protection against arbitrary search and seizure and in Canada the egregious security certificates persecution immigrants and scrutinizing them as “potential terrorists” in a violation of the charter of rights and freedoms as we formerly knew it.

    Lesley Hughes like many noteable civil rights activists and defenders of the oppressed (Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Malcolm X, Kennedy etc…) has now faced the insipid persecution of an establishment that would censore defame and ridicule motivated by the atrocities it must hide from public knowledge and scrutiny and the wickidness it conceals. WE MUST ALL SUPPORT DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY AND TRUTH LEST WE SUCCUMB TO THE FACTIONS AND IDEOLOGIES OF DECADENCE OPPRESSION AND TYRANNY.

  27. My my, how ignorant.

    Quoting Harper from 1994 doesn't do him justice as he's learned a great deal since then and has clearly evolved rather progressively.
    He's even out “Obama'ed” Obama in their paths to the center.
    Obama is just more charmingly charismatic about it.

    I've witnessed these transitions first hand.

    Or have you not been watching much CPAC? … at all? ….. ever?

    Perhaps someday when you catch up to modern times and to the constant flow of information and facts via multiple mediums you'll become more enlightened on how appropriate Mr. Harper is for the Job of PM.
    You may even be thankful for it, assuming you can see through your disgruntled bitterness and misjudgments.

    I suppose you've been watching too much CBC.

  28. Let's look at this from a strategic point of view and not a moral point of view. What was the result of his decision?
    Did he lose any less voters than he would have if he'd kept Hughes onboard? Just reading the news, most of the most vocal columnists condemning Hughes were not Liberals. So appeasing to that audience really wouldn't make him gain or lose any votes.

    Now, there is a group of Liberals who do see eye to eye with the criticisms, (like Mr. Taylor here). However, this groups seems to highlight a different issue here, his inability to lead (as eloquently illustrated by Mr. Taylor). It seems like at this point, dropping Hughes caused more harm than good. Not to mention the 22% of Canadians who actually are skeptics to 9/11's official story.

  29. Let's look at this from a strategic point of view and not a moral point of view. What was the result of his decision?
    Did he lose any less voters than he would have if he'd kept Hughes onboard? Just reading the news, most of the most vocal columnists condemning Hughes were not Liberals. So appeasing to that audience really wouldn't make him gain or lose any votes.

    Now, there is a group of Liberals who do see eye to eye with the criticisms, (like Mr. Taylor here). However, this groups seems to highlight a different issue here, his inability to lead (as eloquently illustrated by Mr. Taylor). It seems like at this point, dropping Hughes caused more harm than good. Not to mention the 22% of Canadians who actually are skeptics to 9/11's official story.

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