• phauser

    Hope they run these every 20 minutes for the next three weeks.

    You gotta love the fact the liberals are giving the ammo even if you don't hear the whole conversation. Bury them the same way they have tried to bury everyone else by dissecting a few lines here and there.

  • Brian10

    I think the ads are very hard hitting. Is it just me or does John McCallum sound like he's 3 sheets to the wind.

    I'd like to see the Conservative's go after the Bloc in Quebec as I feel that could be a weak spot for the Conservatives..

    Anyone with a good understanding of French know what their ads are like

  • Bob in Ottawa

    This almost makes me feel embarassed for them. Poor ol' Penny Collenette is due on my door any day now. With the state of homelessness in her hoped-for riding, McCallum's advice on the national housing strategy should make her job getting elected even more difficult.

  • Cardstonkid

    Hard hitting and will be a powerful ad campaign, I think a voice over should go with the text that way us dum Albertan's will be able to git it ; )

  • http://loreweaver.btblogs.ca lore_weaver

    Oooooo! It's on now!

  • simon


    These are impressive ads to say the least…but what is really telling of these people is their derision of the common voter which shines forth glaringly in their “telephone body language”…namely their tone of voice and conspiratorial thinly covered snickers aimed at the “rubes” they are hoping to dupe.

    Cynical politicoes at best…No make that dishonest operativesof the most callous order!

    That there is no honour amongst thieves would be an understatment.

  • http://vollman.blogspot.com Robert V

    Nope, these will backfire.

    Don't get me wrong, these are very interesting, but they will backfire. Have to find another way to get this information to Canadians.

  • Fred

    WOW !

  • Sean McAllister

    Not really related to this, but I thought you would get a kick out of it. Pay attention to the photo and caption

  • Northen Ontario Tory

    Hard hitting and simple…….using the Liberals own words against them so that they can't point to what some mean and nasty Conservative said. I love 'em!

  • Dr. X

    They need subtitles.

  • Michael Fox

    The first 2 aren't effective at all and the 5th one is just silly. I hope they don't run them.

  • dkjones

    I worry that these ads may backfire on the Conservatives. Questions it raises in my mind are

    1) how did the conservatives get these tapes?
    2) is there too much spin in them?
    3) will the undecided voters take this a too underhanded and slimy?

    I would instead look for any bump out of the debates where Dion will not be protected.

    But too late now I guess, it is in cyber space

  • southernontarioan

    Wow.. some of them are kinda tame, but the National Housing Strategy one is a really nasty one to have played. It essentially portrays the Liberals as deceptive and devious, pretending to care about homelessness to win votes.

  • Bocanut

    The housing ad is great and I'm sure would resonate,the others I'm not so sure about.

  • mecheng


  • http://www.mikebrockonline.com Mike Brock

    If they run these with vigor, they'll put Jack Layton into Stornoway.

  • Norm

    Personally, I would not be using these unless and until the LPC engages in real lowball tactics. The ads detract from Stephen's message that he is an above board kind of guy. Many Canadians will not like the fact that these are taken from calls that were meant to be privileged. This will backfire. One man's opinion for what its worth.

  • Babylonian

    Some folks are right. Dion, as much as he is not a leader, is very much a likeable and nice fellow.

    I think we should let the liberal party simply implode, and ONLY if necessary, like in a defensive situation, shoud these be used.

    The cup of our sweet drink is drawing closer, let us not get giddy and spill its contents!!!

  • Brian

    I think the ads are very hard hitting. Is it just me or does John McCallum sound like he’s 3 sheets to the wind.

    I’d like to see the Conservative’s go after the Bloc in Quebec as I feel that could be a weak spot for the Conservatives..

    Anyone with a good understanding of French know what their ads are like

  • sir john a.


    This is unprecedented.

    A leaked tape of a confidential conference call?


  • Babylonian


    I only saw the first one and I got ants in my pants!!!

    HIDDEN AGENDA???????????????????????????????

    This just made my day, thanks Mr. Taylor!

  • http://djxtreme-seashell.blogspot.com/ SeanMcAllister


  • JDot

    These ads are great. I hope the Tories push these ads hard.

  • sf

    I think they would backfire. They should not run them.

  • mecheng

    Hey, a Liberal on the call taped it and leaked it to CPC supporters…nothing wrong with the CPC using what is given to them.

  • http://streetadvisorconsulting.blogspot.com markalanwhittle

    Heck, I like your version of the NDP's attack ad you cooked up Stephen, especially that Gattling gun spewing out empty shell casings a mile a minute. Yee-haw! Take that,Taliban Jack!.

    As to the new Conservative ones, they rightly hoist the Liberals on their own Petard. Crude, but certainly effective.

    I hope they look good on the big screen TV's in people's livingroom's across Canada.

  • Liz J

    I say run them and run them lots. The Liberals would do it if the situation were reversed. Look what they did with the Ritz Conference call, they and their buddies in the media were ecstatic and giddy to get that clip from a Liberal mole or Judas.
    These are a gift to the people of the country, they need to know just what kind of disarray they're in and how totally unfit and unprepared they are to govern. Anyone who looks at these videos and still votes for those Bozos have no care about this country.

  • gimbol

    Oh man, this is dynamite.

    One question.

    Did this get out in time for MDL?

  • AtlanticJim

    Some very good ads, but there was some obvious and badly done editing there after listening to the entire thing a few days ago. Gotta keep the high ground!

    The infrastructure one is probably the worst editted of the lot.

  • ian

    This is not effective.It is hard to read and listen to, it is dull and seems like a cheap shot.
    I would much rather see the end of the CTV clip of Mr Harper in BC? where he skewers the Libs and the NDP. Then support his comments with the just released surplus information to re enforce that Canada is on the right path.

  • EBD

    The National Housing Strategy video, second from the bottom is by FAR the best one. It makes the same general case as the others, but it’s *way* easier to grok for — perhaps distracted — viewers, and it requires no knowledge of policy issues; McCallum’s tone of voice when he says “I suppose you could call it a national housing strategy,” and the complicit laughter that follows, is entirely damning, with no further explanation needed.

  • MrEd

    The people against using them have posted coments as being anti conservative in the past so I wouldn’t lend too much weight to them… Having said that if the MSM doesn’t play fair and even coverage then it’s up to bloggers and facebook people to get this message out to Canadians…. Remember Scott B called for Ritz’s head over comments made on a private confrence call…that was leaked….and the Dion team ran it. Harper said he expected that his oponents would start throwing mud an they did. As long as he stay’s on topic in his interviews and plays these adds down they would be very effective because the swing vote will see what’s going on behind Liberal closed doors while the put forth a public face that is very different…

  • Liz J

    How can they backfire, they're coming straight from the mouths of Liberals?
    It's fair game to give them back some of their own medicine, they've been indicating they want to play Gotcha games, theyve been doing it for months,it's all they have aside from lies.

    The laughter in the videos is another clue to the fact they're trying to come up with something,whatever they can cobble together to fool the people. It's serious information and the people should know what they're about.

  • D

    These ads are pathetic and odious, at the same time.

    I never thought I would see a Canadian political party stoop so low as to use Nixonian tactics straight out of the Watergate years. Not that the tapes are particularly damning mind you, like for example a reporter’s tape of Harper saying that a MP was promised “financial considerations” to switch parties.

    Another thing that comes to mind is: are these ads legal? You may want to check that out.

  • Dee Sturber

    What about that Avaaz email asking for people to donate $100k to stop Harper? An international organization telling people how to vote in this country. That is going to far. The world is too full of crooks. Let’s get some truths out. Are these ads really on TV. I stopped watching the left wing news a long time ago. Even CPAC is showing a favourable poll for the Conservatives. Let’s hope it continues upwards. It’s driving them to drink.
    Although with McCallum, that would be a short putt. Do they still allow him on Air Canada? Or do them make him fly in a kennel?

  • http://jasoncherniak.com Jason Cherniak

    Are you telling me that first clip isn’t edited? It seems pretty clear to me…

  • WOW

    The liberals will be wiped out.

  • Cod Father

    homelessness issue one is priceless! Take it and combined with this:


    Which is something that I don’t think has been announced yet by the Conservatives could be interesting

  • Liz J

    Tough time to be a Liberal but it's long overdue. We've had a long spell of their arrogance and outright sneering and put-downs of those who don't agree with them, it's finally payback time. It's restoring faith in the people as well to see them at last reject the Liberals for corruption and showing disrespect for the taxpayers money.
    A former Liberal operative has it right, they'll have to reinvent themselves.

  • Steve D.

    WOW… I almost dropped my morning coffee as I listened to the audacity of these audio clips. I am speechless.

  • AtlanticJim

    Brian, John MCCallum ALWAYS sounds and looks three sheets into er.

  • anon

    I love the whole “hidden agenda” thing being turned around and used against the Liberals. Because of their goal of implementing a carbon tax if elected, it will provide fodder for the Tories, meaning CPC gov'ts for years and years to come. If they do not have a carbon tax as part of their next campaign, they will be forced on the defensive, allowing the Tories to tag them with the very term, “hidden agenda”, that they themselves created (supplanted in this election with “master plan”). I love it!

    BTW, the Tories shouldn't have to be the ones to dispense this information to the public. That's the job of the MSM. But unlike their play up of the Randy White tape, the MSM will attempt to bury what McCallum and friends truly think about Canadians.

    Like their refusal to uncover the truth in the Krista Erickson affair and the Liberal players involved, what else are the Liberal media hiding from Canadians?

  • Casual Observer

    The Conservatives would be wasting their time with Liberal attack ads for the rest of the election. The Liberals are done like dinner – the most important target now should be the NDP. For example, they should play the footage of the NDP star candidate in BC, where he said “the tarsands must be shut down”. Or, they should look at all the ridiculous promises Jack Layton has been making, and nail them – ie. Layton has said he'll cancel the Softwood Lumber agreement – Cancel it ! The same one that took about 7 years to negotiate, was agreed to by industry leaders, provincial governments like BC, and which apparently would cost Canadians $5 Billion just to cancel – let alone the future fallout of that. Layton and the NDP need to be taken to task, and the main stream media sure aren't going to do it.

  • Gord Tulk

    Gotta say I do not like them.

    At this point of the campaign and with the mo' that the CP has, now is not the time to attack what is already a failed and forgotten policy platform of the LP.

    The dire tones of the music at the end add a sinisterness that splatters onto the party that produced them.

    These are defensive ads – the kind you use when your opponent is on the rise – sort of like the crap the LP used in the last days of the previous two elections. The CP needs to keep the focus on the greatness of its leader and it policies – that is what got them to the heights they are now and will carry them further upwards to a majority. they shouldn't soil their reputation – carefully cultivated ever since SH became leader – as being above this kind of stuff. Time to have a quiet chat with the more arch members of the CP warroom and tell them to think twice about such tactics.

    I wonder how these ads work in female focus groups… My guess is that they would find this off-putting and bully-like.

  • Casual Observer

    Those ads will not help the Conservatives – they will backfire.
    Attack the NDP instead, because the Liberals are done. The NDP have made enough stupid comments, and outrageous promises throughout this election…just paste them all together in a video – examples: Layton has said he would withdraw our troops from Afghanistan “immediately” – can you imagine what that would cause there?; NDP Byers in BC is on film saying “the tarsands must be shut down” – these are just 2 examples of what must be a plethora available. Along with Layton on Pot TV, the Marijuana guy who ran for NDP lighting up 20 joints…

  • http://caymanpei.blogspot.com lwestin

    Didn't like them. They seemed like a 'whole bunch of nothing'. I also wonder how the tape was acquired .I admit that the speakers seemed cynical and somewhat conspirational. Is it enough? Maybe if they didn't sound 'sinister', but were done with some wit?

    I am sick of having to listen to tax funded lies and perversions of the left brained media, but it doesn't make me 'feel good' about these ads.

  • Tom1969ca

    Funny how now it is US accusing the LIBERALS of having a “hidden agenda”…

    I love it! :)

  • Tom1969ca

    Funny how now it is US accusing the LIBERALS of having a “hidden agenda”…

    I love it! :)

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