Elitism from… the NDP

From Pique Newsmagazine (Whistler BC),

Helen Kormendy, a councillor with the Village of Ashcroft, will be taking [Conservative Chuck Strahl] on under the NDP banner, while Barbara Lebeau, a veteran of the legal profession, will carry the flag for the Greens. The Liberal Party has not yet appointed a candidate in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon.

Kormendy currently serves as a councilor with the Village of Ashcroft, where she lives. A lifelong New Democrat, she has also worked as a social worker in child protection and family support, and has also worked as a mediator for people who were divorcing.

But what really separates Kormendy from Strahl is education, according to her.

I guess the only thing that’s different about me too with Chuck Strahl is that I’m educated,” she said. “Not to say he isn’t in a formal way, I have three degrees.

“He comes out of a high school and goes into the workforce. I come out of high school, I work for a while and since then I have a formal education. I have a degree in political science, minor anthropology… I have a degree in social work… and I also have a master’s of social work from UBC.”



  • MrEd

    And I know people who are professional students who could never hold a job because they have to get up and work 9-5 rather then sleep in, go to classes, get 1/4 the year off for vacation time, and sponge off the system…. but heres to bein' egde-u-kated rather then getting off your arse and getting a job. Not saying she's not a hard worker…but book learning verse school of hard knocks…. I'll vote for the school of reality over books every time

  • http://www.iamrobyn.com Robyn

    Well, at least it's a change from Rollie Keith… he was a joke! Not to mention his re-used campaign signs that were faded and graffiti covered.

    I was born, raised, and currently live in the Chwk riding and I can tell you right now… no one stands a chance against Strahl. ESPECIALLY someone who acts all pretentious. Maybe that will work in Vancouver, but certainly not here. He DID go to Trinity Western University though… is that considered uneducated? If so, I just wasted $90,000.

  • http://climbingoutofthedark.blogspot.com Hunter

    HA! Lady if all those degrees are better than Chuck's life experience, why are you running to become a lowly MP when Chuck is a Minister? Could it be that your degrees are useless pieces of paper, that can't get you a job? The MP's salary must be really appealing to a socialist, only problem is that you have to get elected. Good luck with that, your education means spit to most voters, and to think you are better because of it, is just elitist thinking.

  • Beer and Popcorn


    I guess if you are not a latte-swilling, CBC watching, protest sign carrying sandals and socks with a turtleneck sweater intellectual you have no place in the Left's Canada.

  • simon

    Well she's sure to be able to use that minor degree in Anthropology after Oct/14th; if for no other reason than to ascertain why some sub-species of the order Homo sapien seem to have the propensity of sticking their foot in their mouth up to the thigh and then proceed to attempt intelligent discourse.
    This sub species seems to aspire to gov't social services jobs and then onto political parties of the left leaning socialist ilk.
    Either way its telling other people how to live their lives.

    You go girl !!

  • gary

    Not one useful. productive degree amongst the three. All are left wing BS spewing wastes of time and money. The typial NDP candidate. Totality useless!

  • Anne in swON

    I bet she's good at Trivial Pursuit, Socialist Edition! What I learned at University and then at Teacher's College was a lot of ideals which were soon disspelled once I got into the classroom. Tact and humility were obviously never part of the curriculum for Helen.

  • peter

    Oh God…..another social worker…spare me..

  • gimbol

    Is this for real?

    I can't count the number of times our company has hired a university grad with at least three degrees, only to incur the cost of sending them out for training at the local community college to get some basic shop knowledge. Meanwhile we overlook the graduate from the school of hardknocks because well….they just didn't answer the interview questions the right way.

    Harper majority PLEASE.

  • Truth serum

    I would be willing to bet that if you could do a survey, that the vast majority of people either elected NDP, or running NDP, are either social workers, academics, or career politicians (or who have been unemployed for a good part of ther “career”)- all living off the taxpayers for most of their lives. I'm willing to bet that very few of them, if any, have ever had to try to cut in the real world, in a business setting. That's probably why they are all so anti-business, anti-profit.

  • Liz J

    What better place than politics to apply her education in social engineering and with a political science degree too, oh my! Now she can only hope she's not educated beyond her intelligence. What pomposity for a person who subscribes to the Dipper doctrine! Cadillac Socialist anyone?

  • http://stubblejumpingredneck.blogspot.com Louise

    I guess this guy is right, then.

  • hudson duster

    She are one smart cookie. Frankly, being governed by someone with a masters in social work is a frightening prospect.

  • batb

    Well, whoopee!

    Ms. Kormendy has two degrees in … TaDa! SOCIOLOGY!! That really challenges the brain cells!

    And, predictably, she's taken the expected trajectory after graduation: “child protection and family support” plus “mediation” for people divorcing. So NDP.

    Chuck Strahl, on the other hand, is a product of the school of hard knocks, aka, the real world. I know who I'd like representing me in the HOC.

    Hint: It wouldn't be Kormendy with her useless degrees. (BTW, I have TWO university degrees, but so what?)

  • GaryinWpg

    One may be the most educated person in the world, but if one doesn't have any common sense, one is pretty well stupid.

  • Skynorth

    “Would you like fries with that ?”

  • sir john a.

    She's about to find out what all those degrees mean in the context of electoral politics …

  • Leanne

    Sounds like a professional student to me. Perhaps Ms. Kormendy's real life experience is more applicable to World of Warcraft ? (Perhaps she should ask for her money back. Despite having three degrees, Ms. Kormendy does not appear to have grasped the fundamentals of syntax.

  • batb

    Elitism from … the NDP.

    Actually, Stephen, elitism is what the NDP is all about, despite their bleating about caring for “working people.” (Boy does that expression out of Jack Laydown's mouth ever BUG me. What he means by “working people” is the collectivist workers and no one else.) Seeing as the NDP doesn't live in the real world, where individuals have to take stock of and repsonsibility for their actions–and if they don't, there are personal consequences which usually hurt– their whole system revolves around “the right people” having “the right ideas/ideologies”–well, “left people” having “left ideas/ideologies, actually!!

    If you're not inside the collectivist/socialist circle, you're OUT. NDPers move as a herd and the reason they strongly dislike those of us who refuse to join the herd is because they can't exploit our tax dollars to launch and forward their socialist agenda for the collective.

    At least, that's the way they THINK. The NDP have never had enough support to actually test their theories to see how spectacularly they would fail. If they were really smart–Helen Kormendy to their rescue, maybe?!!–they'd have figured out from all of the other failed socialist regimes around the world that their ideas are just pie in the sky.

    Just look what a party of overly educated, over-achievers has accomplished in the past 50 years: No governance, idiotic touch-feely initiatives, abortion rights for women which have ensured a plummeting population which now threatens the continuance of all of the NDP's social, touchy-feely welfare initiatives, a premier who almost bankrupted Ontario, etc., etc.

    Give me common sense and rugged individualism any day over hyper-educated social engineers.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

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  • http://www.righoncourse.blogspot.com Scott

    I’m not sure that Kormendy realizes this, but Chuck actually went to university. Mind you, she probably wouldn’t count it as one as it was a religious-based institution (Trinity West University).

    Kormendy needs to be taught the lesson that university experience does not translate into life experience.

  • http://www.sortofpolitical.com Springer

    Questions that need asking:

    Last night Iggy, when asked by Duffy how the Libs would pay for a $70 billion promise, replied they would start with $22 billion in funds not so far spent by Harper’s government…???

    First off, I thought we, according to the Libs, are bordering on deficits?

    But more to the point: Unspent funds? Obviously these funds more or less have been allocated for future programs, etc.

    So the big question then is: Which programs exactly are the Liberals planning to cancel???

    First one that automatically springs to mind would be equipment replacement programs desperately needed by our military. Desperately needed because the Liberals gutted the DND over the previous decade to pay for pie-in-the-sky social programs.

    So, is it in Liberal plans to once again starve our military to the verge of rust out, if not outright collapse, just like last time???


    Let’s have specifics!!!

  • http://www.sortofpolitical.com Springer

    You just can't make this kind of stuff up, eh?

    A $15 BILLION rejig of the tax system is NOT a major part of the Liberal platform…???


    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • Raging Ranter

    My Birkenstocks are blushing.

  • bob

    All the CBC pundit gallery could talk about was Ritz Ritz and how Rob Russo and CP plan to dig deeper into Ritz.


    Dion bails and the pundits are all Ritz all the time?

  • Tenebris

    She brags about such limited education? And largely in social work?! I scarcely think myself adequately schooled, and my degrees have meat on them! I shan’t mention the three postdoctoral positions, the two faculty positions, about a million dollars in research funding, the industry collaborations (must stay useful, eh?) and the 40-odd peer-reviewed publications. Oh, and I consider my career as barely begun.

    Ah, elitism. A wonderful thing. You can always sharpen the point.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to consider my various friends, those who put my educational credentials and accomplishments to shame, and those who crush rock for a living (they had a wee bit of difficulty with my ego – about 5 minutes worth).

  • slgam

    And Stephane Dion has a PhD. Ding dong!

    Enough said.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    Having a PhD is ok. Thinking it makes you better is not.

  • batb

    bob: “Dion bails and the [CBC] pundits are all Ritz all the time?”

    Groan. Gee I’m glad I was out having a beer with my daughter and her boyfriend and not watching Newman’s BRAWWWWDCAST. I’d probably have thrown something at the TV.

    From now on, I will never again consider this panel as “pundits.” They’re partisan sell-outs, out to cover and save their own butts. Actually, this panel has always been weak; I can’t think of one who isn’t left-of-centre. Calling them “pundits” is a conceit which stretches credulity. For crying out loud, Susan Delacourt’s brother was the Director of Communication for Liberal big-wig Joe Volpe, so I’m sure she’s objective…right?

    Both Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert on the National last night said that what Agriculture Minister Ritz said IN A CONFERENCE CALL (which was leaked–by whom?), NOT A PUBLIC MEETING was not a firing offence, an assessment with which I totally agree. He has apologized and that should be that.

    The fact that the majority of our MSM has become a vociferous attack dog on behalf of one political party–the Liberals–is an appalling state of affairs. They are acting as the media behave in totalitarian regimes. Isn’t Canada a democracy? Or, more to the point, how do these partisan attacks on the CPC BY THE MEDIA encourage or advance Canadas’ democracy?

    There need to be laws to limit the interference of media outlets in the democratic process, because what is happening in this election is a media CPC pile-on which is despicable and unconscionable. It’s not as though the other parties don’t have a whole lot of gaffes going on–case in point, Dion throwing the Green Shift under the bus. But the Canadian media isn’t reporting them or is mentioning them only once and then moving on.

    Agriculture Minister Ritz’s (leaked) comments for which he has sincerely apologized are not in the same league as Dion’s dump of his party’s Green Shift. For three days, the MSM has highlighted the Ritz “scandal.” When is the MSM going to analyse and minutely dissect Dion’s flip-flop?

  • trucdoc

    Oh she will be educated all right, educated in the art of ass whooping
    go get her chuck

  • Mark

    Actually, I consider degrees in social work one of the problems Canada is facing at the moment.

  • East of Eden

    Did you use your baby bonus (or whatever it's called, now) to buy that beer? Did you have popcorn with it? Whenever I think about that comment, it strikes me as one of the stupidest comments I've ever heard. My parents received a baby bonus for both of us kids and I can tell you, it didn't go on beer and popcorn. For one thing, my mom was dead set against any form of junk food, much to my dismay and she doesn't drink.

  • http://www.nikonthenumbers.com/topics/show/75/9081#comment_9876 Taylor Cutforth

    The abortion issue isn't the reason behind a dwindling population growth so much as it is the idea of being self centered and self serving enough to believe that “children are the bane of us all” mentality amongst some students/extreme left thinkers have actually believed. That combined with doom and gloom perspectives that “the end of the would is nigh, so why bother having children?”, “let's all live in a bunker”.

    idk, I wouldn't limit it to just one thing. but if people would just become a little more responsible and realize that there is a growing knowledge base of sensible trouble shooting information out there to help them raise a family in ways that work for whatever they're given situation may be.

    In regards to elitism, i think too many on the left have made their own sort of religion out of over education and base their views to much around like minded individuals. They get stuck in that bubble because they begin to think that if “someone sounds like they are right about something or sounds intelligent enough than they must be”. But they begin to think too hypothetically and forget the value of real-world experience and real world application of their “seemingly intelligent” but horridly flawed concept of ideas.

    This doesn't apply so much strictly to some in the NDP or most of the “Liberals”, but I certainly have noticed it amongst a growing number within the Greens. They are too hyper focused on one subject (though they try to say otherwise) that they place their main goals far ahead of that of the majority of populace, right or wrong.
    They have this idea in their heads that they are somehow more “enlightened” than the rest of use and that “THEY” know best when it comes to the environment and other issues.

    But they forget that we live in a very diverse world, full of all sorts of ideas that may or may not improve things for the better and that as soon as you get too carried away with one thing you are actually begin to discount many other ideas that actually work and with REAL productive benefits. Hyper focused protection of the environment is the be all and end all of all in regards to how to deal with the world's issues. If they were to got they're way they would force the economy to the brink of total collapses.

    You can't get raped and or continually butchered from a worse case scenario of a storm.

    I don't know about any of you, but I'd much rather put up with the lousy weather patterns and harsh living conditions and learn to adapt to/change them productively than to have to put up with rioting mobs and groups running around with machete's as you see in some other countries.

    Canada is NOT amongst the BIGGEST(population density) polluting countries of the world.
    So those green folk need to relax.

    Our opposition parties are incapable of working up a moderate/holistic approach to any given situation or topic.
    Hence-why none of them have a shot at governing even for a minority. The have all become far too radical.

  • Truth serum

    Why does the MSM continue to give the NDP a free ride? Jack Layton goes around spouting all sorts of – vague, always vague,platitudes about what the NDP will do, but the media never ever calls them on it. Layton craps on the other leaders and of course the big bad government, and those big evil corporations, and the MSM basically just nods in agreement. It’s sickening, it really is – Canadians deserve to know the truth, when frauds like Layton are espousing what they’ll do.

  • Truth serum

    This column is a perfect example of the MSM giving the NDP a free ride – if a Conservative makes a completely assinine comment, the media has it all over the headlines for days. Other than this blog, this NDP assinine comment did not even get a mention in ONE newscast.

  • MRG

    I voted for Chuck last time but when I wrote to him about giving tax relief to relatives raising children similar to those who stay home to look after parents who need care. His response was write the bill and then maybe he would consider it and mailed me the current tax guide. I thought foolish me writing bills for parliament fell into what his job was and mailing me a tax guide an insult or this the conservatives way of recycling.

    He did not need to agree but the attitude I got from his action was one get loss. I believe he has now been in government to long.

  • MRG

    I voted for Chuck last time but when I wrote to him about giving tax relief to relatives raising children similar to those who stay home to look after parents who need care. His response was write the bill and then maybe he would consider it and mailed me the current tax guide. I thought foolish me writing bills for parliament fell into what his job was and mailing me a tax guide an insult or this the conservatives way of recycling.

    He did not need to agree but the attitude I got from his action was one get loss. I believe he has now been in government to long.