CBC, politics and Facebook

The other day, I discovered a tool on Facebook for advertisers that allows a prospective ad buyer to narrow down a potential target group for the purposes of showing an advertisement to a particular demographic. For example, one could select the United Kingdom, the city of London, females, aged 18-35, who like “Painting”, and have selected their relationship status as “engaged”. You’ll find that out of a pool of 1,612,980 people in London (or of 6,407,580 on Facebook in the UK), you’ll be targeting your ad to 140 people specifically based on the breakdown above.

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So, I thought another breakdown might be interesting.

Facebook boasts 7,361,720 accounts in Canada. Of these accounts, 1,340 are at “CBC / Radio Canada”. If one then checks off “Liberal” as a delimiting factor, we’re left with 180 accounts. If we uncheck “Liberal” and check “Moderate” we get 40 accounts. Now, if we uncheck “moderate” and select “Conservative” we get “fewer than 20″ (Facebook seems to measure accounts for this application in blocks of 20. I assume that less than 20 could mean anywhere from 0-19 accounts).

So, to summarize, there are 1,340 Facebookers at CBC. Of this group, 180 have self-declared as Liberal, 40 as Moderates, and 0-19 as Conservatives.

Of course, this isn’t a scientific breakdown of political inclinations at CBC. After all, it could be possible that Conservatives are much more shy about posting their “Political Views” on Facebook. Further, one cannot confidently say that Facebook is representative of the population at large. This is simply data presented “as is”, for your consideration.

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UPDATE: For those that have asked about the Canadian breakdown on Facebook, out of 7,361,720 Canadian accounts on Facebook, 618,240 are self-declared Liberal, and 281,840 Conservative. This is a 2.2:1 Liberal:Conservative ratio. In contrast, CBC has at least a 9:1 Liberal:Conservative ratio among its self-declared political people with Facebook accounts.



  • S. D. Kenny

    With respect to the current political crisis, I firmly believe that the suggested new alliance and many Canadian citizens are missing the point and losing sight of the big picture.
    Yes (I believe) Mr Harper`s Govt. did make a major blunder in attempting to cancel political party subsidies.
    They have retracted that move.
    We are undeniably in bed with an elephant, the USA. Any major financial bailout to any area could become a major problem after Jan 20. 2009 .We MUST wait to see what the new US President plans for his country (and he will plan for his country only !) before our Govt can make an itelligent move. Yes I, know that certain sectors are already in distress but six weeks will soon pass and the right moves by our Elected Govt. at that time will hopefully secure the long term future for all Canadians. For the record Mr Harper is not high on my dinner guest list but neither are any of the other current leaders. Stability and sanity are the issues at stake. !!

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