Senator Doug Finley Interview on Freedom of Speech

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Senator Doug Finley on the inquiry that he is asking for in the Senate regarding the state of free expression in Canada. I wrote about this move by Finley late last week when he first rose in the Senate on the issue. I asked the Senator about his initiative, his concern over recent events, whether s.13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights Act should be repealed and if there should be a special section of the criminal code for those that inhibit freedom of expression. I also ask about Elections Canada and the in-and-out appeal by the non-partisan arbitrating body.

Tim Hudak interview at the Manning Centre Conference

I asked Hudak about principle vs pragmatism in opposition compared to government, about how he would balance the deficit, the difference between Harper/McGuinty deficits and about the renegotiation of health transfers that is rapidly becoming visible on the horizon. I spoke to the Ontario PC leader after his remarks at the Manning Centre networking conference in Ottawa this weekend.

The latest in a proud history of meltdowns in our parliamentary history

New Brunswick MLA Abel Leblanc had a moment in the legislature yesterday:

I’m in a bit of a Friday mood, I’ll see if I can hunt down more youtube captured moments of parliamentarians behaving badly. Your tips are welcome in the comments.

UPDATE: Who could forget this recent highlight also from the New Brunswick legislature?

FIGHTING IRISH UPDATE: Paul Gogarty of the Irish Green Party uses some unparliamentary language (caution: language)

The NDP’s Nathan Cullen on “orientals” and the RCMP

Nathan Cullen, in this interview with “Batman”, is asked a few questions,


Batman: “If you take an oriental person, spin ‘em around a few times, does he become disoriented?”
Cullen: “I should think… only if you stood them on their heads”


Batman: “Why are Trix only for kids?”
Cullen: “They shouldn’t be anymore. You pass a bill like that? You think there’s a law you could write up for me that says Trix are not for kids anymore?”
Batman: “The RCMP is in enough trouble as it is. That guy, Arar?”
Cullen: “Arar? They played tricks on him?”
Batman: “Yeah, exactly!”
Cullen: “They sure did, they sent him to Syria. Is that very nice?”
Batman: “No, we should give him a bowl of Trix to make up for it”
Cullen: [laughter]

Somewhere, former Conservative MP Randy White sympathizes with another BC Member of Parliament caught by an amateur filmmaker, but doubts that a similar critical standard will be applied.