Putting the polar bear myth to rest

“My humble plan was to become a hero of the environmental movement. I was going to go up to the Canadian Arctic, I was going to write this mournful elegy for the polar bears, at which point I’d be hailed as the next coming of John Muir and borne aloft on the shoulders of my environmental compatriots …
“So when I got up there, I started realizing polar bears were not in as bad a shape as the conventional wisdom had led me to believe, which was actually very heartening, but didn’t fit well with the book I’d been planning to write.”


The Inconvenient Truth About Polar Bears [NPR]




3 thoughts on “Putting the polar bear myth to rest”

  1. If you think that the right place for polar bears is Churchill MB, instead of out on the ice, then I guess there’s no problem.

  2. There are always the die-hards…

    Tell me, what did the bears do during the eons when things were much warmer than they are today?

  3. I give up. What were they doing? How did Churchill handle it last eon? Oh, wait…

    I repeat, if Canadians can make peace with sustaining an inland population of polar bears, and all that entails, there is no problem. I assume you have Churchill’s buy-in on the project?

    Re the polar bears, here’s some of the bits that Stephen’s left out:

    Anyway, it’s cool that you’re onside with helping them.

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