NDP HQ emailing their talking points for twitter?

Momentum is building!

Here, it seems, the NDP collective is tweeting what they are being told. The following tweets are not retweets, they are “independent” singular tweets:



  • Timothy Friesen

    Stephen: I’m curious if you would ever use a picture of a parrot to describe the use of talking points by members of the Conservative Party of Canada?

  • Stephen Taylor

    Only in double-blind academic studies used to measure my particular bias on political talking points.

  • 45958h

    Pete and re-peat – the worst kind of NDP socialist hypocrite, and then there’s the rest of them.

  • Patrick Ross

    Hey! Blogging about Twitter is MY thing! Which is also Twitchy’s thing! I thusly declare this blogpost a rip-off of a rip-off!

    …nah, I’m kidding. Keep up the good work.

  • GabbyInQC

    What?!? Do you mean to say that NDP MPs are armed with the same talking points, probably written by 20-somethings or “the boys in short pants”, as some critics of the Conservatives like to refer to Conservative staffers?

    I’m surprised at Peter Julian, whose overwrought emoting during QP sessions suggest an artistic bent, with frequent use of poetic license. How prosaic!

  • harebell

    This is a classic case of pot meeting kettle.