Stunning statistic

If Quebec were a country, its debt-to-GDP ratio would be 5th highest of the OECD countries. Ahead of Iceland, Greece, Italy, and Japan.


In related news, 122 people were arrested in Quebec tonight as the legislature tabled emergency legislation to suspend semesters at some schools and heavily fine protesters blocking access to classes.



  • Kelly Redel

    I notice Canada is 13th. Where would we be w/o Quebec i wonder?

  • Expert Tom

    And thats with closs to 8 billion in equalization payments every year. 

  • Anonymous

    Where would we be w/o Quebec i wonder?

    We’d be Nebraska (but colder).

  • Blamecrash

    Do those numbers include their portion of the national debt?

  • Blamecrash

    Do you dislike Canada so much that you need to disparage it with your phony comparison to Nebraska? You must be one of those Quebec separatist bigots, who else could be so ignorant of the real Canada to write something so utterly preposterous.

  • Anonymous

     and a cheery Good Evening to you, too.

  • DougM

    As a true Torontonian, Kenn2 believes fervently that the West is a cultural wasteland full of redneck hicks, and that if only we great unwashed would properly kneel down and recognise our cultural and political place, we would happily slave in perpetuity to keep them elevated at the level of the Gods, comfortably enscounced in the Center of the Universe as they alone are, and so richly deserve….

    Frankly, one could say that without Quebec, we would be more like the West – industrious, the economic and intellectual center of the country – respecting, of minorities without needing to self flagellate or submit to them and open to the growing economic and cultural diversities of the Pacific rim.

  • Anonymous

    if quebec were a country they would be bankrupt.

  • Pat Patrick

     No, no!! You don’t understand!! If I sit cross legged and wave a little red flag all will be OK. Now!! Do you understand!!

  • YukonNards

    These figures being from 2008 don’t even tell the worst of it.  All the provinces along with Canada have added greatly to total public debt.  I was under the impression that all federal, provincial, and municipal debt combined in Canada was near 90% of our GDP.

  • cagliostro

    Charest should quit.  Education must be free.  Diplomas are not for sale.

  • Louise

    “If Quebec were a country, its debt-to-GDP ratio would be 5th highest of the OECD countries.”

    Makes me wanna kick them out, right now.