Poll: Wildrose and PC gap tightens to 8

Campaign Research’s third weekly tracking poll shows that the Alberta election gap between Wildrose and the PC Party has tightened to 8 points.

Some key findings of the poll:
– Wildrose: 42.8%, PC: 34.4%
– PC party gain comes at expense of Liberals and NDP. Wildrose drop within margin of error.
– PCs lead Wildrose by 22 points in Edmonton
– Wildrose leads PCs by 18 points in rural Alberta and Calgary (49% of popular vote)
– Best Premier – Smith: 32.1%, Redford 27.1%



4 thoughts on “Poll: Wildrose and PC gap tightens to 8”

  1. The PC fear mongering has worked in some voting groups and the campaign promises, that up until today most voters did not understand they were mostly contingent on a surplus, has been key I believe.

    This PC leader is not conservative but she is progressive and in my opinion probably one of the most progressive conservatives that I have ever seen in govt in my lifetime as an Albertan. I do not recognize her Alberta as the Alberta of 40 years under PC govts. She is an anomaly and for the people running under this banner, I wonder if they are thinking the same thing.

    She reminds me of a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I now question every one of the candidates because of HER politics. I have no idea what her agenda is, that of her current Ministers or why she is even a conservative anything.

    When there is no trust, there is no mandate. For Liberals to be moving to the PC’s, IN ALBERTA, well that is a huge wake-up call for Albertans.

  2. This is actually good in a way. By crushing the Liberals and NDP, the PC’s prevent vote splitting and running up the middle in contested ridings, but won’t have the voter support to take the riding on their own.

    Advantage, Wildrose Alliance.

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