John Fryer apologizes to Campaign Research

The boys and girls at Campaign Research are really racking up the apologies and clarifications this week.

Fryer is referencing an article that appeared in the “Vancouver Observer” and his letter to the Globe and Mail.

One wonders now if Leadnow’s Director of Research, Emma Pullman will pull her unfounded story from the Vancouver Observer.



  • Robert Arnold

    I hope that keeps you from being sued, John.  

  • Timothy Friesen

    There doesn’t seem to be anything here… Move along now…

  • Ryan Painter

    Of course there isn’t anything here. And you aught to give it to Stephen…only he would seem to revel in the threatening and scaring of an old man.

  • Ryan

     Congratulations, you know the name of a lawyer. Color me impressed.

  • Bubba Brown

    I hope that he gets sued .
    I don’t think an apology is sufficent given the present political atmosphere.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Lawsuit as bludgeon. The plutocrat’s weapon of choice .

    Still, this ‘apology’ hardly cancels out his central revelation – the extent to which campaign tactics were explored and apparently taken right to the edges of legal boundaries. with apparent disregard for the overall effect this might ultimately have on perceived campaign ethics and voter cynicism.

    Just cos something’s legal doesn’t make it ethical. Read the links folks, and tell me I’m wrong.

    If the game is played right to the edge, it’s almost inevitable that at least one player will step out of bounds. I think this is what happened in Guelph and maybe elsewhere.

    Stephen, you were at that training course, you need to shed some light. Is Prof Fryer telling us the truth, or not?

  • Anonymous

    Steve, you’re going to have to provide the CPC definition of “unfounded” as Pullman’s story to me looks like a straightforward interview of an eminent Canadian.¬† Generally a retired professor who is also a member of the Order of Canada can be taken at face value as a source.

    This apology doesn’t negate Fryer’s basic thesis that dirty tricks were discussed by attendees at the conference, it just telegraphs that the Conservative legal machine has decided to sledge-hammer the old guy.

  • Bill Donaldson

    I hope CR pursues this with the Vancouver Observer in spite of that publication’s obscurity. Pullman needs to know and acknowledge.