Long gun registry this week

I’ve heard from some who know that the Conservative government is planning on tabling legislation this week to put an end to the long-gun registry.

It’ll be a government bill introduced by the Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews and it is on track for Thursday of this week according what I’ve heard.

Candice Hoeppner — the Conservative MP who introduced private members legislation last session — will no doubt be taking a significant role selling the government’s legislation to the media and the broader Canadian public.

Now that the Conservatives have a majority, the legislation is expected to sail through Parliament.

The legislation comes on the heels of another long time Conservative promise this week to end the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly.

UPDATE: Intent to introduce legislation was just announced today (10/19). Nicholson will introduce, according to Postmedia.

UPDATE PART II: Was right about Toews all along! Toews introduced the bill (10/25).



  • Robert McElheran

    All the “hit”on the registry are caused by the police computers any time a name or address are queried by an officer.
    Any stats are therefore skewed in favor of the >necessity and value< of it.
    Meanwhile we are wasting valuable resources on something that has done nothing to save lives.
    Put the money into front line cops.  

  • Golf2sail

    About time we quit wasting the money the Liberals collected from us…

  • smcleod

    Way past time we got rid of this liberal ideological travesty

  • Liz J

    Keeping promises, what a refreshing concept.   Too bad the people of Ontari-ari-ario don’t appreciate that concept but rather reward the exact opposite.

  • Anonymous

    We all were shocked by the high cost to set the LGR up … but the long-gun registry is UP. It exists and is running and being used, and the ongoing costs to keep it going and updated are miniscule compared to the setup.

    Shutting the registry down won’t bring back one dime of the setup costs, and the “savings” of maintenance costs won’t get you more than a handful of officers and a cruiser or two. And – are they going to simply throw out the data, or secretly keep using it, and maintaining the db on the sly?

    I appreciate that the Conservatives are sticking to their guns – oops I mean promise – on this issue, but it’s they who are about to waste the $billion+ setup cost,  for a campaign plank.

  • Anonymous

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barclay-Meinert/100000648585375 Barclay Meinert

    Is this going to be a complete repeal of c-68 complete with the unreasonable search and seizure, the licensing requirements where I have to list every relationship (and even contact some of them) going back decades??  

    The LGR itself is really only a small part of the problem that c-68 created.  but unfortunately it is the lightning rod,  and I would hate to see it repealed without the real problems being addressed too.

  • Anonymous

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