Tony Genco pops up at Queen’s Park

Peter Shurman alleges that Tony Genco handed out about $150,000 in bonuses to the the CEO of York Central Hospital and her chief of staff. He allegedly did so in his role as former treasurer and chair of the hospital. Shurman also points out that the CEO that received the bonus from Genco has also donated $1,500 to the McGuinty Liberals. York Central Hospital ran a $4 million deficit last year and an $11 million deficit this year.

In other news: $12 million landed on York Central Hospital’s doorstep yesterday, courtesy of the Ontario Health Minister:

An early Christmas gift was unwrapped at York Central Hospital Tuesday morning as Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long Term Care Dr. Deb Matthews announced $12.1 million in additional operating funding for the health centre.



2 thoughts on “Tony Genco pops up at Queen’s Park”

  1. A hospital CEO donating big bucks to the provincial government? Sounds like a cozy happy families arrangement to me. You grease my palm, I’ll grease yours?

    If Genco doesn’t win the by-election it won’t be because the Federal Liberals AND their cousins in Ontario didn’t pull off all the tricks in the book.

    This is the politics of the desperate, never sxaw the Liberals so desperate to win a seat. I think it’s revenge against Fantino who they assumed was one of them.

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