Peek-a-boo politics

The Liberals are complaining that Julian Fantino, the Conservative by-election candidate for Vaughan is playing “Peek-a-boo politics” by skipping all-candidates debate. For Liberals, they hope, this plays into a bit of a weak narrative of a secretive and scripted government that doesn’t want to engage “real Canadians”.

“This type of ‘peek-a-boo’ politics is straight out of the Harper playbook where scripted, invite-only photo-ops keep candidates safely out of reach of real people with real questions.”

All-candidates debates, while they sound great in principle, have very little value to the candidates themselves, especially if they represent mainline parties. If you’ve ever been to one of these events you know that each candidate brings their staff and volunteers and cheers and jeers and “engagement” with the “voting public” comes in the form of planted question after planted question. All-candidates debates sound good on paper, but in practice they’ve become farcical. All-candidates debates are more accurately described as “all-decided”.

In fact, when we used to train campaign managers (of all stripes) at the Manning Centre, we advised that all-candidates debates should actually be avoided if possible. Why? Because more accessible (leaning or undecided) voters are met at the door or on the telephone. A candidate’s time is much better invested knocking on doors or by doing telephone canvassing. All-candidates debates turn into a competition for fevered applause versus exaggerated boos for all candidates. The media is disappointed when a candidate is a no-show, of course, because these “debates” are a lazier opportunity for “getting the pulse” of the “electorate”. In fact, we used to advise candidates show to as few as possible in order to check the box for the media.

The Liberals should also be careful with the “Peek-a-boo” label as they’ve been guilty of their own charge in the past,

From a Globe and Mail report during the Liberal leadership race of 2008,

The weekend brouhaha at a meeting of Liberals from Ontario made it clear that Mr. Ignatieff is viewed as the leading contender, and that Mr. Rae’s first goal is to ensure his opponent does not quietly coast through the race.

On Sunday, Mr. Rae boycotted a leadership “forum” where candidates were to take questions from riding presidents and other party officials, after Mr. Ignatieff refused calls from his two rivals to open the session to reporters and cameras.

Mr. Rae accused Mr. Ignatieff of preparing a “peekaboo” campaign.

“There is a fray: It’s called a leadership race. And you can’t very well stay above it. If you want to stay above it, you’re not going to be in it,” Mr. Rae said outside the meeting at a Mississauga hotel.

“The Liberal Party is a political party. It’s not a private club.”



  • Constellation1

    I just heard someone on CFRA radio in Ottawa saying that the Liberal party nomination in Vaughan was not that open or democratic. Anyone know how that went?

  • NeilD

    Watch for yet another narrative from the Libs.
    Yesterday on one of the politainment shows Scott Brison told the Conservative appearing with him that “the gravy train ride is over”.
    Sound familiar?

  • Stephen Taylor

    Not sure, let’s see if we can find a clip.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Brison doesn’t have enough media pull to co-opt the brand. It may have seemed clever to him at the time but it doesn’t ring with much credibility coming from Liberals.

  • Liz J

    I’ve got a feeling Rae is on the warpath, signs are springing up here and there. He’s not in sinc with his “leader” for sure, the battle actually never ended. Rae is biding his time and he’s getting impatient so expect he’ll be moving in for the kill when his prey is most vulnerable.

  • calgary_junkie

    University of Toronto political scientist Nelson Wiseman isn’t impressed with a Liberal campaign, in which Genco was acclaimed the day the election was called. “They showed how poorly organized they were. It shows me they were fishing for a bigger fish in Vaughan and they didn’t get it.”

    Fantino the man to beat … by Linda Diebel

  • real conservative

    If the Liberals lose this riding, then Rae may start to bare his teeth… rrrraaaarr!