Calgary Grit responds!

Calgary Grit has responded to my earlier post on Tony Genco with his own rebuttal of my points.

Here are Dan’s points:

1. Julian Fantino also doesn’t mention Stephen Harper in his lit, therefore Taylor’s earlier point is moot. Here is a Fantino lit piece that prominently features Stephen Harper. Dan may respond with Genco lit that boosts Ignatieff.

2. Ken Dryden was President of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Hashtaggate indeed! I dunno about you Dan, but when 99 out of 100 Canadians think Ken Dryden, they think Montreal Canadiens. The other Canadian? When he thinks of Dryden, he thinks of the most dynamic political personality since Pierre Trudeau! When Canadians subscribe their loyalties to hockey clubs, it’s not generally rooted in the administration of the team. But perhaps I don’t fully understand the Liberal way of thinking. My hockey heroes are on the ice (good lads that work hard and play by the rules)

3. Nice numbers, check out my numbers! Let’s talk about numbers! The article that Dan cites has a photo caption that suggest 1000 in attendance. The actual author of the piece, however, wrote the following,

The hundreds of those in attendance, of which a significant number were seniors, snacked on roast beef sandwiches while the politicians spoke.

Further, from the comments section of the same article,

vaughanelection November 5, 2010 at 6:56 PM #

Hi Ron
Great question! People came and went throughout the night, so maybe numbers were different at different times. But I called Supreme Banquet Hall. The gal on the phone says the room could fit between 500 and 600 max., depending on how it was set up (but she wasn’t working last night).
So maybe we low-balled. But as the gal on the phone said “Oh, people always exaggerate that.”
Hope that helps.

The amazing and ever-resourceful Pundit’s Guide, however, noticed the discrepancy first,

Still in Vaughan, there were competing crowd counts for the Ignatieff-Genco rally on Thursday night. Vaughan Today: 250. 1,200. Young Liberal Joseph Uranowski on Twitter: >800. The Supreme Banquet Hall apparently rates the room for 500-600, depending how it’s set up.

Anyway you slice it, the Liberals are inflating their numbers. Though slicing and inflating aren’t generally wise to do together.

Back to you Dan!



4 thoughts on “Calgary Grit responds!”

  1. There are silly bloggers in the blogosphere – those who just whack at a keyboard and hope something legible comes out, and end up being more or less just regurgitation of silly partisan talking points – and serious bloggers – those who try to contribute something meaningful, some different insight and even when they delve into talking points they try to put a different perspective on it so it doesn’t come of as spin.

    Sometimes silly bloggers write something serious. Sometimes serious bloggers write something silly, and sometimes they do so intentionally with tongue in cheek.

    I’m hoping this exchange between two serious bloggers I enjoy reading is with a tongue pressing deep in cheek, because otherwise it is just silly and brings down the two bloggers a coupla notches.

    Finding Genco campaign material with Iggy on it is not hard, being as it is on the front of his main website and all. Making an issue out of that kind of thing is too silly. As was the rest of the post.

    So Stephen, please tell me you are just having some fun and pretending to be a silly blind kool-aid drinking partisan who can’t think for himself and only regurgitates what he is told. Please. I’m asking Dan the same thing.

  2. Lighten up Ted bloggers are having fun. Tony feels no pressure in holding this Liberal stronghold.It not like the MSM are going to have Marcus Gee write a story about the Tony Genco.

  3. Is this a Milliken seat or a liberal seat. Lots of democrats felt no pressure either but went down to defeat.

  4. I’m glad to hear it.

    “Stronghold” though?

    More like bellweather or swing riding for the 905. When the GTA started to turn from Mulroney to Turner/Chretien, so went the riding. When the GTA started to go from MacLeod to Harris provincially, and then from Harris to McGuinty, so went the riding.

    To be a stronghold, it has to hold against the current and through a change in MP/MPP. This doesn’t pass either test.

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