In case Liberals have short memories on their own remarks re: Helena Guergis

Today, former Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis revealed that the RCMP has cleared her of any wrongdoing in their investigation of her. The investigation was said to begin after the Prime Minister’s Office referred information that it had obtained to that arms-length agency. After referral the RCMP decided to initiate the investigation, it now seems that they have cleared Ms. Guergis.

For their part, the Conservatives say that the issue of writing a letter on behalf of a constituent with possible business connections to her husband still looms and is under review by the Ethics Commissioner.

Up until her ouster from cabinet by the Prime Minister and investigation by the RCMP, Ms. Guergis had a string of bad news events which raised questions from the Opposition about her competency and ability to represent Canadians in cabinet.

When she was ejected from cabinet and kicked out of caucus, the Opposition took an about-face to demand why she had been removed. Now that she has been cleared by the RCMP, expect this line from the Liberals and NDP to be renewed.

Despite her being cleared by the RCMP, the PMO says that Ms. Guergis is still not welcome back in caucus. If the Liberals take her into their own ranks, will it reek of hypocrisy? The following comments were made before the RCMP investigation was announced. Does Guergis have the confidence of Michael Ignatieff?



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  1. That’s great that Guergis has been cleared. Now why is nobody keeping us abreast of Rodgriquez and that other (alleged) Liberal lawbreaker (can’t remember his name off the top of my head but surely if he was Conservative the MSM and opposition would have ensured that it would have been indelibly imprinted on my memory)

  2. Just watched CBC’s The National and — surprise, surprise — the oppositions’ (mainly Liberal) about face angle you raise wasn’t a component of the report, but fulsome coverage of how evil, callous and cruel PMSH is was given extensive coverage.

    As for Guergis joining the Liberals, now THAT would be an interesting development, should it occur. Because the Liberals slammed her, saying she was incompentant and that there issue with PMSH was in regards to his decision to boot her from the Conservative caucus. So if she joins the Liberals, will the CBC accuse them of hypocrisy? Don’t bet on it. Guergis is another one of their useful idiots — someone they despise because she’s Christian and conservative (allegedly anyway) but someone they can use as a proxy to attack the PM.

  3. This clearance by the RCMP has nothing to do with her airport meltdown for which Iggy, Easter and Layton wanted her head so they can hardly go criticizing the PM for his action in the case. Hell they even said he didn't get her out fast enough on that alone.

    Let's see if hypocrisy reigns supreme, we can pretty much bet it will in the game of politics by a very desperate bunch.

  4. Doesn't anyone remember Rahim Jaffer boasting about his access to government on his website before Helena was dismissed? If both her and Rahim have been cleared of wrong doing, that's fantastic. I don't have to feel guilty for these alleged activities taking place within the party I support. And while they may have been cleared by law enforcement, remember that the Prime Minister did not know what the result of the investigation would be when he called for it.

    Here's how I saw the dismissal happening; Snowdy went to the Tories with allegations that Jaffer was peddling influence, so the Prime Minister talked to his ministers who told him that Rahim was frequently inquiring about government contracts and that his activities could be construed as lobbying in a court of law. Given how politically toxic that would be in a minority parliament, it was absolutely the smart thing to do to quarantine Helena. The opposition would be furious if he didn't. Now we know that there is insufficient evidence for criminal charges, and we are just waiting to hear back from the ethics commissioner as to whether or not there was a breach of parliamentary ethics. If they are also cleared by the ethics commissioner, then the Prime Minister should invite her back into caucus, whether she would even accept is another story.

  5. She would make a great minister in the coalition with the three stooges, she would add some very nice “backdrops” for seasoned leaders. ( Her photogenic quality was the common insult used against her by the coalition?)

    Lib-Dem should not field a candidate against her and welcome her into their not announced merged party in 2011. She could even run for the leadership to replace the Ignatieff or Layton after the CPC win a majority.

  6. I remember the CTV Question Period comments about cocaine , organized crime from Ignatieff. It's too bad he won't hold his own sitting MPs and candidates to any standard or moral code.

  7. Did they spend three months in 2010 in Parliament Question Period, on television news programs over Helena and her husband and contracts to nowhere?

    Asked by Oliver if some of his Liberal MPs were going too far in making suggestions of links to organized crime, Ignatieff said: “Well, I don't want to make false accusations, but you don't get cocaine at a corner drugstore, right. You have to get it from somewhere, from someone, and usually that means organized crime.”

  8. The PM rightfully refused to divulge the reasons he referred the Guergis/Jaffer file to the RCMP. Some Liberals on the blogs say that Guergis has the right to sue. For what? The PM refused to say for the very reason that it could cause legal problems down the road. It is the opposition parties/the media who should worry about lawsuits. They destroyed the woman's career and her personal reputation. Hypocrisy? You bet.

  9. The media weren't exactly on the side of Guergis either, they had a feeding frenzy going on her and Jaffer.
    Jaffer was always referred to as a former Conservative MP.

    Rodriguez, well nothing of interest to the media there, he's Liberal.

    Then there was the rental arrangement of Judy Sgro, nothing of interest there, she's Liberal.

  10. Hypocrits come to mind – actually ignorant hypocrits really. As Ignatieff said – he can talk both ways becasue he is two faced.

  11. We need a few more opposition clips ranting off against Guergis and Jaffer. Anita Neville was particularly busy on the file and Wailing Jennings had her say so it wouldn't be too comfy for Helena to hop over to that hornet's nest.

    The venerable Dipper Pat Martin is saying the PM acted too harshly, can't imagine he wasn't on the bandwagon with the rest of the opps.

    Hypocrisy is about to break out.

  12. Hypocrisy is a chronic condition among the opposition, but they're not the only ones. The media, ever on the hunt for a story “with legs” thought the Guergis meltdown and its sequels were manna from heaven.

    His Blondness Bobby Fife is also afflicted with the same condition — hypocrisy. During yesterday's news, he tsk-tsk-ed about “salacious allegations” that led the PM to dismiss Helena Guergis. Well, who was spreading those “salacious allegations”? His Blondness and his colleagues. I distinctly recall him during a gossipy Question Period session discussing Helena's mortgage, and Fife boasting how he would be personally contacting the Ethics Commissioner about it.
    Question Period, April 04:
    Bob Fife: “I will make a phone call to the ethics commissioner… Tuesday.. to ask the ethics commissioner: is this mortgage above board?”
    Bob Fife: “But there isn't a single Conservative in this town who is defending her. Not a single person.”

  13. You're right, hypocrisy is a chronic condition, this latest gnashing of teeth is simply a flare-up.

    Love it how Easter said this “just piles higher and deeper”, like who was doing the piling?

    The idea the likes of Blondie Fife would take it into his own hands to delve into her mortgage was way out of bounds IMO.

  14. Further to my previous comment … Bobby Fife of course spoke to every “single Conservative in this town” to be able to “report” as he did back in April.

    And about Fife's thinking that he could personally initiate an inquiry by the Ethics Commissioner:〈=en
    “Inquiries/examinations: The Commissioner may conduct an inquiry into whether a Member of the House of Commons has contravened the Member's Code on the request of another Member or on her own initiative where there is reason to believe that a contravention has occurred. She may also be directed to conduct an inquiry by resolution of the House. …”

    I don't recall Fife being elected as an MP.

  15. I'm happy for Helena who has been through hell over this. I still support Harper for ousting her though as her judgement was suspect at that time. Her political career is not necessarily over but she needs to reform herself to a degree and several years away from parliament will help with this process. I don't think any MP is entirely responsible for the actions of their spouse as we are all adults and ultimately responsible for our own actions. (real conservative)

  16. Well, the Libs did take on (and later booted) a former Conservative who was fired from the party for being less than honourable. So, what would prevent the Libs from taking on this liability? Hypocrisy – oh yes, the Libs are masters of that particular art.

  17. On today’s CPAC segment with Mark Sutcliffe, it was mentioned how there was intense pressure from the opposition parties in the House to have Helena Guergis dismissed. CPAC is pretty neutral with their analysis, at least in the segments hosted by mark Sutcliffe. Nevertheless, I decided to search and found this page, among others. Once again it proves how one must constantly question the credibility of politicians. I watched Mr. Ignatieff today denouncing the action of the Prime Minister in dismissing Helena Guergis.

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