CNN fires senior editor and on-air personality over pro-Hezbollah tweet

From Mediaite:

In the latest case of new media (or oversharing) gone wrong, CNN’s Senior Editor of Mideast Affairs Octavia Nasr is leaving the company following the controversy caused by her tweet in praise of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah

Mediaite has the internal memo, which says “we believe that her credibility in her position as senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs has been compromised.”

Nasr tweeted this weekend: “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah… One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot.”

Maybe Nasr will go to Al Jazeera?

It’s nearly midnight in Doha, and we are in a cafe on a pier jutting out over the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. The cafe is empty and the night air quiet—except for the insistent ring of mobile telephones. Al-Jazeera Managing Director Mohammed Jasim Al-Ali takes a call from an American TV network executive. The airstrikes are well underway, and the Qatar-based satellite news channel, by now well known to TV audiences and Washington decision-makers alike, is the only TV presence in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Washington, in early October, asked Qatar to rein in the satellite channel, claiming it fans anti-American sentiment. American broadcasters, though, want Al-Jazeera to make them a deal.

Across the table from Mr. Al-Ali is Octavia Nasr, CNN senior international editor. She’s on a mobile too, with an Arabic-language satellite channel which is wooing her in the same way that Western networks have been courting Al-Jazeera over the last several weeks. But a deal has been made between the giants of English-language and Arabic-language TV news, and both sides say they would be hard-pressed to find another partner that could serve them better.



  • Peter

    Octavia shouldn't worry. I'm sure they'll be happy to have her at the CBC or the Toronto Star.

  • batb

    'Funny how the Muslim “militants” know who their friends are and who their enemies are. Octavia Nasr knows.

    'Funny how we in the West “can no longer properly distinguish between our enemies and ourselves” (from an article by David Harris in the National Post, “Canada feeds the haters”:

    What's the wake up call going to be?

  • kenn2

    CNN is no longer that well-regarded as a news outlet, so it's probably the best thing that could have happened to her.

    Fadlallah was known as a voice of moderation in Islam – championing women's rights and education. He condemned 9/11.

    Octavia Nasr admired him for these reasons.

    Sorry that some of you can't get past the “Hezbollah – they's all turrurrists!” thing.

  • DougM

    Ohhhh, Sh*te! I'm actually in agreement…..

  • DougM

    As a Government, as a party, and as a country ruled by Law, particularly one when we place value in the UN, we are very much on the wrong side of the tracks with the Israeli/Palestinian issue. It can, will and arguably should bite us again in the future. Irgun and the Stern Gang were no different than Hamas and Hezbollah and yet people like Begin went on to become leaders of Israel.
    We tend to mouth platitudes about how “the Israeli's have the right to live in peace” – Did the Germans when they occupied France? Did we tell the French resistance to “lie down your arms and then the German's will make peace with you? Why did we help the Bosnian and Kosovars when the Serb started cleansing them from their homeland, but we turn the away when Palestinians are kicked out of their homes and off thier land? Why is it that when Iraq invaded Kuwait, we barged in to kick the occupiers out, but have allowed Palestinian's to be herded into refugee camps and held there for 60 years? Why do we allow people to be terroized like this on a daily basis and do nothing (warning – language) <>

    Israel is in violation of decisions by the International Court of Justice, International Law, Human rights Law, the UN charter and various Resolutions (Predominately 242) and the Geneva Conventions (4th) yet we defend her with a fanatisicm that is every bit as unreasoning as anything Al-Jazeera puts out. We didn't defend South Africa when they herded the blacks into the “Homelands” that had no vote, yet we defend Isreal as she does. Its not just the European Union or even Obama that is telling Israel to conform to international law and the Geneva conventions, even Jewish scholars <…> <> and human rights groups <> are. Even when their own Supreme court finds the Governments or Settlers guilty, no action is taken. So Israel is not ruled by law.

    Don't misunderstand – from the Massada to the Spanish Reformation to the Holocaust, its been proven that the Jews need a homeland. Those of us that had massive tracts of land like the Canada, the US or even Russia could have brought the Jews here, given them a homeland five times the size of Israel and not noticed it, but how do you go to a place that people have lived for a thousand years, give the property that has been in their families for generations and expect them to just leave (or be massacred) as in Qibya <…> and expect no result?

    The right of resistance to an occupied people is entrenched in international law – the Palestinian's are occupied – do the Israeli's have the right to live in peace? Absolutely- but only after they have complied with the withdrawl manadated by the International Court of Justice, International Law, Human rights Law, the UN charter Resolutions (242 = 338) and the 4th Geneva Convention. Until then, they are entitled to live in peaceonly as much as the Germans in France, the Serbs in Kosovo and the Iraqi's in Kuwait were.

    Before someone trys to obfuscate, be aware that I'm certainly no fan or defender of the Taliban or Al Queda, – both are almost mediaeval fanatics and savages whom it is doubtful can ever be brought into modern society – beleive me I have no problem with using whatever weapons that can be brought to bear on them. An if expecting our allies to adhere to international law and the Geneva conventions makes me an anti-semite, then it makes a whoe heaps of Jews anti-semites too so sign me up – I'd sooner by in their company than those doing the ethnic cleansing and killing.

  • kenn2

    Whew. That was brave. Against protocol, but brave.

    If there's a knock on your door late at night, don't answer it.

  • DougM

    You're trying to perpetuate the myth that straying from the party line is unwelcome in the CPC and it is only so in the limited minds of the media and those simple minded souls who beleive it. This blog is one of few (Try putting comments on Warren Kinsella's blog) which allows discourse and without censorship. I'm not familiar with a single Lieberal blog which does the same – that's different you'l note from saying there is none, but by all means, prove me wrong. The lamentable thing in this particular context, is that the Libs are saying the same thing. As the thinking party, and the one which stands for the Rule of Law and the reputation of this country, our stand on this issue is not our finest hour.

  • kenn2

    You can't take a compliment, can you?

    And I wasn't referring to the CPC. I've said too much already.

  • DougM

    If that was a compliment, if was carefully hidden, you need a lot of practice. And after Dubai, I rather think the Mossad will be choosing only their biggest targets. Back to the issue – Are you going to miss this chance to prove me wrong????