Why political comms staffers exist

Today, a press release from the department of foreign affairs – received via email from dept:

Oops, the content of the press release didn’t seem to match the headline did it?

It is likely that two people with two different views wrote the release (one the headline, the other the body) stating what was supposed to be the position of DFAIT.

A corrected version was then sent out:

Good thing the error was caught.

A process story you’ll probably only hear about in the blogs…



2 thoughts on “Why political comms staffers exist”

  1. On a subject as diplomatically sensitive as the Middle East, the Foreign Office staff would NOT have individual 'views' they could publicly express, there would be a position approved by the minister and the PM, and then every word of the statement would be agonized over.

    It was a cut'n'paste error on the title, nothing more.

    Yeah, good thing it was caught.

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